Master in renewable energies


Program Description


The field of renewable energy is advancing at an amazing speed, and is now the world's first choice in energy generation. We live in the ideal moment to study the master in renewable energies. Last year, investment in renewable energy worldwide surpassed the investment in traditional energy for the second consecutive year.

The current energetic framework implies the need for specialized professionals, technicians trained with specialized knowledge. People who dominate energy sources and types of renewable energy (wind, solar, photovoltaic, thermal, mini hydraulics, biomass, ...), financing lines, energy efficiency and everything related to the world Of renewable energies.

The master in renewable energies of the IMF, seeks to train professionals with the skills, knowledge and techniques to be able to develop and implement renewable energies in different spheres: administration, companies or energy industry.

Companies are looking for technicians and increasingly need to have business projects in the area of ​​renewable energy. Therefore, the training program of the master is intended to deepen the use, the different uses, the technical feasibility of the projects and their environmental impact. When studying renewable energies, the student will achieve a specialization in the area and an approach to the development, assembly, design and maintenance of generating facilities.

Society and companies are increasingly aware of the need to search for renewable and alternative energy sources, whether for corporate social responsibility or in response to public opinion. For this reason, there is a range of business and professional opportunities in the field of clean energy.

Access Requirements

Bachelor's or equivalent professional experience


Graduates preferably in Technical-Scientific areas, or people with professional experience in the area, who wish to cement and develop their competencies for professional career progression in the Renewable Energy area


Module I

Energy Context

  1. Energy Basics
  2. Physics Applied to Renewable Energy Technologies
  3. Solar Geometry and Radiation
  4. History of energy
  5. Energy and environment

Module II

Wind Energy

  1. Introduction to wind energy
  2. Wind resource
  3. Fundamentals of wind turbines
  4. Systems of regulation and control of wind turbines
  5. Development of wind energy projects
  6. Offshore wind

Module III

Hydraulic energy

  1. Hydroelectric plants
  2. Promotion and facilities
  3. Operation and maintenance

Module IV

Biomass Energy

  1. Introduction
  2. Types of biomass
  3. Biomass transformations
  4. Biofuels

Module V

Thermal Solar Energy

  1. Introduction to solar thermal
  2. Low temperature solar heating system
  3. Design and operation of solar thermal plants
  4. Medium and high temperature solar thermal applications

Module VI

Photovoltaic Solar Energy

  1. Introduction to photovoltaic solar energy
  2. Photovoltaic production
  3. Network-connected photovoltaic installations
  4. Autonomous photovoltaic installations

Module VII

Other Renewable Energies: Geothermal and Marine, Hydrogen and Fuel Cells

  1. Geothermal energy
  2. Marine Energy
  3. Hydrogen and Fuel Cells

Module VIII

Development and Implementation of Renewable Energies

  1. Energy context and integration of renewable energies into the energy market
  2. Electrical system and energy market in Spain
  3. Legal, community, national and regional framework
  4. Renewable energies in the Technical Building Code
  5. Renewable energies within the concept of smart cities
  6. Hybrid Renewable Energy

Module IX

Economic and Financial Management of Energy Projects

  1. Planning, execution and financing of energy projects
  2. Economic and financial aspects
  3. Contractual and executive aspects
  4. Documentation and structure of energy projects


English course

Basic, Pre-intermediate, Intermediate or Advanced
The student can choose one of the four levels


The Master in Renewable Energies offers a totally flexible methodology adapted to your needs, regardless of geographical location or availability of time.

E-Learning Methodology: All content will be available on the campus virtual campus 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, without any mandatory schedule so it becomes extremely flexible. In this way, it is easy to reconcile an active professional life with an excellent academic formation.

All contents are updated with great technical rigor, are easy to understand and have a clear practical vocation.

The IMF Business School offers its students:

  • Personal tutorials (chat, phone, email)
  • Webinars
  • Discussion and discussion groups through forums and chats
  • Self evaluation tests
  • Case studies and documentation
  • Virtual Library


Continuous evaluation as one advances the study of the Master in Renewable Energies. Each module is evaluated through the combination of online exams and case study development.

Obtaining the double degree, Master IMF Business School + Master Camilo José Cela University, is subject to overcoming all modules.


The Course Tutors Panel is comprised primarily of corporate and academic professionals who can pass on to students real work experience and practical examples from their experience in business activity.

Download the programmatic content to know the Panel of Tutors.

Career Opportunities

At the end of our Master in Renewable Energies you will be prepared to exercise as:

  • Photovoltaic and Wind Power Plant Designer
  • Technical Manager of Operation and Maintenance in Photovoltaic and Wind Solar Installations
  • Responsible for Assemblies in Photovoltaic Electric Sub-Stations and Wind Farms
  • Specialist in Maintenance of Solar Photovoltaic Installations and Wind Farms
  • Responsible for the Assembly of Wind Turbines
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