Master in Digital Product Modeling


Program Description

No one doubts today that Industrial Design has undergone a great change in recent years with the incorporation and evolution of computer-aided design tools . The change from the styluses to powerful 3D modeling, prototyping and simulation programs, or the change from the markers and pencils to digital sketching and drawing tools have allowed us to streamline the design process and shorten the launch times for new products.

Due to this evolution of digital tools, the correct analysis, planning and knowledge of the environment in which the project is going to take place is particularly relevant. In order to satisfy the increasingly demanding wishes of consumers and to be able to offer innovative products, we must have an in-depth understanding of the user, their needs and their motivations. Likewise, we must pay special attention to ensuring that the products comply perfectly with the functionality for which they were designed.

Equally important, it will be having a good technical training . Knowledge of materials, production processes and costs will be essential to correctly size a project and thus optimize its final result. This will make it possible to anticipate problems in the production phase and obtain the best results.

The Master's program offers an extensive overview of some of the most popular tools for generating a product, as well as the technical knowledge and methodologies for the analysis, planning and management of a design project.


The main objectives of this program are:

  • Understand the needs of users, the proposals that the market offers as alternatives and the socio-cultural, technological or economic trends that will influence the design of a product.
  • Assimilation of the necessary processes during the design of a product, in order to plan resources, organize work teams and prepare calendars that fit the needs of the project. Calculate fees and budgets. Negotiating confidentiality and collaboration contracts with companies.
  • Obtain the necessary knowledge of various design tools that allow a correct representation and communication of ideas. Capacities will be reached for the sketching of ideas, 3D modeling and the production of technical drawings.
  • Ability to face decision making during the design process, knowing the consequences that these have on the process and the final result.
  • Have the ability to anticipate to avoid production problems and thus optimize the results of the design process.
  • Have the necessary tools to adapt the design process to the needs of the client and the product.
  • Know the creativity and analysis techniques that allow generating innovative solutions.

Recommended profile

This Master is aimed at people who meet the following profile:

  • Graduates in Design
  • Product Managers
  • Architects
  • Industrial Design Engineers
  • Bachelor of Fine Arts
  • Entrepreneurs

In those cases where the student accredits higher studies prior to a process of accreditation of the University degree, the Academic Committee will evaluate the candidate's CV and portfolio as well as the study plan completed, which must maintain reasonable equivalence with the current undergraduate studies. the same area.


People who pass the program evaluation will obtain the double degree : ESDESIGN - Escuela Superior de Diseño de Barcelona Own Title ESDESIGN - Escuela Superior de Diseño de Barcelona and Own Title from the International University of Valencia, which will accredit them as professionals in the specialty studied.

Professional outings

Students who complete this Master can develop their professional career in the following areas:

  • Industrial Design Studies
  • Materials Researcher
  • Technical Departments
  • Free-lance professionals
  • Packaging
  • Entrepreneurs
  • 3D modeler
  • Visual art
Last updated Mar 2020

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