Master in Bio-Regenerative Esthetics


Program Description

The Masters in Bio-Regenerative Esthetics is an Intensive E-Learning Program that Features Comprehensive Hands-On Workshops & Practical Logbook Supervision Conducted by a Certified & Experienced Dermatologist which Focuses on Further Developing the Field of Bio-Regenerative Esthetic Sciences.

The Science of Bio-Regenerative Esthetics was born from the need to enhance the knowledge of beauticians and aestheticians on the skin sciences from a comprehensive and practical para-medical perspective. This program also builds on the existing business management skills that the practitioner currently has and expands further on entrepreneurship from a global angle as the practitioner evolves to the next level.

Why be a Bio-Regenarive esthetics graduate?

As an EWAA student, you will experience the power your newly gained knowledge has and the impact you create on your clients, the need to write content, publish articles form a consensus on your findings, test new methodologies or solution plans which will build into a set of concurred solutions which can be shared across the field.

This Bio-Regenerative Esthetician course will take you step-by-step from being introduced to the biological sciences of Regenerative Sciences, through the physiology which later ascends to recognizing pathophysiology and basic solutions in Advance Diploma, mastery of client condition and customizing from your trained vision on how to render a solution that is all-inclusive of what they need to be fixed i.e. Frailty and/or Metabolic Syndrome.

You will undertake research and submit a thesis focusing on your area of interest in the Regenerative Sciences, becoming the Dr-Consultant who would have mastered the science and have studied in-depth a model of the solution within the Regenerative Sciences.

The recognition of your professional decisions in deciding the best combination of esthetic measures for your clients from the moment they enter till the moment they return and stay with you as their esthetician of choice, your growth in the industry will take you to heights with endorsed science and knowledge.

An esthetician who has mastered the sciences behind the clients’ concerns will always be an added value and leader of the league as opposed to non-science backed estheticians with non-endorsed claims made on the outcomes of the esthetical solutions they render or intend to render which are usually heavily product or device-dependent.

Who should attend

Advanced Bio-Regenerative Esthetic Diploma Candidates, Dermatologists, General Practitioners, Estheticians, Nurses, Cosmetologists, Spa Technicians, Paramedics, Esthetic Managers/Supervisors, Esthetic Consultants.

Program objective

To Facilitate the Mastery of Knowledge & Skills in both the Theoretical & Practical Aspects of Bio-Regenerative Esthetic Sciences to Ensure that Practitioners would be Able to Perform Bio-Regenerative Esthetic Device-Based Procedures Confidently & Ethically.

Skills obtained upon completion

High Level Non-Invasive Esthetic Skills, Critical Evaluation of Esthetic Sciences, Directorial Skills for Operation of Bio-Regenerative Esthetic Centres & Incorporation of Esthetic Medical Procedures into Existing Practice.


  • Pathophysiology of the Integumentary System
  • Esthetic Pharmacology of Bio-Regeneration
  • Esthetic Dermatology
  • Pain Management
  • Laser & Device-Based Sciences
  • Nutrition & Lifestyle Balance Consultation
  • Business Planning & Management
  • Human Resource Management
  • Accounting & Inventory Management
  • Client Relationship Management
  • Design & Implementation of Strategic Policy
  • Economics
  • Social Media Entrepreneurship
Last updated May 2020

About the School

In Bio-Regenerative Esthetics, the focus will be on how BioRegenerative Science can restore the natural condition of the integumentary (skin) system and its corresponding pathophysiology, the esthetic ... Read More

In Bio-Regenerative Esthetics, the focus will be on how BioRegenerative Science can restore the natural condition of the integumentary (skin) system and its corresponding pathophysiology, the esthetic pharmacology of bio regeneration, pain management, esthetic dermatology and much more. The program is also designed to impart the requisite business management and entrepreneurship skills that are required for Estheticians to be able to successfully operate their business and even progress towards franchising. Read less