The Programme Master in Management in the Oil, Natural Gas and Petrochemical Industry Includes a curriculum designed to generate competencies and master management processes in the Oil, Natural Gas and Petrochemical Industry, which are necessary to achieve a successful managerial and managerial performance of graduates in the dynamic and competitive area of ​​hydrocarbons In all its phases.

The first part of the program carries out an in-depth study of all hydrocarbon value chain activities such as exploration, exploitation, reservoirs, production, transportation, treatment, processing, distribution, refining and petrochemicals.

Next, the competences developed to lead the activities of conceptual engineering, basic engineering, detailed engineering of engineering projects in the areas of processes, mechanics, instrumentation, electricity, etc. are developed.

Then develop the knowledge and skills to carry out the activities of construction, mechanical, electrical, instrumental, pre-commissioning, commissioning, hazop and commissioning of hydrocarbon plants.

For the integral training, an emphasis is placed on the management, selection and application of codes (AAHTO, ACI, AGA, AISC, ANSI, API, ASME, ASTM, AWS, BSI, DNV, EEMUA, IEC, IEEE, ISA, ISO, MSS, NACE, NEMA, NFPA, SAMA, TEMA and UCB) and international standards with specific contents for the main global companies.

In the second part of the program of the Master in Management in the Oil, Natural Gas and Petrochemical Industry, it begins by touching important aspects to complete the integral training of the participants, starting with the integrated management systems in the specialties of safety, quality and medium environment.

The aspects of financial management, economy, corporate finance, management strategies, policies and managerial aspects of the hydrocarbon industry in the different countries of the participants are then deepened.

Competencies are also developed in the integral evaluation of the projects and specific risk analysis for this exciting area of ​​studies. The program presents the necessary characteristics to train professionals of integral and solid formation to perform successfully in this area with the current changes and also with the development of the new current trends.

Of particular importance are studies and development of legal, legal and contractual competencies in the hydrocarbon industry, analyzing the legal frameworks according to regions and countries to complement the assessment of investment opportunities in new projects.

Finally, case studies are carried out to analyze the strategies and policies of companies and countries, evaluating the technical, economic, financial, safety and environmental results and the image of companies as responsible citizens of the planet.

Who is it for?

The Master in Management in the Oil, Natural Gas and Petrochemical Industry is aimed at professionals at the undergraduate level of the different areas and disciplines related to or applying to the oil, natural gas and petrochemical industry who wish to perform highly specialized work in the Management area in the hydrocarbon industry.

Occupational field

After graduation, participants in the Master's program in Management in the Oil, Natural Gas and Petrochemical Industry can perform as:

  • General managers, area managers and board members of operating companies or contractors in the hydrocarbon industry.
  • Managers and finance managers.
  • Managers or chiefs of operations or engineering.
  • Managers or heads of projects or services.
  • Specialists in the control and inspection institutions of oil companies.
  • IPC project supervisors of investment projects.
  • Specialists in the different areas of the value chain of hydrocarbons



To train professionals at Master level with high capacities and integral competences in the areas of engineering, technical, administrative, financial and managerial in all activities of the value chain of hydrocarbons.


  • To train leaders in the area of ​​administration, economics and finance in the hydrocarbons and petrochemical industries.
  • To generate high competences in the administration of projects and legal and contractual basis of oil, natural gas and petrochemical projects.
  • To train highly qualified professionals in the areas of technical management of: exploration, exploitation, reservoirs, production, transportation, treatment, processing, distribution, refining and with emphasis in the petrochemical industry.
  • Generate skills and provide specialized tools in the processes of operation and IPC (Engineering, Procurement and Construction) in projects in the area of ​​hydrocarbons.


At the end of the training process, the participant should be able to:

  • To manage the optimization of the technological processes of the value chain of hydrocarbons in all its phases with emphasis in the petrochemical industry.
  • Optimize and develop integral management systems for the achievement of institutional and corporate goals, generating an efficient, competitive and profitable organizational structure.
  • To develop an efficient management of the activities of operations, projects and strategic planning of the hydrocarbons companies.
  • To innovate the processes with the use of new technologies and of favorable impact with the environment.
  • Manage engineering, procurement and construction projects with high technical training and project management.
  • Develop projects with bases of optimization in the management of resources, continuous improvement and strategic planning according to new international trends in the field.
Program taught in:
  • Spanish
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Oct 2019
18 months
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Oct 2019
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