The objective of this program is not only technical knowledge but also convey to train students in the skills and attitudes needed to perform managerial functions at the highest level, combining theory and practice and facilitating learning through experiences, with order to obtain an overview of the business world.

Cerem imparts advanced training, maintaining a high level of quality through an excellent team of teachers and tutors who are active professionals and specialists in their respective technical areas.

More than 175,000 students have passed through the school accredited quality, excellent and practicality of content and training system, offered in online mode using the latest e-learning technologies.

Persons to whom it is addressed

This master is aimed at those who wish to acquire knowledge, skills and management models from a practical approach and a strategic and global perspective in order to gain insight into the company and its environment, develop management skills to fulfill the role required to manage human capital and design and implement policies and programs to change management processes, adding value and retaining talent, using modern management tools and the latest trends and practices, giving great importance to the systems remuneration, particularly in compensation and benefits, combining both the development and satisfaction of the people as the objectives of the company.


CEREM imparts advanced training, with the latest e-learning technologies and an excellent team of teachers and tutors who are active professionals specialized in their respective technical areas.

Our online methodology creates an environment of active, participatory learning and next, combining flexibility with online video, multimedia interactive content, videos and seminariosde support.

Interactivity of students with teachers and other students, support and personalized follow CEREM make a good choice for your training.

Virtual Campus

In order to give the School programs more interactivity and improve student services have incorporated into our methodology the latest technological means.

The revitalization of program content, assessment tests and consultations held across campus.


The Study Material has a clear and consistent wording. It is interactive and its study is complemented by seminars and video conferences.

Case studies are taken from the field of consulting and business management, so you can make the most of practice possible.


The tutorials are provided by the Virtual Campus and support with phone and live consultations. You can contact tutors by email, by phone and in person (going to the headquarters of the School).

Seminars support

The online training is complemented with support seminars, taught by tutors from each area of ​​study in one of the buildings of the School. This way you will be in physical contact with teachers and other students, which will help in the learning process.


  • Direct participation of students through chat, audio and video. - Group practical cases. - Pizzarra. - File transfer in real time.

Mentoring Service

The school has a counseling service to help students apply the particular area of ​​his business knowledge and skills acquired.

To do this, once the program is completed, you can continue consulting teachers for 6 months to help you in the practical application of acquired knowledge.

Academic information


The expected duration of 9 months. However, you can expand freely to 6 months. You can also reduce the duration. The Master in Human Resources and Labor Relations has an equivalent of 800 teaching hours.


To obtain the degree of Master Cerem commitment to continuous evaluation.


School directly fund the deferment of payment of their programs without the intervention of banks. The payment can be made in monthly installments.

Our experience and the large number of referrals and alumni, coupled with the efficiency and agility applied to services and training methods, allow us to offer very competitive prices with good value.

Grants and subsidized training

This program is funded by the European Social Fund. If you want to know the monetary amount that your company has to spend on subsidized training can contact our department of Information and Admissions.


Bringing the world of work our students

The role of the Department of Employment Exchange CEREM is to offer students an open door to new career opportunities and make available to the candidates prepared companies to implement the knowledge acquired.

Collaborating Companies

The school has excellent relationships with many companies that ask well-trained professionals. Throughout our more than 35 years, thousands of companies have entrusted us asking well prepared professional profiles in the Financial, Accounting, Labor, Human Resources, Occupational Hazards, Quality, Environment, Social Networking, Community Manager, Online Marketing , Digital Communication, Marketing, Sales, Management and Business Administration.

Both current and former students can have free use of our services:

  • Select by Business: Entering part of the selection process charged by different companies in the Department of Job.
  • Advice: Counting with personalized advice on Job Search Techniques.
  • Information: Information on the labor market situation and professional and academic guidance.

Send us your CV

Once enrolled widget request of you, will be included in the Job of the School for free.

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