The Master in Environmental Management and Administration Is aimed at professionals of diverse university formation who are interested in the integral management of environmental problems and of projects or proposals of different nature that require the incorporation of the environmental variable, from managerial and managerial levels, that perform in technical or management areas , And other positions related to environmental issues, and that their professional training could be in the areas of: civil engineering, chemical engineering, industrial engineering, agricultural engineering, forestry, geology and related branches.

  • It will be able to determine the environmental impact of productive activities in the environment through recognized methodologies
  • Know the alternatives of certification, to demonstrate and validate the correct operation of productive processes and treatment systems
  • Understand the stages for the disposal of hazardous waste that avoid negative impacts on the environment and society

Differentiated advantages

Direct interest-free loan

Agreements signed with educational foundations make it possible to access a direct loan, without interest and very little processing.

Scholarship Benefit

Agreements signed with educational foundations make it possible to benefit from partial scholarships.

International Teachers

Teachers team made up of experts with international experience. A different teacher by subject.

Continuous support

The student receives ongoing support and support from the teacher and all service areas of the institution.

Choose the time and place of study

The academic activities are developed through the Virtual Campus at the time and place of your preference.

Innovative educational model

Based on competencies, all academic activities (tasks, exams, case study analyzes, consultations, etc.) are developed through a virtual campus appropriate to the needs of the student.

Program taught in:
  • Spanish

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