Master in business etiquette, protocol officer and event

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Master in business etiquette, protocol officer and event

European Open Business School

Master in Business Protocol, Protocol Officer and Event

What students get to the end of our training activity is the following:

  • High organizational skills, leadership and management
  • Adaptability to change and technological innovation.
  • Ability to provide strategic and operational plans in senior management of the company.
  • Habit of teamwork.
  • Critical analysis and capacity for abstraction.
  • Fast identification, problem analysis and solving them
  • Open to the socio-economic and cultural environment mentality.
  • Learn to take responsibility.

As a senior, both personal and professional development of their daily activities, eventually transforming the productivity cost training for businesses and organizations cultural enrichment.

Through the teaching of qualified experts in different areas of the company experts and your environment, you get to prepare and equip students with the tools and knowledge necessary for decision-making in the enterprise and organizations, and business, which will allow them to analyze: Globalization of markets, quality systems and management, management and financing of projects, sociological aspects, Strategic Planning and Analysis of productivity as well as ethical principles and values ​​that should be developed in the company directors .



  • Module 1. The protocol in the company.
  • Module 2. The corporate identity, image and company codes.
  • Module 3. The written and verbal communication.
  • Module 4. The importance of conversation.
  • Module 5 Communicating in different languages.
  • Module 6. Nonverbal communication.
  • Module 7. Relationship with the media.
  • Module 8. How to greeting and presentations are made.
  • Module 9. Know clothing, namely eating.
  • Module 10. How to flatter and serve in business.
  • Module 11. Dinners standing.
  • Table 12. Module and configuration.
  • Module 13. The banquet, speeches and toasts.
  • Module 14. Planning acts in the business.
  • Module 15. Negotiating: its purpose and essential elements.
  • Module 16. Secretary: first image of the company.
  • 17. The phone module.
  • Module 18. Smoking is not cool.
  • Module 19. The corporate gift.
  • 18. The security module executive and entrepreneur.
  • Module 19. Ceremonial and social customs in the world.


  • 1. Official Protocol Module.
  • Module 2 Chairs and precedence.
  • Module 3 treatments.
  • Module 4. Label.
  • Module 5. The crown.
  • Module 6. The symbols of the state.


  • Module 1. Acts, Conventions, Conferences, Trade Shows.
  • Module 2. Design the program for organizing an event.
  • 3. Display Module - Visiting Lecturer versus.
  • Module 4. Creating the budget.
  • Module 5. The commercial management.
  • Module 6. Implementation of Post-Event Networking.
This school offers programs in:
  • Spanish
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Sept. 2018
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Spain - Madrid, Community of Madrid
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Sept. 2018
Spain - Madrid, Community of Madrid
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