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Program Description

⚡️ Coronavirus (COVID-19) update

We have temporarily adopted our programs for virtual instruction so that our new students have an option to begin their program in Summer or Fall 2020 virtually, and then change to on-campus learning, once the Czech Republic re-opens its borders.

Strengthen your foundations in managing others with a master’s in International Management

UNYP is proud to offer this top-quality program in partnership with the University of Bolton. This master’s degree in international management is designed to give you an advantage in an increasingly global employment market, by equipping you with the theoretical foundations for an international business career. If you are a recent graduate with ambitions to prepare more fully for a global career in business and management, then this program will fulfill your requirements.

Is this UNYP master’s degree program right for me?

The M.Sc. in International Management program is for students who want a management career that takes them around the world, or who will work within international organizations with multi-country operations. The focus will be on global decision-making and the role of management in a cross-cultural context. Holders of this qualification can apply for the status of Member (MCMI) or Fellow (FCMI) of the Chartered Management Institute. Acceptance will depend on factors other than qualifications, such as their responsibilities at work. Full details are available at

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Structure of the M.Sc. in International Management Program

The Master's in management program will develop your intellectual capabilities of research, critique, synthesis, and innovation, culminating in a master's thesis. You will develop academic and professional skills that will allow opportunities for career development and further study. You will also gain lifelong learning skills and develop on a personal level so that you are able to work with self-direction and originality and to contribute to business and society at large.

We use a variety of teaching and learning methods which encourage active and inclusive participation among classes, avoid exclusion, and develop learner skills in both the academic and workplace arenas. These methods employed include lectures, workshops, case studies, group work, presentations, and guest speakers.

Moreover, our professors will also introduce techniques that they view as especially suitable for aiding learning in their specialized areas. The learning and teaching strategy for each individual course are detailed in the course outlines that you will receive. This teaching is conducted by a highly dedicated team, with specialist knowledge in a wide range of subject areas, and close links to business and industry. The University of Bolton's strong industry links allows it to provide a large number of professionally accredited courses through partnerships that include the University of New York in Prague. More than 30 Bolton programs are professionally accredited, reflecting the industry-needs focus of the university’s program content.

M.Sc. in International Management courses

  • Research and Study Skills
  • Business Development
  • International Marketing Management
  • Financial Management and Decision Making
  • Research Methods
  • Information Systems and Business Performance
  • Strategic Management
  • HR in a Global Context
  • Thesis

Master in International Management Brochure

Admission Requirements

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