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Program Description

The graduate program that fits your needs

Semi-distance course, which allows participants to set up the curriculum with subjects selected by them (with the help of their Mentor) from among the options in the EAD ESPM portfolio.

Build your curriculum in the ESPM Master Custom Class Mentoring among more than 100 subjects that can compose a course designed exclusively for you.

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About the course

What would the lato sensu postgraduate course look like that would more accurately meet your learning needs? Which subjects would be part of this course?

How to integrate the course with your professional growth objectives? Would it be possible to add mentors to the learning plan to exchange ideas and reflect on their learning and career?

If you think that the ideal course would be one in which you could assemble the matrix of subjects, choose the format of the Course Conclusion Work and be accompanied by Mentoring Teachers to obtain the maximum professional development, then the Master Custom Class Mentoring from ESPM is the course for you!

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It is a semi-presential course, which allows you to build the curriculum with disciplines selected by you (with the help of your Mentor) from among the options in the EAD ESPM portfolio.

ESPM understands that the use of technologies combined with diverse teaching and learning methodologies make it possible to customize teaching in order to optimize learning or quickly address specific learning needs. In a more flexible and customizable teaching model, students and Mentoring Teachers develop an individualized learning agenda and select options that meet their needs.

In the ESPM Master Custom Class, the student is offered a menu with more than 100 subjects that can compose a Master course designed exclusively for you. These disciplines are always valued for their updated view on topics and for the development of professional skills and attitudes compatible with the demands of the labor market.

Additionally, the Master Custom Class Mentoring student will have the possibility to accelerate their professional development through the discipline Personal and Career Leadership and semiannual career coaching sessions provided by ESPM. These tools aim to provide reflections on the student's career and professional skills, allowing him to formulate and follow a development plan that will be integrated into the course and will guide in the composition of the disciplines matrix.

Throughout the course, the student will also develop a Course Conclusion Paper in line with their career goals, which will have a flexible theme and format, which may result in an applied work or a scientific work, at the student's choice. The themes of the Course Conclusion Papers will be determined by the students and their Mentoring Teachers, and must belong to one of the following Areas of Concentration: Communication, Consumption, Digital Marketing or Business & Management.

Not to mention the other benefits of being part of the ESPM lato sensu graduate program, such as face-to-face meetings at the Thematic Network (São Paulo), the possibility of taking an international module at one of our partner institutions, in addition to the networking that only ESPM can provide.


Facilitate access to learning in ESPM's areas of activity: marketing, communication, consumption, management, applied technology, design, innovation, finance and economics.

The purpose of the ESPM Master Custom Class graduate course is to enable students to customize the course according to their interests or according to their learning needs.

Target Audience

Given the flexibility of the curriculum, consisting of disciplines and the format of the final project chosen by the student, this course is aimed at people who have at least two years of professional experience, graduated in any area of knowledge and who wish to deepen or update their knowledge in the areas where ESPM operates.

1. Build your course

The Master Custom Class Mentoring is a lato sensu Post-Graduation course that will last 480 hours, with a forecast of completion of 20 months and may vary according to the array of subjects and the student's performance.

If the student wishes to include subjects that add hours to the initially scheduled workload, these will be treated as optional subjects.

2. What focus do you want to give to your final work?

The certificate of completion and diploma will be prepared according to the area of concentration.

  • Example: Master Custom Class in Digital Marketing


This area of Concentration is dedicated to understanding the communication process (whether directed to B2C, B2B, internal, intermediary audiences or any other stakeholders). Examples of topics: communication strategy, media, integrated marketing communication, relationship marketing, evaluation of communication results.


This Concentration area deals with understanding the buying process and consumer behavior. Examples of topics: consumer journey, buyer persona, learning process, satisfaction and loyalty, netnography.

Digital marketing

This area of concentration focuses on marketing applied to the digital age and the digital marketing planning and management process. Examples of topics: social media, SEO, inbound marketing, conversion marketing, digital analytics.

Business and management

This area of Concentration is dedicated to a broad view of organizations, their processes and their strategies. Examples of topics: business environment, business strategy, people management, management skills, scenario analysis, risk management.

3. Which project would you like to develop throughout the course?

Applied project

A script and guidance will be made available, according to the desired concentration.

Scientific article

Possible submission to scientific congresses or presentation in stricto sensu programs.

Since the beginning of the course it is important that the student already has in mind which project he intends to develop. It is this project that will serve as a basis for the development of the disciplines grid and will guide the most relevant themes for each student.

The student can work with an applied project, such as the development of a business plan, the development of a specific communication plan, a project applied to his own company, etc; or by an academic scientific project, such as academic research on the behavior of a given consumer audience, on the impact of different media, or on any other topic that is relevant to it (provided that it encompasses one of the three areas of concentration worked on). The academic project is interesting for those who are interested in scientific publications and / or have the project to study master's / doctorate.

Right in the selection process, it is important that the student already has an initial outline of which project he would like to develop, as the entire range of disciplines and the dynamics of the course will be guided by the project that will be carried out.

Throughout the process, however, if it is of interest to the student, it is possible that the project will be modified, edited or even replaced by a new project.

The project developed throughout the course will be the Final Project for each student.

4. Who will accompany you throughout the process?

As soon as the student starts the course, he will be allocated to a Professor Mentor with experience in the area of concentration of interest to the student. The Professor Mentor will have periodic individual meetings with each of his students: bimonthly throughout the course and with a shorter interval when the student is allocated to the Course Completion Course discipline.

At meetings, the student, with the help of Professor Mentor, will set up his / her matrix of subjects, develop his / her Course Completion Work and monitor his / her learning objectives. Meetings with Professor Mentor will take place virtually, through our EAD platform, on days and times individually scheduled with each student. Rescheduled mentoring meetings can be rescheduled only once every two months, provided they are canceled more than 24 hours in advance. Meetings canceled with less than 24 hours are considered to be held and are not subject to rescheduling.

The partnership with Professor Mentor will allow each student's matrix of subjects to be customized according to their specific needs. In addition, the Course Completion Work is monitored and developed from the beginning of the course, so that each discipline taken effectively contributes a new brick to the student's goals.

5. What subjects do you want to take?

Therefore, with the help of Professor Mentor, the student will be able to define, among more than 100 EAD ESPM disciplines, which best fit in his individual project. The number of courses taken will depend on each student and will total at least 32 credits or 480 hours.

Dynamics of disciplines

In addition to mentoring and coordination meetings, each student must also participate in the disciplines selected in their grade. The Master Custom Class includes 32 course credits, 3 of which are dedicated to the TCC. To assemble the grid, the student may have more than 100 subjects from the entire portfolio of EAD ESPM courses.

All subjects take place through the EAD platform and have at least two classes per web conference (live distance classes) with the tutor-teacher so that the student can interact directly and answer questions. These classes will be conducted live, at 7:30 pm, remaining recorded in the virtual learning environment so that the student can watch it more than once or, if unable to watch it live, can watch the recording.

Face-to-face tests at units that do not belong to ESPM may be held in March, June, September and December.

20 months

The course has about 20 months and can vary depending on the grade prepared by the student.

2 subjects

Simultaneously, two subjects are taken.

5 hours

Each discipline requires about 5 hours a week to study the content and prepare activities.

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