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Program Description

The Master in Digital Marketing of EALDE is an online master that allows you to obtain your own double degree with international validity. It is a differentiating program, which offers a complete vision of all the necessary requirements to be an expert in Digital Marketing, making a dive from the first steps to a deepening and experimentation of the top management of online marketing.

The training program of the Master in Digital Marketing provides knowledge adapted to the latest trends in the digital environment. In this way, it deepens the key elements of Branding to reinforce the image of a company, and provides notions to know how to identify and work with influencers the digital reputation of a brand.

The online training also prepares to lead Inboud Marketing plans, in order to attract the customer through Content Marketing. In addition, during the online master the student will learn to handle the main tools of digital analytics and Lead Nurturing.

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Course 1. Web 2.0.


  1. Digital Communities Management.
  2. Planning, objectives Social Media Strategy.
  3. The Community Manager tools. Tools App
  4. Content management: Web, Blogs, periscope live, etc.

Course 2. Digital Environment.


  1. Influence and crisis 2.0.
  2. Branding, benchmarketing and reputation.
  3. Reporting, dashboards, results, indicators and KPIs of the Comm. Manager.
  4. Technical seo.

Class 3. Inbound Marketing.


  1. Inbound Marketing Attraction and content and digital audiences.
  2. Management of digital audiences.
  3. Inbound Technology Software. Mobile inbound.
  4. Inbound plan. The perfect campaign

Course 4. Digital Company.


  1. Digital transformation.
  2. Big Data
  3. CRM and cutting-edge channels in customer management.

Course 5. E-Business.


  1. Introduction to information technologies.
  2. Cloud Computing
  3. Read Start up. Entrepreneurship in the digital age.
  4. Digital products and services. Digital distribution

Course 6. Digital Advertising.


  1. Advertising on Facebook, Twitter and Google Adwords.
  2. Key points to segment an advertising campaign.
  3. Analytics and Lead Nurturing. Facebook Insights and Twitter Analytics.
  4. Tracking mentions, hashtags, impact of content visits ...

Class 7. E-Commerce.


  1. Introduction to e-Commerce.
  2. Dropshipping
  3. Affiliate Marketing
  4. Backoffice: payment methods, logistics, helpdesk.

Class 8. Mobile Marketing.


  1. Mobile technologies Communication and Mobile Technology.
  2. Mobile: the revolution of the positioning. Closeness marketing.
  3. Apps Development scope and business models.
  4. Life on mobile: Banks, payments, purchases, home automation, remote control, etc.

Class 9. Master thesis.

Why study this master?

The Master in Digital Marketing is an academic program of higher education that provides the knowledge to become an expert in Digital Marketing and lead in an integral way the digital transformation of any company. It is an innovative program in the field of online training in Digital Marketing, which allows to acquire differentiating skills compared to other less qualified professional profiles.

The online master addresses the keys to harnessing the Big Data potential in order to sell any product worldwide. It also provides the basic notions to successfully implement advertising strategies on the Internet and social networks.

All the contents of the training program are taught by expert professors in Digital Marketing, with experience in prestigious companies in the Spanish public and private sector. The online methodology of the Master in Digital Marketing allows the reconciliation of work and family life of the student with their training.

What will I learn?

At the end of the Master in Digital Marketing you will be able to:

  • Lead the Digital Marketing strategy of large companies.
  • Carry out a plan of digital products and services.
  • Execute online advertising plans, including SEM and SEO techniques.
  • Enhance the digital reputation of any company.
  • Identify and work with influencer in Branding strategies.

Who is it for?

This training program is especially aimed at:

  • Managers with a vocation for growth focused on Digital Marketing.
  • Professionals looking to acquire complete skills in the field of Digital Marketing, E-Business and Big Data.
  • Entrepreneurs who want to launch their own startup.
  • Professionals who want to be pioneers in the transformation of their company towards the digital environment.
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EALDE Business School nace con vocación de aprovechar al máximo las posibilidades que Internet y las nuevas tecnologías brindan a la enseñanza. Ofrece a sus alumnos la posibilidad de cursar, desde el ... Read More

EALDE Business School nace con vocación de aprovechar al máximo las posibilidades que Internet y las nuevas tecnologías brindan a la enseñanza. Ofrece a sus alumnos la posibilidad de cursar, desde el lugar en el que se encuentren, estudios de posgrado en materia de gestión de empresas de la misma forma que harían si los cursos se siguiesen presencialmente en una escuela tradicional. Read less
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