The Master in Online Marketing and Electronic Commerce at a distance is a fundamental training to efficiently manage Internet sales. In Ecommaster (Training School specialized in Ecommerce and Digital Marketing) we have the keys to become a true specialist in digital marketing and an Ecommerce Manager (Director of digital business), teaching you all the necessary strategies to direct projects on the Internet.

The present and future of business is on the Internet. You just have to look at the current job offers. Digital competences are already at the same level in terms of demand in the curriculum as languages.

Specialize! More than 1,100 students are already experts in ecommerce with our curriculum, backed by more than 29 editions and retouched edition after edition after feedback from our students. (Strengthening or adding subjects after quality surveys including in the current Master's Edition).

The classes of the Online Ecommerce and Online Marketing Master , are live by videoconference and exclusively for students, to be able to ask live, who access them via mobile, tablet, pc, laptop, etc.

That is, they are not extensive asynchronous PDFs that you have to read and examine about them later, without any help. On the contrary, every week we have live classes , with availability and direct access to teachers, who give us the class from their office or even from their homes, facilitating that distance training is not difficult to follow.

We also have level tests for you to evaluate yourself and go checking how you are advancing in your online training, in this way, we try that the student does not leave the classes "for later".

Learning to sell online with @ecommaster is easy and convenient. From anywhere and at any time you can study, since we value family and work reconciliation .

The Master's classes are taught from a practical point of view and through real examples, with professors who are active professionals who feel day to day ecommerce and online marketing. In addition, online classes are recorded and the next day you already have them on campus . If you have not been able to attend a Master's class, nothing happens because you can see them in deferred and continue asking the teacher. In this Master of Electronic Commerce, we also facilitate the delivery of the final exam and Master project with several calls.

Who is this Master in Electronic Commerce and Online Marketing aimed at?

To professionals who want to recycle to the world of online sales or digital marketing, entrepreneurs who want to launch their own online store or digital business (service sector, B2C, B2B ...), people who are looking for employment and want to become in Internet professionals, students who have just finished their studies and wish to complete their professional profile. What are you waiting for to start this distance training?

The labor market demands professionals trained and specialized in E-commerce and Digital Marketing, specialists who handle all the tools of electronic commerce: manage e-commerce, optimize Internet advertising, disseminate brands on the network and master the different online marketing strategies to Increase your sales. Therefore, it is time to direct your professional career and acquire a global vision of online sales and digital marketing.

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Why choose our Master in Online Ecommerce and Digital Marketing?

  • We are the 1st School in Ecommerce and Digital Marketing that emerged in Spain, founded in 2011.
  • First Master in Electronic Commerce and Digital Marketing in online mode with live classes, created in 2013.
  • Quality / price ratio. You can search for prices, "real" class hours, number of sessions, certifications, etc. We do not make aggressive discounts to generate desire or momentum because from the first moment we want you to know what you are going to pay, even helping in financing. We believe in training accessible to all and less elitist.
  • Practical methodology We do not seek to offer a set of Master Class, but a coherent curriculum from the outset, with periodic tutorials, with assistance in the realization of your final Master project. In digital marketing everything changes day after day, and we have fully updated curricula.
  • More than 1,100 students trained in the Master in Digital Online Marketing and Ecommerce.
  • More than 190 professors specialized in Ecommerce have passed through our cloister.
  • More than 9,400 hours of exclusive training in Ecommerce and Online Marketing.
  • More than 725 hours of video in ecommerce training and online marketing.
  • Our Master can be studied in Alicante, Madrid and online for everyone.
  • More than 130 companies incubated in Ecommaster.
  • Online employment portal in Ecommerce and Marketing exclusively for students of the Master.
  • High employability index.
  • Networking with digital companies and the possibility of establishing reference contacts through the School.

Advantages of Studying a Master in E-commerce from Home

  • Classes in streaming, live, recorded for later viewing. Possibility of using tablets, smartphones, iPad, iPhone, etc.
  • Live consultations with the teacher.
  • Webinars with the most advanced in the online world.
  • Videos previously recorded in studio and in HD.
  • Exclusive videoconferences for ecommaster students.
  • Intuitive Online Campus with updated material in each edition.
  • The online Master has the most competitive price in the market.
  • Access to exclusive communities for students.
  • It allows you to study at a distance and at your own pace to reconcile your studies with your family life.
  • Consult the classes as many times as you want, stop or advance the video at your own pace.
  • 95% of the cloister from private companies and updated in Ecommerce and Digital Marketing.

Objectives of the Master in Online Marketing and E-commerce


  • Start up your own digital business idea.
  • Be able to opt for a job in any sector, since everyone is demanding figures related to ecommerce and digital marketing.
  • Consulting with teachers.
  • Networking community ecommaster. Share your experiences, including link building, with the ecommaster community.
  • Learn by practicing. Learning by doing is our main philosophy.
  • Improve your technical and managerial skills.
  • Exclusive access to Ecommerce Platforms and professional Digital Marketing tools.
  • Validate your Ecommerce project through the Ecommaster court.


00. Creation and Management of Online Stores

  1. Electronic Commerce
  2. Business and Online Strategy.
  3. Management and processes of an online store.
  4. Online marketing for ecommerce.

01. Web Technology

  1. Introduction to HTML.
  2. FTP administration. Filezilla workshop.
  3. Google Search Console Monitoring my online store.
  4. Hosting and Cloud Computing.

