Master in Business Administration with a specialty in Marketing and Sales Management


Program Description

The objective of the Master in Business Administration with a specialization in Marketing and Sales Management is to present to the student the modern theories and practices of commercial elements within organizations. In addition, it promotes technical competence and the development of the ability to do market research, marketing planning, sales forecasting and promotional campaigns.

I could fill positions such as:

  • Administrator or director of product development and promotion processes.
  • Knowledgeable seller of consumer interests and effective sales strategies.
  • Market analyst for the consumption of marketable products in a certain population.
  • Director of advertising campaigns, sales operations and consumer relations.
  • Seller of wholesale services and products and retail.
  • Public relationship between the organization and the consumer of products for sale.
  • Marketing planner of the company.
  • Promoter of campaigns and services.
  • Dissemination and organizational marketing supervisor.

Curriculum Content

Core Courses

  • ADMI 500 Organizational Management
  • ITMA 501 Technology and Information Management
  • MARK 502 Marketing Management
  • FINA 505 * Management Finance *
  • ACCO 504 * Accounting for Decision Making *
  • ECON 505 Business Economics
  • QUME 507 Quantitative Methods and Statistics for Businesses

Specialty Courses

  • MARK 550 Integrated Marketing Communication
  • MARK 551 Marketing Research
  • MARK 552 CRM: Confidence and Loyalty Management
  • MARK 555 Sales Management
  • MARK 560 Consumer Conduct

Elective Courses (Select one)

  • MARK 553 International Marketing
  • MARK 554 Marketing Services
  • MARK 561 Brand Management
  • MARK 562 Supply Chain Management in Marketing

Research Courses

  • ADMI 595 Integration of Knowledge in Business Administration

* ACCO 500 Financial Accounting : This course is recommended for those students who do not have a business administration training. Although, this course is worth 3 credits; does not count in the total sum of credits for the degree (42 credits). If the student rejects the recommendation, they must sign a disclaimer form.

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Sequential Curriculum

First year

First semester

  • ADMI 500
  • ACCO 504 *
  • ITMA 501
  • QUME 507

Second semester

  • FINE 505 *
  • MARK 502
  • ECON 505
  • MARK 551

Second year

First semester

  • MARK 552
  • MARK 560
  • MARK 550
  • MARK 555

Second semester

  • Elective
  • ADMI 595

General Admission Requirements

  • Have completed a baccalaureate (undergraduate / undergraduate).
  • Have a general average of 2.75 (GPA) or more in their high school studies (undergraduate / undergraduate).
  • 3. Some academic programs may have specific admission requirements. See the program section in the catalog for more information.

Required documents

  • Complete the application for admission
  • Submit an official transcript (official certification of grades) from the accredited university where you obtained the baccalaureate or bachelor's degree.
  • Submit a copy of a valid color identification, on both sides, issued by the state, with a photo and evidence the address where the applicant resides. This identification can be:
    • Driver's license
    • Citizenship card or citizenship certification (ID)
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