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The program created with the aim of promoting the professionalization of civil servants at different levels of government in Mexico and other Latin American countries. As a result of political transformation processes taking place in Mexico and several countries, it requires highly trained civil servants and a deep ethical sense for effective governance.

To ensure the effectiveness and legitimacy of governance, it should be strengthened through a methodological and instrumental ensemble that empowers civil servants advanced tools and knowledge to promote better governance.



To train leaders to exercise local governance with a high sense of ethics and standards of excellence.

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Admission Profile

The income profile is consistent with the objectives and goals of the curriculum as it is aimed at professionals and executives wanting to enrich their education. The program of the Master in Public Management is aimed at:

  • public servants middle and upper areas of federal, state and municipal government levels.
  • Officials and specialists who want to improve their skills and analytical capabilities for decision-making in local governance.
  • Interested in participating in elected positions at different levels of government within the executive and legislative branches.
  • Leaders and collaborators of political parties and non-governmental organizations to strengthen their planning processes and decision-making.
  • Professionals involved in the analysis of government actions.
  • Private sector professionals seeking a better understanding of public administration.

The skills, knowledge, skills and values ​​of applicants to join the program:

  • Possess verbal reasoning skills that relate to the ability to analyze, infer and synthesize for decision-making on governance.
  • Using information technology and communication, so that it is able to handle these tools to send and receive information, and search data and reports. Since it is online program, they must have developed these skills.
  • Have desirable values ​​or attitudes, especially in leadership, social responsibility, ability to work in areas of public, federal, state and municipal administration, with an ethical sense.
  • Participate in elected positions at different levels of government within the executive and legislative branches, as well as interested in leading and collaborating on political parties and non-governmental organizations to strengthen their planning processes and decision-making.
  • Invite the professionals involved in the analysis of the actions of government and private sector professionals seeking a better understanding of public administration.

Having skills: Leadership, Teamwork, Organization of times, understanding of the English language. Act Initiative, proactivity, Spirit of improvement.




Our students have the opportunity to interact with students and professors from prestigious universities, through a collaboration agreement studying a subject online, on the platform and under the guidelines of these universities.

Collaboration agreement with:

  • Boston University Metropolitan College (BU)
  • University of Maryland University College (UMUC)
  • University of North Texas (UNT)


  • International Graduate Certificate in Global Business Maximizing Performance in collaboration with Boston University (USA), Audencia Nantes (France) and Tecnologico de Monterrey.
  • Registered Financial Specialist (RFS). This certification is granted by the American Academy of Financial Management, chapter Latin America.


Program taught by teachers with doctorate degree and professional experience. In addition students will have the opportunity to take courses with teachers one of the best business schools in Latin America: the EGADE Business School, and the Division of Administration and Finance Tecnologico de Monterrey, as well as expert consultants and agents of change in financial area.

Leadership in distance education

Tecnologico de Monterrey is the first institution in Latin America to establish an Internet connection, is a pioneer in Mexico in distance education since 1989 and leads the "Ranking of Institutions Online Training Spanish speaking 2015" prepared by the consulting firm Hamilton Global Intelligence .


This program has accreditations and recognitions from national and international institutions such as:

  • Commission on Colleges of the Association of Schools and Colleges South America (SACS). Tecnologico de Monterrey is accredited by the Commission on Colleges of the Association of Schools and Colleges South America to grant professional degrees and degrees of masters and doctorate.
  • Official recognition of the Ministry of Public Education of Mexico.
  • Recognition by the World Bank, Organization of American States.
  • Inter-institutional Committees for the Evaluation of Higher Education (CIEES) that have qualified online graduate programs ITESM at its highest level.


This postgraduate course is offered in online mode, which allows the student to decide the time and place of study, facilitating their academic progress and achieving a balance with work and family activities.

Educational model

the active participation of students in their professional and personal through individual and collaborative learning promotes training. This model also allows students to build their knowledge with the guidance of experienced teachers in their field and teaching.

Online courses are designed this program using teaching techniques under realistic and practical approaches, which are presented through educational technologies and offer multiple resources for learning.

Cutting edge technology

The courses are designed on the Blackboard platform, which can be accessed through the portal students or by the mobile application that gives you the ability to use your mobile device as a supplement for some queries of content and activities of your courses.

multicultural educational experience

This program allows interaction with teachers and peers located in different geographical regions and organizations working in the private, public, academic and / or social. We currently have over 23,000 alumni in 36 countries.

Specialized care

Specialists accompanying the student during his apprenticeship: Professor, Professor Tutor, Academic Director and User Services Center.

digital library

Collection of over 90,000 books and 53,000 periodicals.


Access to communication networks, collaboration and learning among students, teachers and specialists from around the world and alumni associations.

Conference cycles

Opportunity for the student to listen and interact with exhibitors from multiple industries, thus achieving the experience provided by these will of added value to their training.


Study plan

First trimester

  • AP4014 law and public administration
  • Public finances AP4026
  • NB4006 Leadership and Ethics in public administration
  • OP5049 Elective I

Second quarter

  • Quantitative Methods Applied AP4013
  • AP4015 Federalism and intergovernmental relations
  • AP5003 government and citizen participation
  • OP5050 Elective II

Third trimester

  • AP4016 planning and management of public policy
  • AP4017 The legal status of local civil
  • OP5051 Elective III

Fourth trimester

  • AP5002 Applied Research Project
  • AP5017 evaluation and financing of social projects
  • OP5052 Elective IV


The graduate of the Master in Public Management Tecnologico de Monterrey will be able to:

  • Leading the responsibilities of local governance for the betterment of society.
  • Driving the management of human resources efficiently in public administration.
  • Designing the reforms necessary to drive institutional change processes locally.
  • Committing to generation, design and implementation of legitimate and responsible public policy.
  • Understand and use analytical frameworks and empirical methods to formulate and evaluate effective governance.
  • positively influence the process of government decision-making at the local level.

Admission Requirements 

  • Have a professional degree.
  • Have obtained a 80/100 or above average or equivalent in their professional studies.
  • Present Admission Test Graduate Studies (PEAP) ITESM and get a score less than 500 points.
  • Submit an application for admission accompanied by all the required documents.
Program taught in:
  • Spanish

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