02. Electronic Commerce and Internet Sales Techniques

  1. Introduction to Ecommerce.
  2. Ecommerce Glossary

03. Business Analysis, Strategy, Markets and Internationalization

  1. Online business plan.
  2. Keyword Research and Analysis of online competition and market research.
  3. Teaming up for the creation of an online company.
  4. Internationalization of digital businesses.
  5. Lean StartUp methodology. Digital business models.
  6. Business Model Canvas.

04. Legal Aspects on the Internet. Ecommerce Legal Framework

  1. Fiscal and legal aspects of a Digital Business.
  2. Legal conditions of a Website.
  3. Internal and external contracts.
  4. Legal recommendations for sale on the Internet.

05. CMS Choice for Online Store

  1. WordPress
    • WordPress as a versatile platform to create web: pages, posts, tags and category. Recommended plugins
    • Themes and basic WordPress customization.
    • Optimization for SEO, security, content and lead capture.
    • Woocommerce for stores of physical or downloadable products.
    • Extensions for electronic commerce and payment methods.
  2. Prestashop
    • Prestashop backend: categories, attributes, products and combinations.
    • Basic customization of the frontend: Language, menus, logos, corporate image.
    • Management: carriers, order status, promotions, payment methods, taxes.
    • Introduction to multi-store facilities.
  3. Magento
    • Page types, design and templates.
    • Initial configuration: users, roles, payment methods, shipping methods.
    • Catalog management, type of products and configuration of attributes.
    • Magento Connect, extensions.

06. Management and Management of an Ecommerce

  1. The figure of the Online Manager in an Ecommerce.
  2. Customer service-digital consumer. Tools: Online chat, Telephones, switchboards, Correos, CRM.
  3. Process diagram of an online store. Daily operation
  4. Logistics and stock management.
  5. Internet Payment Methods
  6. Build trust in an Ecommerce
  7. Success stories in ecommerce: Medical ecommerce, food ecommerce and fashion ecommerce.

07. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

  1. Seo for Ecommerce
    • Basic basics of SEO from the point of view of a blog.
    • How Google works
    • How to find the best keywords.
    • Tools to analyze keywords.
    • The technical SEO check.
    • Things we should always do.
    • Optimize tracking - why is it important?
    • Duplicate Content
  2. SEO On Page
    • Keyword Research Keyword analysis of an Ecommerce.
    • Indexing: Google search console and typical errors.
    • Internal Linked
    • Rich snippets, header hierarchy and image optimization.
    • Specific content guidelines: avoid duplicate content and thin content.
    • SEO copywriting guide in Ecommerce and WordPress 2.
    • How to do an SEO audit.
  3. SEO Off Page
    • Linkbuilding strategies.
    • Linkbaiting strategies.
    • Penalty management on Google and other search engines.
    • Search algorithms: Penguin, Panda, Hummingbird.
    • Black Hat vs. White Hat.
  4. SEO audit
    • What is it. Why it is done. When is it needed?
    • Analysis of corporate objectives. Keywords, competitors and opportunities.
    • Ontological analysis (Web Architecture).
    • Traceability and indexability analysis.
    • On Page technical analysis: Contents, structured data and wpo.
    • Technical analysis Off page: link profile, online visibility.
    • Online Visibility Analysis.
    • Decision making.

08. Internet Advertising

  1. Internet publicity
    • Basic concepts and cost and measurement models: CPC, CPA, CPL, etc.
    • Introduction to programmatic advertising.
    • Bing ads and alternatives to Google Adwords.
  2. Google Adwords
    • Platforms: Search network and search partners, Display network, YouTuBE, Google Play Store.
    • Ad types and KPI's.
    • Ranking, auctions and quality level.
    • Campaign structure, matches and extensions.
    • Keyword Research for Google Adwords.

09. Online Marketing in Ecommerce Oriented Sales and Results.

  1. Digital Mix: Attraction, Conversion, Retention / Loyalty, Measurement / Analysis.
  2. Online promotion Techniques and tools to publicize your online business in early stages.
  3. Growth Hacking Techniques and methodology to grow an online business exponentially.
  4. Management of comments and Reviews in an online store. Tools for capturing comments.
  5. Sales and traffic acquisition in Marketplaces, comparators, etc.
  6. Profitability Analysis in an Online Project (ROI).
  7. Photography in an Ecommerce.
  8. Video Marketing Video marketing workshop.
  9. Email Marketing
  10. Affiliate Marketing

10. Usability, Big Data and Web Analytics

  1. Analytics in Ecommerce. KPI reports and traffic analysis.
  2. Usability and CRO. Metrics analysis to increase conversion.
  3. Big Data in Ecommerce: Theoretical definition and ecommerce application.

11. Social Commerce. Sell in Social Networks

  1. Social networks as sales channels.
  2. Definition of the strategy in Social Networks.
  3. Web Remarketing (Perfect Audience).
  4. Monitoring tools in social networks.

12. Inbound Marketing

  1. Content Marketing
  2. Viralize your content.
  3. Popups and lead capture.
  4. Blocked content

Master Thesis project

Final Project Master's Choice: own or third party, real or fictitious.

Tutorials on the E commerce Project to be delivered, tango if it is real as fictitious.

Defense of the Final Master Project before the Court: (optional).

Then we leave you a video so you can see what the Final Master Project consists of, the documents to be delivered and some examples and presentations of old editions. You can see more examples of PFM in the alumni section of our website.

Program taught in:
  • Spanish
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