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Program Description


The main objective of this Master in Compliance of IMF Business School, is to form integrally, professionals who want to perform functions of Compliance Officer.

We are in a society that is immersed in a technological and social evolution, in continuous progress. In this way, the organizations move towards an ethical, legal and sustainable market, for which Social Responsibility, Marketing and Communication play a decisive role.

The introduction of criminal liability of legal persons has been a lesson in the legal framework that affects companies. This accomplishment requires to be treated with the necessary rigor, for which it is necessary to know how to prevent and limit said responsibility of corporate persons, establishing a corporate culture of compliance that is transversal to all organizational areas.

For this, we must shape a compliance program, leading to the professional figure of Compliance Oficcer, being responsible for the design, implementation and monitoring of the corporate prevention program.

In recent years, management systems have been part of the business strategy of most organizations. It is critical that the Compliance Officer knows the characteristics of these systems, as they share many elements and can become an advantage when planning the Compliance management system and helping to achieve successful implementation.

Access Requirements

Bachelor's or equivalent professional experience


  • Lawyers
  • Consulting
  • Auditors
  • Responsible for Technology or Responsible for Information Technology
  • Professionals who want to qualify in the sector of normative compliance
  • Professionals already serving as Compliance Officer
  • University students interested in acquiring skills and abilities in a high growth sector


Module I

Compliance and Business Ethics: Theoretical and Practical Perspective

  1. Origin of Compliance
  2. Regulatory Compliance and Criminal Compliance
  3. Role of Compliance in Organizations
  4. Advantages of Compliance in Organizations
  5. Corporate Governance
  6. Corporate ethics
  7. Voluntary Codes
  8. Principles of OECD corporate governance

Module II

Criminal Liability of Legal Persons

  1. Regulatory framework
  2. Plan for compliance with criminal law
  3. Criteria of the Supreme Court and Circular FGE 1/2016

Module III

Government, Risk and Compliance (GRC) Models

  1. GRC concept
  2. Synergies between Compliance and Internal Audit
  3. Synergies in Compliance Planning and Internal Audit
  4. Compliance management systems
  5. Standards of Compliance Management System
  6. Anti-Corruption Standards
  7. Introduction and objectives of Compliance Officer skills and competencies
  8. Functions, responsibilities and rights of Compliance Officer
  9. Relation with other areas of the Compliance Officer organization

Module IV

Compliance Policies and Evidence for Legal Defense

  1. Corporate Policies and Procedures
  2. Establishment of policies and procedures
  3. Key Policies in Compliance
  4. Second level policies
  5. Third Party Compliance
  6. Corporate reputation risk
  7. National and international regulations on the collection, transfer and custody of digital evidence
  8. Chain of custody
  9. Collection of evidence at the corporate level
  10. Guarantees and elements in the investigation procedures
  11. Electronic Test Management Systems
  12. Forensic investigation
  13. Digital proof lifecycle

Module V

Prevention of Money Laundering

  1. Basic concepts
  2. Regulations and bodies
  3. Required Themes
  4. Due diligence measures and procedures
  5. Obligations of information
  6. Measures and internal control bodies
  7. Infractions and Sanctions

Module VI

Protection of Personal Data

  1. Data Protection and Compliance
  2. General Principles of Data Protection
  3. Transfer of personal data
  4. Data Processing (ET) Managers
  5. International data transfers
  6. Business communications
  7. Protection of personal data in the field of ICT (IT Compliance)
  8. New developments introduced by the General Regulation on Data Protection of the European Union (RGPD)

Module VII

IT Compliance: Information Security

  1. Introduction to Information Security
  2. Administration of security plans
  3. ISO 27001: Information security management systems. Special reference to software management (SAM audit)
  4. ISO 22301: Business Continuity Management Systems
  5. The LOPD regulation. Security measures to implement
  6. National security scheme
  7. ISO 38500: governance and management of information technologies

Module VIII

Quality, Environment and Prevention of Labor Risks

  1. Management systems
  2. Quality Management Systems
  3. Environmental management systems
  4. Occupational health and safety management systems

Module IX

Social Responsibility, Marketing and Communication

  1. Social responsability
  2. Marketing in the company
  3. Company communication

Module X

Master's Final Work


English course

Basic, Pre-intermediate, Intermediate or Advanced
The student can choose one of the four levels


The Compliance Master offers a fully flexible methodology tailored to your needs, regardless of geographical location or time availability.

E-Learning Methodology: All content will be available on the campus virtual campus 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, without any mandatory schedule so it becomes extremely flexible. In this way, it is easy to reconcile an active professional life with an excellent academic formation.

All contents are updated with great technical rigor, are easy to understand and have a clear practical vocation.

The IMF Business School offers its students:

  • Personal tutorials (chat, phone, email)
  • Webinars
  • Discussion and discussion groups through forums and chats
  • Self evaluation tests
  • Case studies and documentation
  • Virtual Library


Continuous evaluation as you progress in the study of the Master in Compliance. Each module is evaluated through the combination of online exams and case study development.


The Course Tutors Panel is comprised primarily of corporate and academic professionals who can pass on to students real work experience and practical examples from their experience in business activity.

Download the programmatic content to know the Panel of Tutors.

Career Opportunities

  • Compliance Officer
  • Data Privacy Officer
  • Data Protection Officer
Last updated July 2017

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