Master Software Architect, Application Developer


Program Description

Why this Master Software Architect, Application Developer?

The Master course Software Architect, Application Developer is for people who wish to:

  • Become a software architect, project manager, application developer, computer application engineer, computer engineer, consultant
  • To reorient itself in the trades of computing
  • Upgrade their skills and gain responsibility


  • Title RNCP " Software Architect, Application Developer " approved Level 1 by the State (Bac 5)

Learner Profile:

  • Average age 31 years
  • Wish to enhance the professional experience through the diploma
  • Average experience of 9 years

Duration of the program:

  • 26 months in 2 stages: 4 months of intensive learning period to acquire, assimilate and consolidate the basics necessary to follow the course 22 months of specialization
  • 1354 hours of lessons and individual or group project achievements, accompanied by experts

Training costs :

  • Companies: € 22,341 incl.
  • Individuals: € 15,000 including tax

Back to:

  • March / September

Course of the course

Our active pedagogy places the learner at the heart of its training program. His skills development path is marked by case studies and transversal projects to be carried out in groups or individually.

Thus, it acquires new know-how and validates the educational objectives required to obtain certification.

Skills and objectives of the training

Master new skills using our project pedagogy

  • Know and use the most used technologies on the market (JAVA, .NET ...).
  • Adapt to technological developments.
  • Master the different development technologies to be able to quickly join a team and become a project manager.
  • Integrate a quality approach.


Achieve your ambitions and evolve in your career

  • Software Architect
  • Project Manager
  • Application Developer
  • IT Application Engineer
  • IT Consultant

Specificities of the program

  • Active pedagogy through projects to realize
  • Dedicated pedagogical manager for the good realization of the program

Training program

Program before specialization

  • English
  • Mathematics
  • Graduation system (EIP)
  • Writing and analysis of documents
  • Marketing / Commercial Management
  • Validation of business activities


  • Programming / Administration of WebServices
  • Advanced Web
  • Method of project management
  • C Unix System Programming
  • Network Programming
  • Windows System Programming
  • Programming in RUBY

Evaluation and certification procedures

  • The skills to be acquired or consolidated are worked out step by step and in groups, contextually in the form of case studies, from transversal projects to the final project.
  • Intermediate evaluations on video renderings, corrected and validated by expert speakers
  • Each project gives rise to a final defense by jury.

Speakers selected by IONISx and meeting the following criteria

  • Experts in their specialty and experience in pedagogy
  • Practicing a professional activity in the field
  • Competence in course animation and content design

Conditions of admission

This training is accessible

  • To holders of a BAC 3 diploma recognized in computer science.
  • Holders of a BAC 2 diploma in computer science completed with significant professional experience.
  • Applicants who can enhance their professional skills through a VAP (Validation of Professional Acquisitions)
Last updated Mar 2020

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About the School

L’apprentissage avec IONISx est une véritable expérience de formation. Chaque formation en ligne se présente sous forme de parcours constitué de cas d’études et de projets à réaliser.

L’apprentissage avec IONISx est une véritable expérience de formation. Chaque formation en ligne se présente sous forme de parcours constitué de cas d’études et de projets à réaliser. Read less
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