Master In Gamification And Transmedia Storytelling

IEBS - Escuela de Negocios de la Innovación y los Emprendedores

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Master In Gamification And Transmedia Storytelling

IEBS - Escuela de Negocios de la Innovación y los Emprendedores

The gamification and application of methods gaming world in no recreational environments is increasingly more applications and benefits in the field of business and marketing, health, education, people, etc. Why are more and more companies that bet and apply this discipline.

The Master in Gamification and transmedia storytelling is presented as a complete training program that unites two complex and absolutely contemporary areas: Gamification and transmediality.

In these virtual collaborative environments are the games that comes with various disciplines around the 4 axis design memorable experience: good stories based on decisions made by users are counted; powerful visual aesthetic chords are designed to "target group"; game elements are assembled and final implementation platform is decided.

With the Master in Gamification and transmedia storytelling you learn to know the basics of gamification and the laws of Game Design and its applications to the world of business, create scripts transmedia and finally to plan, prototiparlo and run.


What will I learn?

Upon completion of the Master in Gamification and transmedia storytelling you will be perfectly able to:

  • Design and implement a technical plan in Gamification and Transmedia.
  • Implement loyalty campaigns on all platforms, both analogue and digital.
  • Know the laws of "Game Design" to ensure the implementation of "memorable experiences".
  • Leading innovative projects in the gamification and the achievement of objectives based on rewards.
  • Increase the participation of customers and users through game mechanics.
  • Innovate and lead change within an existing business.

To whom it May concern?

The Master in Gamification and transmedia storytelling provides training specifically geared to the following profiles:

  • Entrepreneurs who want to develop new business models, trends and apply specialize in the field of gamification.
  • Marketing professionals, ux, communication, design development and seeking new models and practices integrate loyalty.
  • Managers and consultants who are seeking new business models and applying new techniques to existing.
  • Technicians and engineers who want to expand their training and knowledge fields.
  • Professional digital environment.


The structure and materials of the Master in Gamification and transmedia storytelling is organized as follows:

Module 1. Game Design

  • Play and play. What is this about? Not just video games. 4 axes
  • Qualities and skills of the game. Players and people
  • Metrics. Onboarding and balancing
  • Player types. User person. Target group and taxonomy
  • Metrics. Flow, Maslow and interest curve
  • Monomyth and uncanny valley
  • More metrics. Pleasures, mechanical, rules and goals
  • The game design to gamification. Protocol. Rewards. ROI

Module 2. Environments Transmedia

  • Transmedia narratives keys
  • Structure and cases of a transmedia narrative
  • Transmedia tools to build your architecture
  • The consumer in the transmedia era
  • media and media innovation Architecture
  • Transmedia Bible
  • your final application of transmedia narrative

Module 3. Guion Nonlinear

  • Dramaturgy and script
  • The open method. The fundamental mechanisms
  • The open method. The structural mechanisms
  • A closed method. The stages of the journey of the hero and the archetypes
  • From idea to storyboard
  • The practical construction of the script

Module 4. Game Design Pro

  • What I bring marketing
  • What brings me the gaming

Module 5. Psychology, serendipity and creativity

  • Moments of insight. Attitudes creativity
  • Opening the can. Ideation techniques
  • Food for creativity. What do I need to continue being creative?
  • And now that? Evaluation of ideas
  • Emotion as a creative process and objective product
  • Motivations. What determines my motivation and my users?
  • Gamification as learning process and conditioning

Module 6. Game

  • Storytelling and analog game
  • Logic and game engines

Module 7 UX

  • Essentials
  • DCU
  • techniques I
  • techniques II
  • User experience I
  • User Experience II
  • iterative design
  • gameplay

8. Practical Applications module. gamification

  • Trends in gamification. Some concepts and tools
  • Gamification in the fields of medicine, physiotherapy, sport and wellness
  • Gamification in the field of Human Resources
  • Gamification in the field of education and training
  • Gamification in the field of marketing
  • Gamification in the fields of solidarity, the environment and social awareness
  • Gamification in the field of culture

9. Playful Learning Module

  • Gamificando in training for HR
  • What is that the "game-based learning"?

10. Prototyping Module and Playtest

  • Introduction to prototyping
  • Basic tools
  • What, when and how?
  • advanced tools
  • Low cost prototyping maximum performance
  • Conclusions and recommendations for the final project

Module 11. Accessibility

  • Essentials
  • regulations
  • Design for all
  • Tools
  • Dispositives

Master Final Project

This school offers programs in:
  • Spanish (Spain)

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