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Program Description

The owner of the master is a professional management and tourism polycompétent, which can occur in the animation territories, the montagede tourist projects, the management of a proposed sale or the creation and / or marketing of tourism products. It will be able to draw up development strategies in the business, in real situations. .

Your Profile

Honest, reliable and credible, control management and inter-communications.

Acquire the following skills:

  • Measure customer satisfaction and to propose possible remedial measures
  • Characterize the main structures of tourism organizations and identifierles main factors of evolution of these structures
  • Define the information and highlight its role as decision making
  • Ensure the creation of tourism products or services
  • Develop a product presentation file? Launch a product on the market
  • Master the accounting and financial management aspects of a product

Program Structure

Tourist Management Strategies - Master I

  • UC A4 / 5 - Companies, competition and Europe:
  • UC B4 - European Living Language
  • UC D41.1 - General knowledge of Tourist Business
  • UC D41.2 - HR Management and Organizations
  • UC D42 - Mission or Project Professional:

Tourist Management Strategies - Master II

  • UC B5 - European Living Language
  • UC D51 - Management of Tourist Companies
  • UC D52 - Environment and tourism development
  • UCD 53 - Professional thesis


A probationary period lasting 6 to 12 weeks is achievable, but nonobligatoire. Candidates not having the opportunity to do an internship can support their memory on theoretical work. In this case, memory is determined leprojet your reference teacher.

Last updated Mar 2020

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ESOAD est la seule école en France à proposer exclusivement des diplômes FEDE. Read less
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