Master in Digital Humanities


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Program Description

General purpose

Train professionals capable of establishing links between technology and the humanities with a critical perspective and human sense; to generate interdisciplinary, responsible and ethical dialogues between society and the digital world; create cultural heritage projects, trend analysis in social networks and creative entrepreneurship projects.

Need, Desire or Problem that Satisfies or Resolves this Program

Creates solutions of critical and methodological rigor to solve problems of the cultural and creative industries through the curatorship, interpretation and analysis of the digital representation of human culture.


  • Creation of a digital project linked to the cultural and creative industries.
  • Learning experience Model Tec21 Postgraduate courses in 100% online mode
  • Access to international bibliographic collections: Special collections of Tecnológico de Monterrey and others.
  • Faculty staff composed of members of the National System of Researchers (SNI)
  • Linking with leading universities and networks in Digital Humanities of the United States, United Kingdom, Netherlands, Ireland and Colombia.


Tecnológico de Monterrey has twenty years of experience in the postgraduate education of the Humanities in online mode.

The Master in Digital Humanities is the first online graduate program of Digital Humanities in Latin America.

For the design of the MHD, a qualitative investigation was conducted with in-depth interviews with academic leaders of the Digital Humanities from prestigious institutions, including the University of Amsterdam, Standford, King's College in England and the UNAM.

The professors of the MHD are part of the Seminar of Digital Humanities, hosted by the Laboratory of Data Sciences of the Tecnológico de Monterrey, where the following lines of research are available: 1) Natural language processing, 2) Cultural Heritage, 3) Intermediations and digital creation and 4) Philosophy and digital society.

Mexico is the 3rd cultural power in the world; It is the # 10 country in the world in tourist destination, and has the most important cultural infrastructure in America. The potential market for the Digital Humanities in its insertion in the Cultural and Creative Industries is exponential.

According to federal government and UNESCO data: Mexico has 10 World Heritage cities, which places it, as a country, in third place in the world, after Italy and Spain.

It has 39 cities considered heritage of America, which represents 25% of the continental acquis placing it as a leading country.

After 5 years of graduation, 42% of EXATEC are or have been partners or owners of a company.

18% of EXATEC have at least one international experience 5 years after graduation.

Five years after completing their studies, 28% of EXATEC occupies a managerial position.

Admission profile

The candidate to enter this program must:

  • Have a professional title
  • Have obtained an average equal to or greater than 80/100 or its equivalent in their professional studies.
  • Present the Admission Test to Postgraduate Studies (PAEP) of the Tecnológico de Monterrey and obtain a score equal or superior to 500 points.
  • Submit the admission application accompanied by all the required documents.
  • Hold an interview with the program admissions committee.
  • Minimum score of 520 in the institutional TOEFL or equivalent in IBT.
  • Letter of Intentions
  • Curriculum vitae

Profile of the graduate

  • Integrates the humanistic tradition with digital methods and tools to generate new approaches and knowledge in humanities.
  • Create projects on digital platforms for the dissemination of cultural heritage.
  • Analyze cultural practices that are carried out in the digital medium.
  • Master visualization and data mining tools for the generation and dissemination of humanistic knowledge.
  • Applies the academic digital edition as a means of knowledge transfer within the framework of dissemination projects of the library, archives and museums collection.
  • Master digital narratives and the phenomenon of writing in both its literary dimension and cultural practice.
  • It develops entrepreneurial projects in the field of cultural and creative industries.
Last updated Mar 2020

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