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Program Description

The Master in Corporate Communication offered by the Seneca Institute provides comprehensive training in this area, by qualifying professionals in all dimensions of the Communication.

Communication is one of the areas that has experienced the most transformations since the emergence of Information and Communication Technologies.

Today, a company and an institution communicate online and offline, which has diversified communication strategies to serve the different publics of the organization and keep them informed about the most outstanding aspects: new products, appointments, alliances, changes, etc.

Communicating has never been an easy task, since it has to meet a series of criteria to be timely and relevant, at the same time, developing a proactive way of acting, in order to plan the actions for the internal and external public, both in safe times and in cases of crisis situations.

This Master in Corporate Communication will provide you with all the knowledge required to organize a Communication Department, and all the tools to be able to manage it correctly, planning the set of proposals that are necessary and framing them within the Communication Plan of the company or institution.


This Master in Corporate Communication, of 600 hours and 60 ECTS (European Credit Transfer System), is a Title of the Catholic University of Murcia - UCAM, under the agreement signed between the Seneca Institute and the UCAM.

Who is it for?

  • Graduates in Journalism and Advertising and Public Relations who wish to acquire this specialization to work in both public and private environments.
  • To professionals and officials who perform tasks or functions related to the Communication and who need to improve or update the techniques used.
  • To entrepreneurs linked to highly competitive sectors, and who recognize in the Communication a strategic management tool.
  • To managers with human teams in their charge and who need to develop key aspects of the Communication to achieve greater productivity in their achievements.
  • To journalists with management responsibilities in Press Offices who wish to complement their knowledge by making a qualitative leap towards the area of Communication.
  • To any professional who wishes to expand their knowledge in this field, or to retrain by acquiring this specialization.


  • Provide students with knowledge and management techniques, and provide them with the tools to perform the tasks of a specialist in Communication.
  • Develop or enhance students' leadership and decision-making skills, as well as mastery of negotiation techniques.
  • Enhance the creativity of students, through different types of exercises on real cases and assumptions.
  • Stimulate the analysis of functional operability, for the formulation and implementation of procedures that streamline information flows and internal processes.
  • Understand the importance of different forms of communication, in its different areas of application, both internal and external.
  • Develop a critical sense in order to design successfully the Communication Plan of the organization, as well as the corporate website.
  • Know the levels of Institutional Communication and the characteristics and peculiarities that each of them presents.
  • Engage in the rules and regulations of the Protocol and Ceremonial, to ensure the success of any event that is organized and that brings together national or foreign personalities.
  • To become familiar with each of the functions of the Corporate Communication, to manage it in a national environment or to treat it from the point of view of cultural diversity.
  • Know the potential of the Internet, in order to successfully manage Brand Communication through social networks.
  • Evaluate the management of ethical codes in the company to commit the entire workforce to accomplishments that are in line with the Company's Social Responsibility.

Labor departures

  • Departments of Communication or External Relations
  • Institutional Relations Departments
  • Departments of PR and Protocol
  • Press Cabinets
  • Communication and Image Companies
  • Event Organization Companies
  • Consulting and Auditing Companies
  • Advertising agencies

SELF-EMPLOYMENT: managing its own External Communications Cabinet, to serve small and medium-sized companies and associations.


The program of this Master in Corporate Communication, the most complete in the market, since it gives those who follow it a polyvalent training, by understanding all the dimensions that the Communication presents. It consists of 28 Modules, among which are:

  • Introduction to Communication
  • The Company and Your Organization
  • Business culture
  • The society of the information
  • The Department of Communication
  • Leadership and Management
  • Business ethics
  • Internal Communication
  • Creativity Techniques
  • The External Communication
  • Creation and Brand Management
  • Information Writing
  • Corporate communication
  • Institutional comunication
  • Political Communication
  • Protocol and Ceremonial
  • Intercultural communication
  • Management of a Crisis Situation
  • Organizational Change
  • Commercial communication
  • Advertising Management
  • Event organization
  • Social networks
  • Others

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Duration and price

Calls: two per year (May and October)

Duration: 12 months (one year)

Price: € 1,850 (subsidized by the Seneca Foundation)

Payment facilities

Last updated Mar 2020

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