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Program Description

The spectacular progression of digital technologies (artificial intelligence, Big Data, cloud computing, quantum computing, etc.) combined with the talent and creativity of the human being is generating new solutions that transform society, the economy and companies.

The Master in Digital Business prepares professionals to design and execute the digital transformation of business based on the transformative potential of exponential technologies.

It is developed entirely online with the digital presence methodology that includes telematic lesson sessions. A 100% practical methodology in which we learn through practical cases and teachers with extensive experience in digital transformation, selected among the best in their fields.

This Master prepares professionals who help companies in the greatest of the challenges they have to face: the digital transformation of their business models .

What are the key success factors of MDB Online?

  1. Participating People
    People with an innovative spirit who want to transform business models with the potential of digital technologies.
  2. The teachers
    Professionals (among the best in their respective fields) who stand out for their extensive experience in the subjects they work on.
  3. The method
    Eminently practical, based on analysis of real cases. 100% online (20 hours a month for 15 months + work on digital project)
  4. Networking
    Around 3,000 managers who have completed their Master at ESEUNE work in hundreds of companies in 30 countries around the world
  5. The structure
    It allows making the development of the Master compatible with the professional and personal activity of the student as it is 100% online with classes via Zoom
  6. Silicon Valley
    Optional school period in Silicon Valley with work meetings at Google, Apple, Netflix, Airbnb, Facebook, etc.

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Master's programs: 6 general areas


Learn about the strategic impact of exponential technologies that are transforming society, the economy, and business models: artificial intelligence, Big Data, blockchain, IoT, etc.

Digital Transformation

Learn to innovate and transform business models using the potential of digital technologies.

Digital Marketing Strategy

Design digital strategies that increase the efficiency of your marketing plan and contribute to optimizing results and generating new clients by supporting us in Big Data and Marketing Automation.

Digital Sales

Learn to deploy an omnichannel e-commerce strategy supported by different models and market places.

Digital Communication

Capture customers and grow your business by supporting SEO, SEM, Social Selling strategies, etc.

Digital Entrepreneurship

Launch a digital startup and generate traction by supporting it in the strategies and tactics developed in this Master.

Addressed to

People from different academic backgrounds (engineers, business administration, marketing, law, science, humanities, etc.) who want to transform business models relying on the talent of people and digital technologies .

This Master is ideal for people who need to implement a digitization strategy in their companies and act as a lever for the transformation of their business models.

It is a program with a strategic (not technological) scope aimed at people from any area of the company. Digitization is transversal to the entire organization, from production to marketing through HR, innovation, strategy or finance, and professionals from different areas participate in this program.

It is also excellent for entrepreneurs and intraempenders who want to transform business models thanks to digital technologies and launch startups that seek to learn experiences, methods, advice and ideas. The MDB stimulates digital entrepreneurship .


  1. You will develop the knowledge and skills most demanded by companies: skills and attitudes for the digital transformation of business models.
  2. You will establish relationships with a powerful digital ecosystem made up of professionals, companies, investors, entrepreneurs, which is the most effective networking tool for your professional future.
  3. All of this will significantly improve your value as a professional as all companies need to transform their business models.
  4. ESEUNE Business School is one of the business schools with the most experience in online training . It was the first Spanish business school to develop a master's degree through the Internet through digital presence (1998)
  5. It was also one of the first business schools to develop e-business programs for top management. The first edition of your MeBA (Master in e-Business) was developed in 2000. Experience is a guarantee .
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About the School

Fundada en Bilbao (País Vasco, España) en 1992, ESEUNE es una Escuela de Negocios europea con un marcado espíritu global y con una actitud dinámica e innovadora. Hoy en día una persona directiva tiene ... Read More

Fundada en Bilbao (País Vasco, España) en 1992, ESEUNE es una Escuela de Negocios europea con un marcado espíritu global y con una actitud dinámica e innovadora. Hoy en día una persona directiva tiene que estar capacitada para resolver problemas en un mercado llamado mundo. La globalización es una realidad incuestionable y en ESEUNE creemos que la mejor forma para comprender la globalización es vivirla en primera persona. Apostamos por aprender haciendo, compartiendo experiencias, viviendo la realidad. Por eso hemos diseñado una metodología única que convierte nuestros masters en acción: MBAction! De la experiencia práctica hacia la asimilación de contenidos y herramientas; de los problemas en un mundo real a su solución. Una metodología que aumenta la motivación y la comprensión por parte de las personas participantes logrando un aprendizaje más efectivo. Read less