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Your goal is a leadership or leadership position in the economy - perhaps even internationally? Are you looking for more detailed management information in the field of business administration? After your successful first degree in economics, would you like to specialize? Then the Master's degree in Business Administration offers you the best development opportunities for your career: Achieve the leadership level in companies with the combination of professional know-how and social interface competences. Complete your tailor-made studies for the business world of today - with a Master's degree in Business Administration!

Your study set-up

The Master's course "Business Administration - Master of Arts"Is divided into four consecutive semesters:

  • Semester 1 : Broaden your existing foundation in the most important disciplines for business management: marketing, controlling, corporate governance and organization / corporate development.
  • Semester 2 : Focus on Integrated Management Systems, Economic Ethics and Sustainability. All aspects for intercultural management, information and knowledge management as well as process management and sustainable corporate management are the focus of the 2. Semester.
  • Semester 3 : The project workshop makes you fit in the currently applied project management. They transfer theoretical knowledge to practice. For profile sharpening, choose from one of four possible deepening directions: Economic Psychology, Personnel Development / Coaching, Logistics Management and International Management.
  • Semester 4 : You are now able to independently process a problem from a selected topic area. You complete your studies with your master thesis. They control the task using scientific methods and cover certain fields of research.

As an ACAD student, you can also take the interesting option of a 3-week study stay in Sacramento: With the California Campus Program!


  • Labor and Organizational Psychology WIP82 | WIP83 | WIP84
  • Personnel Development / Coaching PER69 PER68 | SQL05 | PER86
  • International Management IKK60 | IKK65 | UFU84
  • Logistics Management LPM80 LPM81 LPM82


Perspectives for the goal-oriented - in the distance study to the Master of Business Administration

Highly qualified management young talents have had their best career prospects for years - and the trend is growing. With a master's degree, you are recommended in companies of all industries for the transfer of management responsibility: through extensive management know-how and expanded expertise. Your study "Business Administration - Master of Arts"Is the optimal preparation for the leadership requirement.

Your Master's program at AKAD: digital, independent of location and time

With the digital AKAD Campus highly efficient to the Master

Use your time resources optimally and support your learning type with tailor-made study units, flexible examination planning and the right mix of self-controlled and supervised learning!

The digital AKAD campus simplifies the acquisition of your Master's degree: As a pivotal point of study, this virtual marketplace offers everything you need for a successful construction program: when and where you want to be online, your study documents will be available Simply keep in touch with your fellow students. Rascher, in doing so well-founded knowledge acquisition on the AKAD campus promotes your motivation and shows you your learner immediately. The AKAD Campus allows you to take your individual route to the Master:

  • Distance Learning: practice-oriented, up-to-date and clearly structured study letters - understandable learning units that come to your home comfortably!
  • Distance e-learning: effective learning through online exercises, online coaching and web-based training - Reliability for content to be secure!
  • Interactive eLearning: personally supervised by tutors and in direct exchange with fellow students - more knowledge and direct availability of the content for even more motivation!
  • Seminars (optional): complementary to the virtual learning forms On-site seminars - use the learned methods in concrete questions immediately!

Admission Requirements

At the start of your studies, you already have an economics degree or an equivalent university degree according to the Higher Education Act.

What do you expect from the Fernstudium BWL Master?

Transparency over content is important to us. Take a look at the Sample Study Letter MA_Business_Administration_UFU613 To the Master of Business Administration (BWL-Fernstudium). Focus: "Principles of Corporate Governance". Convince yourself: The AKAD Campus with its flexible, individual and efficient Study model makes it easy for you to access all the contents of the Master in Business Administration: You will learn where and when you want, and arrange your professional study program with your individual time resources - as you wish.

Our offer to you: Test your Master's program at AKAD University 4 weeks free. By asking On the subject of "professional accompanying studying" is our friendly and qualified AKAD Academic Advising Under the number 0711 81495-400 gladly personally for you there. We look forward to hearing from you!

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