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The program Master of Education It is designed to meet the current needs of the knowledge society, enriching the training of education professionals through access to theories, methodologies and pedagogical techniques forefront applicable to different educational levels. The program is conducted through an educational model based on personal and professional development, which allows students to acquire the knowledge, skills and competencies established skills. The model also integrates new information technologies and communication (e-learning) which facilitates students take their courses in digital environments flexibly without limitations of time and space.



The Master of Education aims to:

  • Know and compare contemporary educational reality, local, regional and global.
  • Expand the theoretical foundations of science education and teaching and learning models.
  • Deepen knowledge and use of strategies, methods and techniques of teaching and learning.
  • Develop basic skills in educational research.
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Addressed to

The Master of Education is aimed at people:

  • Finished with career related to the areas of education, humanities or social sciences, management or related.
  • Who have reading comprehension skills in English.
  • They are working in a job that allows them to approach to school management scenarios at various educational levels or Laborem in private enterprises according to their respective business training programs.


  • Have prior training (bachelor and / or master's) program in related disciplines.

Competencies and Skills:

  • Possess analytical skills and critical thinking.
  • Possess ability to work together.


  • Demonstrate intellectual curiosity and critical spirit.



Program taught by teachers with doctorate degree and professional experience of the School of Education, Humanities and Social Sciences Tecnológico de Monterrey.

Leadership in distance education

Tecnologico de Monterrey is the first institution in Latin America to establish an Internet connection, is a pioneer in Mexico in distance education since 1989 and leads the "Ranking of Institutions Online Training Spanish speaking 2015" prepared by the consulting firm Hamilton Global Intelligence .


This program has accreditations and recognitions from national and international institutions such as:

  • accredited by the National Register of Quality Graduate (PNPC) of COCyT program
  • Commission on Colleges of the Association of Schools and Colleges South America (SACS). Tecnologico de Monterrey is accredited by the Commission on Colleges of the Association of Schools and Colleges South America to grant professional degrees and degrees of masters and doctorate.
  • Official recognition of the Ministry of Public Education of Mexico.
  • Recognition by the World Bank, Organization of American States.
  • Inter-institutional Committees for the Evaluation of Higher Education (CIEES) that have qualified online graduate programs ITESM at its highest level.


This postgraduate course is offered in online mode, which allows the student to decide the time and place of study, facilitating their academic progress and achieving a balance with work and family activities.

Educational model

the active participation of students in their professional and personal through individual and collaborative learning promotes training. This model also allows students to build their knowledge with the guidance of experienced teachers in their field and teaching.

Online courses are designed this program using teaching techniques under realistic and practical approaches, which are presented through educational technologies and offer multiple resources for learning.

Cutting edge technology

The courses are designed on the Blackboard platform, which can be accessed through the portal students or by the mobile application that gives you the ability to use your mobile device as a supplement for some queries of content and activities of your courses.

multicultural educational experience

This program allows interaction with teachers and peers located in different geographical regions and organizations working in the private, public, academic and / or social. We currently have over 23,000 alumni in 36 countries.

Specialized care

Specialists accompanying the student during his apprenticeship: Professor, Professor Tutor, Academic Director and User Services Center.

digital library

Collection of over 90,000 books and 53,000 periodicals.


Access to communication networks, collaboration and learning among students, teachers and specialists from around the world and alumni associations.

Conference cycles

Opportunity for the student to listen and interact with exhibitors from multiple industries, thus achieving the experience provided by these will of added value to their training.


Study plan

First semester

  • ED4022 Technology and Innovation in Education
  • ED4033 Theories of learning in the educational context

Second semester

  • Basic OP4006 Elective I
  • OP5042 Elective I

Third semester

  • ED4034 Applied Research Project I: Identification of issues
  • OP5043 Elective II

Fourth semester

  • ED4035 Applied Research Project II: Methodological approaches
  • OP5044 Elective III

Fifth semester

  • ED4032 comparative education
  • ED5084 Applied Research Project III: Performance


The graduate of the Master of Education ITESM be a professional:

  • Leader in the field of education proposes and implements innovative projects and educational programs that contribute to the improvement of service in their institutions.
  • Holding their teaching practice through teaching and learning strategies to achieve curricular goals effectively and efficiently. It is also a professional applying their research skills to solve existing educational problems.
  • Which is conducted under ethical criteria that demonstrate through their teaching work, respect for the dignity of students, parents and colleagues whether members of the school community or the community at large.

The graduate of the master is a person with a strong academic background, able to:

  • Express a vision of contemporary, local, regional and global educational reality that allows them to contribute to educational change.
  • Apply knowledge of Educational Sciences in teaching disciplinary content so that their educational practice is based.
  • Conduct research as a tool in their professional practice in educational settings.
  • Generate new ideas, procedures and techniques in order to identify opportunities and implement solutions jointly with various stakeholders.
  • Incorporate their conception of education to specific areas of your accent.
  • Develop the knowledge, skills and attitudes that enable them to design, evaluate, research and create educational programs that meet the particular needs of social and work environment.
  • Be thoughtful and proactive in identifying problems and propose, implement and evaluate solutions to contribute to the qualitative improvement of education in Mexico and Latin America.

specific graduate of accentuation profile:

Emphasis on Teaching Learning Process:

  • Design plans and educational programs consistent with the needs of society.
  • Carry out evaluation processes and learning models through various approaches and methodologies.
  • Research to develop their teaching practice.

Accentuation in upper secondary education:

  • Analyze educational plans and programs of senior high school level.
  • Carry out collaborative projects aimed at developing teaching skills at the high school level / high school.
  • Conduct research related to their teaching and higher education.

Emphasis on Cognitive Development:

  • Analyze educational plans and programs based on models and theories to teach thinking.
  • Develop innovative proposals to consider the development of intelligence and emotion.
  • Conduct research related to their teaching programs to teach thinking skills.

Accentuation in science education:

  • Incorporate into their teaching practice different approaches to the teaching of natural sciences.
  • Develop innovative proposals in the teaching of natural sciences.
  • Conduct research of their teaching related to the teaching of natural sciences.

Admission Requirements 

  • Have a professional degree.
  • Have obtained a 80/100 or above average or equivalent in their professional studies.
  • Present Admission Test Graduate Studies (PEAP) ITESM and get a score less than 500 points.
  • Submit an application for admission accompanied by all the required documents.
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