Master in Business Administration and Management (MBA) - Specialty in Health Management


Program Description

The Master in Online Health Management of IMF (MBA Sanitary Management), seeks to train professionals specialized in the management and administration of the health sector, whose expenditure represents more than 9.6% of GDP in Spain. This sector is undergoing a transformation in which scientific advances, new technologies, demographic conditions of the population, legislation, budgetary and financial policies, among other factors, make necessary an adequate management of the resources that guarantee a sustainable sanitary system. This transformation of the health sector has as a direct consequence the need for new professionals specialized in management, health management and hospital administration for both the public and private sectors.

In this context, studying an MBA in Health Management enables you to efficiently manage and perform management and advisory functions in healthcare institutions, both globally and in any of its areas: marketing, finance, human resources, logistics, strategic planning, quality, health responsibility, etc.

Upon completion of the master's degree in health management the student will have the knowledge to understand the current situation of the health system, ethical responsibility, and the needs of customer satisfaction in order to master all existing health models. Acquire the tools and master the techniques and management models of clinics and hospitals.

At IMF we want to join the Master in Healthcare Management with the academic endorsement of the University of Nebrija, conferring on it a university degree of its own.

Being a student of any course of the health management school of IMF offers students access to the employment and internship exchange.

OBJECTIVES of the Master in Business Management and Administration (MBA) - Specialty in Health Management

Develop managerial and analytical skills for proper business management.

In our School of Health Management you will also learn to:

  • Develop the most important areas that health managers must master to address the management of healthcare organizations in an efficient manner, such as marketing, human resources, finance, logistics, quality, health responsibility, strategic planning and new trends in healthcare management.
  • Develop managerial and analytical skills for a correct business management and improve your professional future.
  • Have a basic knowledge framework coordination and direction within
  • of the health organizations.
  • Understand the current situation of the health system, the needs of customer satisfaction and the ethical responsibility of health management and know the political, social and economic environment in which the different existing health models operate.
  • Master the strategic planning and the phases in which it is divided and know the basic concepts associated with quality and human resources departments.
  • Understand the importance of the logistic function in all health organizations and master the basic knowledge of hospital engineering and advanced management techniques for maintenance.
  • Analyze the situation of sustainability of the health system, from the assistance and financial point of view, and identify the characteristics of the different health models that coexist in the health system.

Methodology and Evaluation


The Master in Health Management (MBA) is taught with a totally accessible methodology, through online teaching.

  • Online mode: Virtual campus accessible at any time and place.
  • Modality at a distance: Books and material in text format with the content.

In addition to studying the MBA health management in any of its modalities you will have:

  • Online classes: Through our virtual platform you will have access to live online classes. Interact with teachers and ask questions. Also in case of not being able to attend, you will have all sessions recorded to be seen again.
  • Virtual Campus: The main point of the online training of IMF . You will have all the contents and training materials. Thanks to its intuitive use, it facilitates access and learning.
  • Expert Tutors: Professionals from the sector will act as personal tutor, they will be involved in your training, accompanying you throughout your career. You can get in touch with them through telephone, face-to-face, chats or forums.
  • Virtual Library: Free access to more than 9,000 references related to the world of health and business management.
  • Webinars and News. Professionals from the sector will share their knowledge at events and will discuss current issues. With our masterclasses and round tables you can conduct networking with other experts and students.


The student has self-assessment exercises for each module of the training program, to help him measure progress in his study. Likewise, the obtaining of the Master's degrees by the IMF Business School and the Master's degree by the University of Nebrija will be subject to passing a face-to-face or online exam, at the request of the student.

Professional outings

At the end of our MBA you will be prepared to practice as:

  • Director and business manager in the health sector
  • Strategic consultant in the financial, marketing or technological area of companies related to health
  • Commercial and marketing director
  • Head of business development
  • Entrepreneur

Guaranteed practices and Employment Exchange

IMF Business School , through its Employment and Practices portal, guarantees MBA students with a specialty in Health Management, internships in companies in the sector. Check conditions.

Among the companies with which IMF has educational cooperation agreements for training in jobs, include:


Price and Scholarships

At IMF we offer our students great payment facilities:

  • Scholarship up to 65%
  • Financing up to 12 months without interest or banking intervention (see conditions)
  • Payment method: Cash (5% discount) / Interest-free installment payment
Last updated Mar 2020

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