Master in Business Administration and Management (MBA)


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Program Description

The Master in Business Administration and Management (MBA) from EALDE is an online master that allows you to obtain your own double degree with international validity. The objective of this program is to transmit the skills and abilities necessary to lead the management and change of any type of company and organization.

The online master allows you to obtain an integral vision of the company, deepening in each of the most important functional areas, such as Finance, Marketing, Sales or Human Resources. The training program provides competitive differentiating advantages in the commercial field, encouraging entrepreneurship to discover business opportunities.

The MBA also addresses the notion of responsible leadership and helps to know and master a CRM, to channel communications between the company and customers. In order to study this master's degree, no previous specialization is necessary since the training offers all the necessary knowledge for this.

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Course 1. Commercial Management.


  1. The management of the sales force.
  2. CRM: Detection and loyalty of the perfect target.
  3. Customer concepts and sales techniques.
  4. Strategic Commercial Management: Kpi's in the company of the s. XXI.

Course 2. Strategic Marketing.


  1. Marketing Function
  2. Shopping behaviour.
  3. Segmentation and selection of target audiences.
  4. Value Proposition and Positioning.

Course 3. Project Management in the Company.


  1. What is a project ?. Planning and Objectives.
  2. Resources. Costs and Deadlines. Communications
  3. The Project Management.
  4. Risks and Project Closure.

Course 4. People Management.


  1. People management: leadership, talent and motivation. Management competencies
  2. Human Resources. Recruiting Recruitment. Employee life cycle.
  3. Internal communication. Corporate Finance

Course 5. Business strategy.


  1. Introduction to the Strategy.
  2. Strategic plan.
  3. Strategic Change Management.
  4. Company Policy Business risk management.

Course 6. Analysis and Corporate Finance.


  1. Financial analysis: Analysis techniques and standards.
  2. Finance: Budget and Investments.
  3. Sources of financing: Bank financing. participatory loans, etc.
  4. Company valuation. Classic Methods New economy methods.

Course 7. Operations Management.


  1. Operations: Enter. Processes. Flowcharts. Time. Bottlenecks
  2. Operations: Production systems. Provisions Stocks
  3. Operations and Productivity. Strategies in global environments.
  4. Operations. Quality and Internal Audit. The process control.

Course 8. Innovation.


  1. Creativity and innovation.
  2. Innovation in product.
  3. Innovation tools 2.0.
  4. Learning to fail.

Course 9. Master thesis.

Why study this master?

The Master in Business Administration and Management (MBA) is an academic program of higher education that guarantees specialization to assume leadership in the business world from the point of view of commercial strategy and Marketing. All the contents of the training program are taught by expert and active professors in large companies of the Spanish business sector.

The characteristics of this online master prepare the student to successfully lead a company towards digitalization through a coordinated transformation and proper management of resources. The training program also offers knowledge to master Big Data and use data to identify new opportunities.

The online methodology of the Master in Business Administration and Management (MBA) allows the reconciliation of work and family life of the student with their training.

What will I learn?

At the end of the Master in Business Administration and Management (MBA) you will be able to:

  • Assume executive leadership in the business world.
  • Know the basic kpi's needed in any company and use a CRM.
  • Successfully lead a company towards digitalization.
  • Establish strategies based on Big Data to identify new opportunities.
  • Take on the entrepreneurial spirit to discover new business opportunities.

Who is it for?

This training program is especially aimed at:

  • Functional and general managers who want to improve their leadership skills in the commercial field.
  • Professionals who want to aspire to management positions after a few years with a technical job.
  • People who consider starting a business.
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About the School

EALDE Business School nace con vocación de aprovechar al máximo las posibilidades que Internet y las nuevas tecnologías brindan a la enseñanza. Ofrece a sus alumnos la posibilidad de cursar, desde el ... Read More

EALDE Business School nace con vocación de aprovechar al máximo las posibilidades que Internet y las nuevas tecnologías brindan a la enseñanza. Ofrece a sus alumnos la posibilidad de cursar, desde el lugar en el que se encuentren, estudios de posgrado en materia de gestión de empresas de la misma forma que harían si los cursos se siguiesen presencialmente en una escuela tradicional. Read less
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