Master in Compliance: Fraud and Laundering


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Program Description

The Master in Compliance: Fraud and Laundering is an online master offered by a prestigious business school. The program transmits all the necessary knowledge to direct the Compliance or Regulatory Compliance function of any type of organization.

The online master in Compliance addresses the management of risks of legal and regulatory non-compliance that can affect organizations. The content delves into the ISO 31000: 2018 standards and the ISO 19600 standard for Compliance Management Systems, as well as the Spanish criminal compliance standard: UNE 19601. In addition, it offers a complete view on the prevention of fraud and bribery and the rules against money laundering and terrorist financing.

The objective of this training program is to offer a quality specialization to respond to the high demand for professionals with knowledge in the field of regulatory compliance. The contents of the training also allow you to acquire an international vision of financial compliance regulations and due diligence procedures.

The knowledge transmitted by the Master in Compliance allows acquiring outstanding positions within companies and advising management in decision-making.



Course 1. What is Compliance?

  • Types of Obligations.
  • Compliance function.
  • Compliance Models.
  • Fundamentals in risk management: ISO 31000: 2018.

Course 2. Compliance: Regulations, systems and responsibilities

  • Ethics and corporate governance.
  • Corporate compliance: role and responsibilities.
  • Compliance management systems.
  • Basic financial compliance regulations.

Course 3. ISO 19600. Compliance Management Systems.

  • Objectives and Scope of Application ISO 19600.
  • Context of the Organization.
  • Leadership.
  • Responsibility, authority and organizational roles.
  • Planning.
  • Performance evaluation.
  • UNE 19601: Criminal Compliance Management Systems

Course 4. Implementation of the Compliance Plan.

  • Analysis of the legal entity.
  • Preparation of the Report of Recommendations.
  • Preparation of the Compliance Plan for the company.
  • Material that makes up the Compliance Plan.
  • Preparation of the Risk Map.
  • Implementation.

Course 5. Due Diligence Compliance and conflicts of interest.

  • Internal Due Diligence procedures.
  • Operations and contracts that require Due Diligence.
  • Content and scope of the Due Diligence. Practical aspects.
  • Conflict of interest controls.
  • Ongoing Due Diligence. Monitoring of relationships with third parties and the execution of contracts. The problem of conflict.
  • Ethical clauses as a form of third-party risk management.

Course 6. Fraud and Laundering: International Perspective.

  • Fraud concept.
  • Money laundering concept.
  • The fight against money laundering in Europe.
  • The fight against money laundering in America.

Course 7. Obligations in the prevention of money laundering.

  • Subjects Obliged to prevent money laundering.
  • Due diligence measures.
  • Internal control measures.
  • Communication of operations to the Executive Service for the Prevention of Money Laundering (SEPBLAC).
  • Obligations for small subjects.
  • Compliance with the obligations of Prevention of Money Laundering and Financing of terrorism.

Course 8. ISO 37001. Anti-bribery Management Systems.

  • Requirements of an Anti-Bribery Management System.
  • Resource management.
  • Anti-bribery Management System Operations.
  • Performance Evaluation and Improvement of an Anti-Bribery Management System.

Course 9. Master thesis.

Why study this master?

Studying a Master in Compliance: Fraud and Laundering allows you to acquire specialized knowledge in the legal and financial field to differentiate yourself from other professionals. The academic program of higher education covers all areas related to compliance and prevention of money laundering or money laundering. It is a unique program in Spanish, aimed at professionals with managerial potential.

All the contents of this online master's degree in Compliance are taught by expert professors, who carry out high-responsibility compliance functions in large companies.

At the end of this online training program, the student will be able to master the ISO 31000, ISO 19600 and ISO 37001 standards. In addition, they will have the skills to lead the implementation of a Compliance Management System and will know how to develop risk matrices in this area. On the other hand, specialized training in Compliance enables the implementation of general Compliance models based on international regulations, such as SEPBLAC, SARLAFT, Solvency, etc.

The online methodology of this specialized master in Regulatory Compliance and prevention of fraud and money laundering is designed to allow the reconciliation of the student's work and family life with their training.

What will I learn?

Upon completion of the Master in Compliance: Fraud and Laundering you will be able to:

  • Lead the implementation of Compliance Management Systems according to ISO 19600.
  • Mastering the international regulations of financial compliance.
  • Apply internal Due Dilligence procedures.
  • Know the compliance obligations regarding the prevention of money laundering and terrorist financing.
  • Prepare the compliance plan for large companies.
  • Know the requirements of a Criminal Compliance Management System according to UNE 19601.
  • Manage the resources of an ISO 37001 Anti-Bribery Management System.

Who is it for?

This online master specially aimed at:

  • Attorneys who wish to specialize in corporate compliance and fraud prevention.
  • Financial professionals and technicians seeking to specialize in Compliance.
  • Compliance, internal control, audit or management control officers of the companies.
  • Graduates of any specialty with managerial potential, who require training in regulatory compliance.
  • Advisers and managers for the prevention of money laundering or money laundering.
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