Presentation of the online Master in International Business

Globalization has given rise to increasingly segmented and competitive markets, so the internationalization of companies and their establishment in foreign markets is key when expanding the business. Promote the use of information technology, addressing the expansion of its operations and print a change in corporate culture is essential.

In the Master in International Business you formed to be a professional internationally oriented, capable of managing companies in the process of internationalization or already operating abroad. A professional who dominate the financial, strategic and management environments in which are carried out international business.

With postgraduate International Business of OBS-UB, you will acquire the skills and knowledge needed to successfully meet the changes that occur in the process of internationalization of business and efficient strategic management and learn to increase your competitiveness and international employability.

Career prospects

  • Import and export companies.
  • International banking.
  • manufacturing and services.
  • International shipping companies.
  • Multinational companies.
  • regulators.
  • technology sector.
  • International logistics management companies.
  • International trading companies.
  • Consulting firms.
  • Infrastructure management.
  • Small and medium businesses.
  • multilateral institutions.
  • Non-governmental organizations.

Objectives of the Master in International Business

What goals are going to get?

  • Critically analyze and evaluate complex issues in a global, dynamic and changing business environment.
  • Describe the relevant economic and financial indicators and business models applicable to decision making.
  • Appreciate intercultural complexities of international management and managing ethically institutional arrangements.
  • Recognize the needs of international customers and developing global marketing strategies.
  • Apply the skills to succeed as a global employer and the know-how to develop new business in international contexts.
  • Planning growth strategies of international business.
  • Describe the tools of economic analysis and identify the challenges and opportunities of globalization.
  • Use knowledge of new technologies and information systems for international trade and management of international operations.
  • Develop skills and techniques of international trade negotiations.
  • Identify the different variables that affect the creation of commercial networks and the impact of logistics as a resource for business.
  • Managing the tax consequences of business operations of an international organization.

Financial Aid Master in International Business

OBS offers candidates the scholarship program to promote continuing education for professionals, entrepreneurs and managers. To apply for one of these grants, which fund part of the program, candidates must be admitted to the program and meet the specified requirements.

The Admissions and Scholarship Committee will assess the adequacy of the profile and the career of the candidates, the reasons given in the letter of scholarship application and the candidate's professional and academic recommendations.

Currently, the following scholarships are valid:

Scholarship OBS Experience

Objective: To promote continuous training of future professionals through the OBS Online Methodology, which is registered as own model of online learning.

Requirements: Candidates with no previous experience in online learning models that meet the academic and curricular program of interest requirements.

Profile Scholarship Board

Objective: to promote management competencies in those candidates with extensive professional experience.

Requirements: scholarship available to candidates with more than 3 years of professional experience in positions of responsibility who wish to acquire the skills and managerial skills to make a qualitative leap in their career.

Online Business Management Scholarship

Objective: To promote the generation of births in the Internet and the creation of new models of network-based business and the digitization of traditional businesses that are not yet active on the Internet.

Requirements: Candidates who wish to acquire knowledge and skills necessary to take on the Internet and drive new digital business models, whether in your own company or as a manager.

Program taught in:
  • English
  • Spanish

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