Every organisation depends on it’s people yet few really grasp the value of their employees. There is a great potential to be unlocked in the workplace and much to be learned to become advanced at managing them. Managing Individuals addresses poof performance and high performance issue in modern business and uses techniques developed by experts in international commerce.

Managing Unsatisfactory Performance – (MI-001)

Almost every Organisation has issues of Unsatisfactory Performance at one time or another and, while it may not involve a big number of people, if it is not dealt with it will lead to an erosion of standards and a gradual worsening of performance overall.

This is why it is so important for the whole Organization to approach the topic of unsatisfactory performance.


  • Understand why it is so necessary to deal with situations of unsatisfactory performance.
  • Explore and practice new ways to handle feedback.
  • Become skilled at identifying where the real problem lies with respect to a person’s knowledge, attitude or skillset.
  • Learn and apply different approaches to effectively addressing the problem.
  • Understand how to handle emotions when they arise.
  • Remove the manager and leader’s dilemma of either being faithful to the person or to the organisation.
  • Have a reliable structure and toolkit to effectively manage performance conversations for the benefit of all involved.


  1. Getting Started
  2. Handling Feedback
  3. Challenging Assumptions
  4. More than one way to address a problem
  5. The Feelings Conversation
  6. The Manager’s Dilemma
  7. Intermediate Assignments
  8. Structuring the Conversation
  9. Bringing things to a close
  10. Bringing things to a close – finally!
  11. Final Assignments

Managing High Performance – (MI-002)

In this programme on High Performance, we want to help you and your organisation get to a whole new level of performance, success, and overall well-being, both as individuals and as an organisation. This may seem a big claim but it is a realistic one because in it we will put you in touch with insights and truths about what it means to be really human and we will show you the wonders that happen when these are applied to management, to leadership and work.


  • To show that there is much more untapped potential both in the individual and the organisation.
  • To identify and remove the blocks to performance.
  • To look at the importance of relationships and the effect of them on high performance.
  • To identify and practice the core elements that are present when people perform to their best.
  • To look at the power of setting exciting, challenging and shared goals.
  • To look at the importance of a Vision (the X Meeting) on the performance of the organisation.
  • To look at the interconnectedness of the welfare of the Company and the welfare of people.
  • To show how when people are performing to their best they are creating an intelligent organisation.


  1. Introduction to High Performance
  2. The Gap between Performance and Potential
  3. Blocks to Performance and Greatness
  4. Circle of Influence
  5. C.O.A.C.H
  6. Intermediate Assignments
  7. Clear Goals
  8. The X Meeting
  9. A Balanced Life
  10. Final Assignments

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Last updated November 12, 2018
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