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Program Description


The vertiginous advance of the digital economy in the international context shows a present and future in which companies must compete in a globalized scenario, with Internet as main way of business and, by its very nature, as a key element in its internationalization. Another reality to be taken into account is the manifest imbalance between Spanish companies and those of other more vigorous economies, which have a longer time span both in the integration of the digital aspects in their strategies and in the preparation and knowledge of their professionals in Their tools.

The Master in International E-Business Was born with the objective of contributing to the transformation of our companies and professionals to this new environment and is the result of the fusion of the knowledge necessary to develop an international trade strategy with the digital tools of compulsory use for the achievement of this objective. ICEX España Exportación e Inversiones provides a wide training experience in the digital training of international executives.

The program brings together comprehensive knowledge of the concepts of all the areas that make up the digital business, multidisciplinary in essence, with its corresponding practical application, through numerous real cases of companies of various sizes and sectors. Nothing better than the lessons learned from those with more experience to pave the way for new entrants. This philosophy is embodied in a cadre of teachers, all of them professionals in the digital sector, who contribute their extensive experience and knowledge to the student's learning, through a 100% on-line methodology that allows direct contact between students and teachers through Of online tools (forums, chats, web conferencing sessions, lectures, etc.), while respecting the compatibility with professional obligations.

The program is aimed both at those who start in this field and those professionals who wish to expand their knowledge and / or apply them to the complexities of the international context. Welcome to this exciting course.


Acquire knowledge, technical skills and competencies in the international management of companies under the new models of commercial management, digital marketing and new technologies.

Analyze the impact of the management models derived from the application of the most modern technologies of information or communication.

Provide attendees with the opportunity to turn their locomotive companies into the digital economy in an international environment and turn this knowledge into the main competitive advantage.

Know how to manage companies applying the most advanced and dynamic models, such as those of the digital age.

Integrate within the strategy of internationalization of traditional companies the key elements of the digital economy, contributing to the modernization of companies and their international competitiveness.

Develop skills and strategic thinking to internationalize companies making use of digital tools, facilitating the opening of new markets at lower costs and more efficiently and scalable.
Understand and interpret innovation and change management models, adapting the company to the new realities offered by new technologies.


The program is developed entirely with on-line methodology, using the most advanced teaching techniques in this format.

The contents are developed with a strong practical component, which combines:

  • Use of technologies such as virtual campus, virtual whiteboard, web conference, forums and tools of collaborative work.
  • Real cases of companies that will assure to the students a practical knowledge of the application of the digital context in the company, directed to its international expansion.
  • Special sessions: master classes of the most relevant professionals from companies and institutions in the digital and international environment.
  • Individual and team work, which guarantees the practical application of what has been learned.

The student must complete a Master's Project under the guidance of a tutor, consisting of the elaboration of a Business Plan at an international level and focused on the techniques and means of the digital economy.
The maximum number of students in the course is 30, which favors a direct relationship and continuous communication with the teacher and guarantees a close training to the student.
The planning of activities, exercises, readings and practical cases is designed for students to spend between 12 and 15 hours of work a week.


Module 0
E-Learning Tools and Virtual Campus

The objective of this module is the training of the student with the tools and functionalities of the Virtual Campus.

Phase 1 Strategy of Digital Internationalization of the Company

  • Digital Strategy
  • Information and Analysis of International Markets
  • Marketplaces Strategy
  • Basic Financial and Accounting Concepts
  • Business Plan: Financial Plan
  • Public and private financing
  • Digital Business Plan

Phase 2 Technological Tools for the Internationalization of the Company

  • Fundamentals of Technology and Systems to Build a Business on the Internet
  • Wordpress Workshop with Woocommerce. Create your own online store.
  • Security of Information Systems and Technologies
  • E-commerce Technology to Build a Business on the Internet
  • Trends and New Digital Technologies.

Phase 3 On-Line Marketing for the Internationalization of the Company

  • The Digital Marketing Plan. First Steps in Digital Marketing
  • Advertising
  • Marketing in Search Engines
  • Methodology 2.0. Web 2.0, Social Networks and Social Media
  • Sources of Information and Results Monitoring (Digital Analytics)
  • Practical Case of Marketing Plan

Phase 4 E-Commerce and International Business Opportunities

  • Fundamentals of E-commerce: Main Business Models and Sector Data
  • Design of an Electronic Commerce Strategy for the Internationalization of the Company. Technology Applicable to E-commerce Environments. Online Payment Means
  • Online marketing applicable to E-commerce. Legal Aspects of the Digital Business. Customer service. Digital Analytics Applicable to E-commerce
  • Importance of E-commerce in Mobility
  • Operations and Logistics of the International E-commerce

Master Thesis project

Students will analyze the data of a company and study the viability of its international expansion through the creation of an online channel.
The work will be led by tutors of ICEX-CECO, performing their presentation and defense in the month of September.


  • Postgraduates with international vocation and interested in the digital environment.
  • Professionals, entrepreneurs or managers of companies and entrepreneurs of any sector who wish to increase their skills to develop their business in the digital environment.

Evaluation and Certification

Each student will be evaluated individually according to the work developed and their level of participation in the different modules that compose the Master.

The evaluation procedure and criteria are established for each module and, within each of them, for each proposed evaluable activity.

Completed the modules corresponding to the four phases of the program and the Master's Final Project, the student will receive the Master's Degree in International E-Business.


Tuition fees amount to 2,950 euros for the full master's degree Which will be paid only once or in a deferred manner:

  • 1,000 euros as a "reservation of place" to the notification of the final admission to the MBA, within the registration period.
  • 10 monthly installments of 195 euros each, which will be paid in the first 10 days of each month, from October 2017 to July 2018 inclusive. The non-payment of a monthly payment implies the cancellation of the enrollment and the loss of the place in the course, losing all the rights granted by the registration.

The first payment will be made by bank transfer, the student should send proof of the same by email to

The remaining payments will be made by direct debit. The lack of payment of any of these amounts, Within the indicated period, Will entail the loss of rights.
Those candidates who do not make the payment of the reservation within the stipulated period will lose their right to the reserved place. Since the payment of the reservation of place constitutes the acquisition of a right, the income realized under this concept will not be reimbursed.
The amount of the enrollment includes the online teaching, the Documentation and didactic material of support in virtual format, as well as the tutorials of the Project of end of MBA

ICEX-CECO reserves the right to cancel the program when the number of participants does not reach the minimum established according to each case.

Last updated Mar 2020

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