Master health economics studies (mahe)


Program Description

Distance learning Master of Health Economics (Mahe) is specially designed to provide non-industry academics practically relevant knowledge of the healthcare industry. This allows you to purchase a nachgefragtes profile, with the re-orientation to growth sector Health is successfully implementing. Combined with your previous work experience you acquire another degree, which is regarded in international circles high. It complements your existing qualifications to health economics, business management, communication, organizational and legal knowledge. So opens up new career paths, as well-educated graduates are needed in the future-proof healthcare industry.

Academics of all stripes get a Master of Health Economics (Mahe) the key skills in order to bridge the gap to the leading positions in healthcare.

  • Consulting techniques for consulting economic issues
  • Comprehensive Management Skills for the control of health facilities / projects such. B.
    • professional communication techniques
    • Quality and Process Management
    • interdisciplinary problem-solving strategies
  • To research financial management and controlling, rhetoric latest findings from research and science as well as to present them naturally

study content

The Master of Health Economics (Mahe) helps you to get the skills necessary to understand the main structures, mechanisms and policy innovations in the industry. The theoretical course content will be closely combined with regular case tasks with practice. They learn to typical problem situations of health care facilities, how the market works, which actors need to be considered and what instruments you can be active and creative. With the developed health practitioners curriculum the APOLLON university offers all industry distant students a strong foundation for a career change. Thanks to the electives you put right there priorities where you can best contribute your previous skills and strengths in the healthcare market.

Technically available for most industry-relevant content in the center:

  • Health Economic Interrelationships
  • Consulting and IT Management
  • Finances and Controlling
  • Structural expertise in the health system and
  • Public health knowledge
  • Applied Health Services Research

Even soft skills play an important role. With this mix you build on your skills at an academic level to a profile, which is welcome in the allocation of management functions in the future strong healthcare market.

admission requirements

To obtain the Master of Health Economics (Mahe), you go through a postgraduate course of study. You must exams in Germany Bachelor's degree or a degree in a traditional, single-stage degree (Magister, Diploma, First State Exam in Law or teaching degree; degree in medicine), and that at least 2 years of professional experience. Especially for academics from other occupations, the Master of Health Economics offers (Mahe) to a tailor-made educational access for the growing healthcare market.


at any time


They acquire the internationally recognized Master of Health Economics (Mahe) in the Department of Health Economics.

Duration of study

Regular study period is 24 months or 32 months (120 credits).

test study

By registering at the APOLLON Hochschule You can test for 4 weeks studying for free. Within this period, you can login at any time revoke. then no costs arise for you.


The Master program Health Economics (Mahe) is certified by the International Agency for quality assurance and accreditation of study programs and institutions (FIBAA).

Free extension

Up to 50% of the chosen study variant (12 or 16 months).

Last updated Mar 2016

About the School

Seit ihrer Gründung im Herbst 2005 hat sich die staatlich anerkannte APOLLON Hochschule der Gesundheitswirtschaft auf Fernstudiengänge (Bachelor, Master und Zertifikatskurse) für das Gesundheitswesen ... Read More

Seit ihrer Gründung im Herbst 2005 hat sich die staatlich anerkannte APOLLON Hochschule der Gesundheitswirtschaft auf Fernstudiengänge (Bachelor, Master und Zertifikatskurse) für das Gesundheitswesen spezialisiert. Die mehrfach ausgezeichnete Hochschule mit Sitz in Bremen gehört zur leistungsstarken Klett Gruppe, zu der auch die Euro-FH gehört. Die junge Hochschule freut sich über zahlreiche Auszeichnungen wie z.B. "beliebteste Fernhochschule" und "Fernkurs des Jahres 2014"... Read less
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