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What is Makers Academy Remote?

Makers Academy Remote is a course like no other - totally online, highly immersive, full-time, and entirely focused on getting you into your first job as a developer. We've spent the last couple of years researching and refining how to transform people into software engineers, but not everyone can move to London to join us on our in-person campus. In February 2015, we launched Makers Academy Remote: a course that leverages everything we've learned at Makers Academy to help people all over the world learn to code - from the comfort of their own home.

Does it really work?

We're at an early stage, but results so far have been incredibly positive, with graduates of Makers Academy Remote I taking an average of 28 days to find a job. Since then, we've launched the 3rd & 4th Makers Academy Remote courses, even bigger and even better, and they SOLD OUT! Register now for the next three releases of our fantastic remote learning option. Places are strictly limited, so apply now before it's too late.

Step-by-step education

One of the main problems people have when learning to code is knowing what order to learn things in. Should you learn HTML first, then Ruby? Or perhaps start with Javascript and work your way to Rails? We remove this barrier with our curriculum - developed with the finest software engineers - walking you through the best way to learn each of the pieces individually, then how to fit them all together, always using the latest best practices. Unlike all the other online or remote programmes, you won't just learn syntax. You'll learn to become an engineer. You'll learn the principles of Software Craftsmanship. You'll learn to write elegant, readable, beautiful code, and you'll be fielding multiple job offers as a result.

Pair program

Learning how to code can be challenging - but it's much easier if you do it with other people. Makers Academy Remote is the first online and remote learning programme that connects you with other learners, allowing you to pair-program remotely with them in real-time.

Peer-to-peer model

The thing that makes Makers Academy so special is we aren't like a normal school. Yes, we have coaches, but no, we don't spend all day 'in the classroom'. We use a peer-driven model, so you learn through creative, project-driven development, just like in the workplace. While you'll have access to an experienced course facilitator who'll guide you at all times, provide workshops and breakout sessions and give help when you get stuck, the vast majority of your learning will be supported by the other members of your cohort. Makers Academy Remote is the first online/offline proposition for the person who's serious about learning how to code. There are a lot of resources out there for learning about small pieces of the puzzle, but Makers Academy Remote is the first one that brings everything together, giving you a clear path to a job as a junior web developer, and a support system that will push you over the finishing line. Enrolling as a student on Makers Academy Remote will mean that you spend the next 12-16 weeks simulating life as a developer, doing daily stand-ups and working in teams on real projects. This puts you in a fantastic position after you graduate, As you have a tonne of experience that most beginners could only hope for.

Real jobs at the end

Unlike all the other 'Learn to Code Online' options out there, graduates of Makers Academy Remote finish the programme as highly employable 'artisan' developers, just like the students at Makers Academy HQ. Once you graduate, our hiring team will work with you just like they do with our regular students, giving interview training, doing practice technical tests, and introducing you to our Hiring Partner Network.


Last updated Nov 2017

About the School

Makers Academy takes students from novice to Junior Web Developers by providing intensive, hands-on course modules which provide the student with an understanding of cutting edge coding techniques suc ... Read More

Makers Academy takes students from novice to Junior Web Developers by providing intensive, hands-on course modules which provide the student with an understanding of cutting edge coding techniques such as agile & TDD. At the courses conclusion, there is extensive Job Support to help graduates enter in to the workforce quickly. Read less