Master Management of Technology Enhanced Learning (MTEL)


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Program Description

Program and Content

The fully accredited, online, international Management of Technology Enhanced Learning (MTEL) graduate program has been designed specifically for working adults who want to complete their degree without interrupting their careers and who aspire to enhance their professional skills and competences in technology-enhanced learning (TEL). Based on a systems view of education, the MTEL program will prepare you to strategize and organize for technology integration and transformation within all components of the educational system (administration, teaching and learning, research, IT, human resources, and management) and across the student life cycle, from curriculum planning and development to course delivery and evaluation. With its focus on digital transformation across the organization, the MTEL program is suitable for all levels of management and prospective management implementing technology-enhanced learning.

Qualification in Technology Enhanced Learning (TEL)

By maximizing the powerful mix of technologies and educational theories and principles, the MTEL program equips you with the necessary skills and competencies for designing, implementing, and managing technology-enhanced learning (TEL) ventures across your organization.

What you learn today, you can apply tomorrow.

As a graduate of the MA Management of Technology Enhanced Learning program, you will:

  • Develop strategic goals and business plans for TEL within your organization
  • Analyze and recommend an organizational TEL plan, and manage the implementation of that technology in distance delivery
  • Function effectively as a leader, manager, and team member within an online and distance learning (ODL) organization
  • Develop strategic goals and business plans for TEL within your organization
  • Design, implement and assess the necessary support services for a TEL program

Who Should Sign up for the MTEL Program?

As a working adult with a professional background in either higher education or corporate training settings, you are interested in further developing your competencies in realizing technology-enhanced learning within your organization – whether at the course, curriculum, department, or institutional level. The program is intended for:

  • Managers of international, national, and transnational education programs that are supported by technology and media;
  • Directors of training and learning centers;
  • High potential employees transitioning to management positions in education and training environments;
  • Instructors are interested in incorporating technology into their instructional projects and/or coursework.

Geared to the Needs of Working Adults

To provide you with the kind of education that meets your educational needs, the MTEL distance learning program is both flexible and accessible, designed to meet the requirements of working adults. Course modules are offered entirely online over the internet, and asynchronous and synchronous online classroom discussions allow you to determine the pace of your studies according to your professional and personal needs.

  • International Instructional Teams
  • Flexible and Mobile Learning
  • Individual and Contextual Study Content
  • Self-Directed and -Determined
  • Transfer from Theory to Practice
  • Connection to a Worldwide Network of Scholars and Researchers
  • Personalized Support

The MTEL Program

Led by international instructors, mentors, and experts in the field of technology-enhanced learning, you will acquire the knowledge and hands-on experience you need to apply to your professional context.

  • Degree: Master of Arts (MA)
  • Scope: 90 credit points in five semesters
  • Begin: April and October
  • Focus: Management, instructors, and support staff within higher education and corporate environments


Fees for the International Management of Technology Enhanced Learning (MTEL) program are 900 Euro per course module. In this master’s program, you will generally complete 12-course modules, in addition to the master’s thesis module (13th module); the fee for the master’s thesis module is 1 500 Euro.

You will pay only for those modules for which you register. You also have the option of reducing program fees by applying for prior learning assessment and recognition of existing competencies and skills.

Included in the course module fee:

  • Participation in the course module
  • Access to the C3LLO online learning environment, the C3LLO mobile app, and technical support
  • Course learning materials (in most cases, open educational resources or OER)
  • Intensive, professional support from the course instructional team
  • Personal consulting and support from the MTEL program director
  • Extensive feedback and appraisal of course learning activities and final assessment


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