Master in Business Administration and Management (MBA) - Specialty in Digital Marketing Management


Program Description

The MBA Online Master forms you for:

  • Obtain the necessary knowledge for the management and direction of the different disciplines and techniques essential for the proper functioning of an organization or company.
  • Develop, Implement, follow up on a successful business management strategy.
  • Evaluate and assess the suitability of commercial strategies.
  • Analyze the marketing plan of a company and make decisions accordingly about marketing channels under an online and international environment.
  • Perform economic and financial analysis.
  • Knowing the correct development of a company's operations management.

The online MBA is aimed at graduates with work experience and professionals who have worked in companies as middle managers want to improve their work position. The reality of today shows that if you do not have a master's degree it is very difficult to find work or improve on it. After completing a master's degree in management and business administration, the evolution is evident. A functional director of an SME can become a general manager or functional director of a large company. In the case of an intermediate position, for example, a Product Manager can become a marketing director or director or manager of an SME.

Through the methodology of the case, the Master in Business Administration and Management (MBA) focuses on providing and consolidating knowledge in two large groups. Trunks: marketing, finance and human resources; and cross-cutting: the rest of the areas of knowledge and, above all, focused on the branch of communication.

The objective of the Online MBA is to train the student to formulate and implement successful strategies in business management entering each of the areas of the company. Form managers capable of evaluating marketing plans and the appropriate channels to market the products or services; control operations and logistics plans; information systems and technologies; Human Resources; and the economic-financial situation. In short, provide the essential knowledge for a correct business management in any of the aspects of an organization.

We want to join the MBA with the teaching experience of professionals with extensive experience in the management and administration of companies.

Methodology and Evaluation


We came up with the idea of offering an education accessible to anyone, in any situation. With more than 15 years of experience in training, we have become an international benchmark in online education.

  • Online methodology: Access the agenda from our virtual campus. Available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • Distance methodology: If you prefer, obtain the course material in book format.
  • Blended learning methodology: With the advantages of online mode, besides being able to attend face-to-face classes.

We offer a methodology close to the student thanks to the fundamental points of our methodology:

  • Live virtual classes: So you can see them with only an internet access. Listen, ask and debate with the teacher through the interactive platform. If you miss a class or would like to see it again, you can access them from the IMF campus.
  • Virtual campus: Access when or where you want to all the training contents, with the possibility of viewing us through the 2.0 tool itself or download them in PDF. Collaborate and interact with your classmates and teachers through discussion and discussion groups, forums and chats. Take advantage of readings, case studies and case studies with the possibility of self-evaluating tests.
  • Virtual Library: Enjoy more than online educational content, more than 9,000 references from more than 120 specialized publishers and related to the world of the company. The virtual format allows you to underline, add notes or modify the way the text is displayed with the mission of encouraging learning.
  • Tutor unlimited: It has the support of a personal tutor and the access of professional teachers of the sector with which to be able to do e-face tutoring and contact through chats, forums, telephone or email. If you need it you can resort to face-to-face tutoring at the IMF headquarters.
  • Masterclass and Networking: An essential part in the world of training are networks of contacts. At IMF we make it easy for you to weave your own network with colleagues and professionals from the sector through invitations to webinars, round tables, and all kinds of current events.
  • Practical case study: Each module is projected on a practical case study, a real and current company, Amadeus, from which they will study their data and circumstances. Working from the perspective of each of the subjects as the student is studying, allows you to develop a global vision of the world of the company.


Continuous evaluation tailored to the course of the Online MBA. Each module is evaluable through the combination of an online exam and the development of practical cases.

The final obtaining of the Master's degrees by the University of Nebrija and IMF Business School , is subject to passing the tests of each module mentioned above and the preparation of the master's thesis.

Professional outings

After finishing this Master MBA Online, you will be able to perform the following functions:

  • Director and business administrator.
  • Strategic consultant in the different areas of the company.
  • Director of commercial, sales and marketing.
  • Brand Manager / Brand Manager.
  • Responsible for business development.
  • Product Manager

We want to IMF our students acquire language skills and language necessary to succeed in the professional world with guarantees competence.

One way to accredit language skills is by passing official language exams. That is why from our Executive Language School division of IMF we prepare for the official certification of language exams at the University of Cambridge (PET, FCE, CAE and CPE).

Employment Exchange and Guaranteed Practices

IMF Business School , through its Employment and Practices portal, guarantees MBA students internships in companies in the sector. Check conditions.

Among the companies with which IMF has educational cooperation agreements for training in jobs, include:


Price and Scholarships

At IMF we offer our students great payment facilities:

  • Scholarship up to 65%
  • Financing up to 12 months without interest or banking intervention (see conditions)
  • Payment method Online: Cash (Discount 5%) / Payment installment without interest
  • Form of payment Blended: Cash (Discount 5%) / Payment installment without interest
  • Bonus through the Tripartite Foundation


MODALITY: Online, Blended

Last updated Mar 2020

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IMF is a national reference in training to businesses and individuals; attested by the more than 125,000 students trained. Our training is based on the diversity of areas and expertise of the subjects ... Read More

IMF is a national reference in training to businesses and individuals; attested by the more than 125,000 students trained. Our training is based on the diversity of areas and expertise of the subjects we teach. We want to grow with you. The aim is to ensure a high level of satisfaction of our customers through personalized attention and excellence in service quality. This objective requires continuous improvement in the technical and material resources, and maximum involvement of all staff training to IMF is a different experience. Read less
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