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Program Description


The Master in Cybersecurity, Analysis and Engineering is an official degree of II livello (second level) of the Pegasus University of Italy, which gives access to the doctorate due to its adaptation and reception to the Bologna plan and the European Higher Education Area (EHEA) .

This master's degree in cybersecurity engineering has as its main objective the training of experts in the computer security sector from a theoretical-practical point of view. In particular, thanks to a focus mainly based on computer engineering and cybersecurity practices, the master seeks to disseminate a proper culture on the use of computer systems in a correct and safe way in order to improve personal capabilities to counteract threats coming from cyberspace.

Curriculum of the Official Master of Engineering in Cybersecurity

  • Cybersecurity, General Introduction
  • Cyberdefense and Cyberattack Techniques
  • Cybersecurity in Critical Installations
  • Practical Laboratory of Computer Virus Analysis
  • Information Protection, Cybersecurity
  • Ethical Hacking: Black, Gray and White Boxes
  • Cybersecurity: Analysis of Legislation
  • Forensic Analysis: Procedures, Tools and Ciphers
  • Cybercriminality
  • Security Control and Management Systems
  • Systems Engineering and Architectures: Secure Systems
  • Cybersecurity in Mobile Devices
  • Research Methodology in Social Sciences
  • Final Master's Project (TFM)

Qualification of the Official Master of Engineering in Cybersecurity

Students who have accessed the master's degree in cybersecurity with an academic degree, bachelor's degree or equivalent will receive a double degree:

1.- Official Title of the Pegasus University of Italy (Master di II Livello )

'Master's Degree in Cybersecurity, Analysis and Engineering'

2.- Own Title of Iniseg

'Master in Cybersecurity, Analysis and Engineering'

Students who have accessed without academic qualification, will receive exclusively the INISEG own degree.

Requirements to study Official Master of Engineering in Cybersecurity

This master in cybersecurity and engineering is aimed at engineers or technical engineers in computer science, telecommunications or telematics fundamentally, as well as graduates in any other engineering related to ICTs. It is also aimed at professionals with a degree who want to specialize in cybersecurity.

Professional outputs of the Official Master of Engineering in Cybersecurity

The work exits of this master's degree in cybersecurity are directly related to the current demands of professional experts specialized in computer security, which are currently required by private companies, by national intelligence services, by police agencies, national institutions and international organizations.

The insertion in the world of work is also facilitated thanks to the association of entities that organize the master's degree, which belong both to the private sector and to national and international institutions.

Last updated September 2018

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