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MSc in Technology Management

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MSc in Technology Management

This qualification offers both a ‘research’ route and a ‘professional’ route to the MSc in Technology Management. If you need a more professionally-oriented qualification you can take The MSc professional project (T847) (30 credits). If you prefer a more research-oriented MSc, you can take the 60-credit Research project (T802). Both offer a rigorous approach to solving complex real world problems and offer essential skills for systematically and successfully addressing technology management issues in your own organisation and wider contexts. The longer research project allows more in-depth study and further develops your academic research skills. Both modules provide an excellent platform for further research studies.

The effective management of technology is essential if all the potential benefits for individuals and organisations are to be realised. Technology has the capability to transform products and processes and can make a huge contribution to organisational performance and even to national well-being. Technology managers need to make complex decisions associated with identification and evaluation of technologies, developing new or improved products and processes and integrating technology with other business processes, and to manage change required by technology implementation. There is an increasing demand across public, private and not-for-profit sectors for people with the vision and the operational and strategic capability to plan, develop and manage technology effectively.

This MSc will provide you with the knowledge and skills critical to making the right decisions about technology acquisition, exploitation and implementation, and to really make a difference to your organisation, and your own professional development. The modules studied as part of your postgraduate certificate and diploma are designed to progressively develop your knowledge and skills. Certificate study focuses on the operational aspects of managing technological change and the diploma’s emphasis is on the strategic management of technology. The MSc involves in depth investigation of a technology management topic or problem of your choice.

Throughout your studies you have opportunities to apply your learning to your own particular technology context and so add value to your career and your workplace while you are studying. The modules are designed to be relevant whatever your personal background and experience – the knowledge and skills taught can be applied to all types of technology and all economic sectors. If technology is a significant success factor in your organisation or role then technology management is relevant to you. Our students are drawn from a very wide range of backgrounds including IT, manufacturing, healthcare, defence, financial services, local and national government services.

Educational aims

The Postgraduate Certificate, Diploma and MSc in Technology Management form a specialist career development programme. It is aimed at technical specialists or those with experience of technology management. This programme is also suitable for those with general management or administration experience where you have taken a particular interest in the technological dimensions of organisation and management.

The main emphasis of the programme is on masters-level study in the area of the management of technology. It focuses in particular on innovation, entrepreneurship, and the strategic management and utilisation of technology across a wide range of sectors, from public to private, services to manufacturing. While the academic level is clearly masters, there is a strong practical and professional orientation to the curriculum and therefore the programme is also likely to meet the continuing professional development (CPD) needs of many of those who undertake this programme of study.

Technology management graduates should be able to ground their new knowledge within the base of their professional experience. You will be encouraged to reflect on and learn from your prior experience, integrate this with your new knowledge and apply this to new situations. The programme provides you with significant opportunities to challenge preconceptions regarding the management and strategic use of technology, as well as many generic management ideas, and to remove subject and functional boundaries in order to evaluate and respond to complex situations holistically.

You should also develop strengths in analysing, synthesising and solving complex, unstructured organisational problems, especially where these have a technological dimension. In addition to being able to communicate your findings, you should develop the skills to implement agreed solutions effectively and efficiently. This, in turn, requires that you develop good interpersonal skills to enable you to interact effectively with a range of technical and non-technical personnel. The technology management programme, therefore, is directed both at the acquisition and critical understanding of a body of knowledge and at the acquisition of a range of personal capabilities.

Teaching, learning and assessment methods

You will learn through two inter-related methods. Firstly, using a range of specially written study materials, case studies, original texts, study guides and assignments, and through a range of multi-media material. Secondly, you are allocated a tutor who is your first and main point of contact. Your tutor answers queries on study materials, grades and comments on your work, and, depending on which module you are studying, may arrange either face-to-face group sessions or online tutorials. You are also encouraged to participate in online conferences for the module(s) you are studying. This gives you a chance to share and resolve issues with fellow students, as well as with tutors and the module team.

Formative assessment in the form of informal self-assessed questions (SAQs) allows you to assess your own progress and understanding. Formal assessment of the knowledge and understanding components of the programme is achieved by a series of tutor-marked assignments (TMAs) – usually three for each 30-credit module. These assignments are marked and assessed by your tutor. They are central to the teaching of the module since they allow you an opportunity to display your knowledge and understanding. This will enable tutors to identify any issues concerning either and provide appropriate feedback.

In some cases assignments are formative (for example at the beginning of a module to enable you to develop your confidence), but usually they are summative.

Although assignments are usually undertaken on an individual basis, some modules have group-based assignments that use the computer conferencing system. Modules may also include computer-marked assignments or examination papers. Currently most modules within the technology management programme also include a three-hour written examination.

Cognitive skills in the programme are developed through a range of activities within the programme’s modules. Case studies and other accounts of how technology is managed will allow you to engage with the problems around technology management and develop appropriate analysis, evaluation and problem-solving skills. Modules will formally describe a range of methods and techniques used within technology management and you will be encouraged to make use of them and reflect on their use.

When carrying out the final module of the MSc (T802 MSc research course - a masters-level thesis based on a research project of your choice) there is extensive scope for developing a critical approach to technology management.

Evidence of skills levels will also be apparent in all assignments and tutors will comment on evidence of skills, as well as on demonstrated levels of knowledge and understanding.

Cognitive skills will be assessed in each three-hour end-of-module examination.

When entering the technology management programme you are expected to have experience of technology management, a technical specialism or general management and/or administration where you have taken a particular interest in the technological dimensions of organisation and management. As such, you should already have gained many key skills. The programme will then allow you to demonstrate these and develop them further.

Study materials and support from your tutor will help develop your skills in managing your own learning. For example, many of the modules expect you to work largely under your own direction and initiative. You are expected to reflect on your performance, identify your learning needs and then develop appropriate learning strategies.

Practical and professional skills are developed and assessed implicitly within many of the modules in the programme. Evidence of them will be apparent in all TMAs and tutors will comment on the evidence of these skills, as well as on demonstrated levels of knowledge and understanding.

The University wishes to emphasise that, while every effort is made to regularly update this site, the material on it is subject to alteration or amendment in the light of changes in regulations or in policy or of financial or other necessity.

Career impact

The technology management programme develops analytical skills and provides practically relevant knowledge that will equip you well for a variety of management and leadership roles. The competent technology manager is a highly valued professional, capable of ensuring that the organisation reaps all the potential rewards from its investment in technology of whatever type. You will develop a range of job-related and transferable skills such as critical thinking, creative problem solving, and the ability to cope with rapid technological change. The capabilities in research and problem-solving developed can be exploited in all professional situations at all management levels. Employers are also impressed by the commitment and determination it takes to succeed with the OU while keeping up family and work commitments. These benefits, together with the opportunities to add value by applying your learning to the workplace as you study, make technology management programmes very attractive vehicles towards success in senior management roles.

Entry requirements

To gain the MSc you must first obtain the Postgraduate Diploma in Technology Management (E08).

Modules will count towards this degree for a maximum of eight years after we have stopped presenting them.

You should note that the University’s unique study rule applies to this qualification. This means that you must include at least 60 credits from OU modules that have not been counted in any other OU qualification that has previously been awarded to you.

You will also need to be proficient in English, to an IELTS standard of 6.0. If you are unsure you will be able to take a free English test as part of the registration process.

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