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Program Description

The Master in Marketing Management in online mode, is designed to train professionals and cutting-edge innovators, to develop a broad and unique experience in the management of marketing in the digital age, being prepared to address the challenges of management, ability to listen to empowered and demanding client, creating a relationship of lasting value over time, focusing on loyalty and customer satisfaction, which encourages competitiveness and viability of the organization.

The methodology to be used as a teaching, seeks the integration of knowledge, talent, experience and capabilities in the conquest of the environment and highly demanding markets in the context of information technology and tuned with business goals, ensuring that mandates received from its customers, perfectly fit their expectations.

Our Master, combines conceptual models with real-world cases, which provide a deep understanding of the discipline, with high technological skills, capacity for self-learning and skills for teamwork, critical for today's working world, where collaboration is the backbone of expertise. To do this, we have created an interdisciplinary program, integrating the contributions from science and practice of management and transaction exchange.

We are confident that with this program, our students will gain a comprehensive education of excellence, among the best in Latin America.

to. To whom it is addressed?

The program is aimed at people with academic bachelor's degree or college graduate, who wish to acquire knowledge in the area of ​​marketing, and in turn, enhance skills for sound decision-making at management level, directed to develop the capacity of strategic expertise and inclusive, and thus handle a real vision of how to run the business effectively and efficiently always turbulent and changing markets.

b. Occupational expectations

Upon completion of the training process you are ready to:

  • Adecuarte to change, very competitive product both scenarios such as constant innovation in the field of information technology.
  • Managing strategic and operational plans in senior management of the organization.
  • Leading and managing multidisciplinary and multicultural teams.
  • Make decisions based on risk analysis and capacity for abstraction.
  • Analyze, identify, diagnose, monitor, mitigate and resolve situations that affect competitiveness and sustainability according to the ethical context of corporate and social responsibility.

You can desempeñarte as:

  • Manager or Director of Marketing.
  • Independent advisor or consultant.
  • Director of Institutional Image.
  • Agent Marketing and Advertising.
  • Other professional tasks related.

Features Master Final Project

The Final Project Master (TFM) is conceived as a professional product that students must develop in response to a problem, need or opportunity from a real and existing company within the different areas of practice that qualifies for the title.

The TFM is done in teams of three students, with the support and advice of two teachers: a specialist in the program and a methodologist, allowing complete this process on schedule.

Defense or end support of TFM is done 100% online or in person.


Upon completion of the Master, Arturo Prat University of the State of Chile awarded to international students who meet all the requirements of the Program the following qualifications:

Master in Marketing Management

Chilean applicants should consult the equivalent qualifications.

Countries Convention on the Recognition of Qualifications in Chile are: Bilateral Treaty: Brazil, Colombia, Ecuador, Spain and Uruguay.

Multilateral Treaty: Bolivia, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua and Peru.

Arturo Prat University is public and is accredited by the National Accreditation Commission (under the Ministry of Education of Chile Agency).

Admission requirements

  • Sheet duly completed admission.
  • Duly completed letter of intent.
  • Authenticated or notarized identification, identity card or identity card photocopy.
  • Certified photocopy (Notary Public Faith or the institution of University Education that issues) Academic Diploma, Certificate of Title or Act Bachelor Degree or Professional degree (career college degree, with a minimum of four years' duration ) awarded by an institution of higher education University with resolution and state recognition.
  • Updated curriculum.

The investment in the program is USD 6,950

Cost of Certification At the culmination of the regulars, and prior to entering the course of preparing the Final Work of Master courses, the student must make a payment of USD 990 (nine hundred ninety US Dollars) to cover the costs inherent in the process of certification, issuance of title , apostillaje the same in Chile and sent by courier to the place of residence of the Grandee.

Last updated Mar 2020

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