The Webber International University concentration in International Business seeks to prepare the graduates with skills important to a career in various international business settings. The student development focus is on theoretical and applied concepts applicable to businesses operating in multinational arenas.

Academic Requirements

Summary of Requirements

  • MBA610 Information Systems for Management Decisions
  • MBA618 Financial Reporting
  • MBA632 Global Economic Environment
  • MBA635 Quantitative Research Methods for Business
  • MBA640 Marketing Philosophy and Management
  • MBA647 Innovation, New Products, and Services, & E-Commerce
  • MBA662 Financial Decision Making

Specific International Business MBA Requirements

  • MBA681 International Finance & Investments
  • MBA682 International Business & Management
  • MBA683 International Logistics and Supply Chain Management
  • MBA684 Travel Experience in International Business
  • MBA689 Global Strategy


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Tuition and Fees

How much does a top-notch business education cost?

Webber International University is a privately endowed, non-profit institution that is committed to providing an exceptional education at a reasonable cost. Studies show that a college education is one of the best investments one can make for their future. Over a lifetime, the gap in earning potential between a high school diploma and a B.A. (or higher) is more than $1 million. Whatever short-term sacrifices you make for a college education are more than repaid in the long term.

All education and operation income is derived from endowment funds, tuition fees, gifts, foundations, business and philanthropic contributions. The student actually pays only a portion of his/her educational expenses. Fees charged by the University may be adjusted at any time by the Board of Trustees.

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