59 percent of large export companies and 72 percent of SMEs with international activity have strongly increased employment in the last 4 years. In addition, they have historically resisted the impact of different crises better. The average salary in these companies has also tended to improve more than in the rest of the companies. It has also verified a greater professional promotion of the workers who participate in these processes. For all these reasons, the specialization in international trade is an added value for most professionals.

Due to the growing demand of qualified professionals, IMF Business School and the University of Nebrija, have developed this Master in International Trade, which opts for a high level online training that can be done from anywhere and easily. It can be done completely online or blended and lasts 60 ECTS.

Improve your professional career with the Master in International Trade and specialize in the changing and dynamic international environment, training in management skills of commercial teams and efficient management of an international strategic plan based on technical skills.

In a globalized and dynamic world, the demand of professionals specialized in international trade does not stop increasing. In recent years, companies with presence in different markets are usually the ones with the greatest strength and growth. So everything indicates that both Spanish, Latin American and global international activity will follow this growing line.

Whether they are public institutions or businesses in the private sphere, organizations cross borders, no longer focus on national markets, and professionals capable of creating commercial strategies with diversified and specific offers to each population are needed. Responsible for import and export, establishing international relations, know international transport, taxation, and everything that surrounds international trade.


The main objective of the Master in International Trade and Supply Chain is to give the student the knowledge, skills and management skills in business related to international trade to assess the interest of operating in a specific international market. With specific knowledge of the financial environment, the operation of the main international institutions linked to international trade and foreign trade markets.

  • Obtain a systematic vision to analyze the events in the field of international organizations and the keys of the international sales system.
  • Achieve an analytical and conceptual capacity focused on efficiency in management and decision making, considering protocol aspects in international negotiations.
  • Develop, design and apply strategies and marketing programs globally.
  • Design, know and implement specific supply chains according to the characteristics of the product, the different international markets and, of course, the customer.
  • Achieve the keys to achieve the success of the venture and be able to make a strategic international trade plan to develop a business.
  • Assimilate the bases of the legal framework and know the general regime of international contracting.
  • Master the essential managerial skills and competencies to efficiently manage a commercial team.
  • Know the peculiarities of international finance, understanding the influences that the political and economic situation have on global markets.

Methodology and Evaluation


The Master in International Trade of IMF is taught through a totally accessible modality, you can choose between:

  • Online methodology: Study virtually anywhere or at any time.
  • Distance Methodology: Obtain books with the syllabus.
  • Blended learning methodology: With the possibility of attending face-to-face sessions and seminars.

We believe in a formation close to the student and therefore, whatever the modality you choose, you can enjoy:

  • Live online classes that you can access from your own home with a computer, mobile or tablet. The virtual platform used for live classes fosters an interactive environment between speaker and students. You can ask questions, and the teacher can answer them as if it were a face-to-face class.
  • Deferred classes so you can see them again as many times as you want.
  • Virtual Campus: As a student you will have access from any device to our virtual campus of simple management. You can download the academic syllabus and the recommended readings. Carry out practical cases and self-evaluable exercises. You will also have forums, debates and chats to interact with the rest of the students
  • Follow-up Tutorial: You will have access to a personal tutor in charge of tracking throughout the educational process. You can schedule epresencial tutorials and solve your doubts through chats, forums, calls or emails. If you need it also in person.
  • Virtual Library: Enjoy online training content, more than 9,000 references related to the business world.
  • Networks and Networking: International Trade Events, round tables, webinars and free masterclasses from the experts of the sector. Establish networks of contacts with other students and professionals.


Continuous evaluation throughout the course. Each section will be evaluated through an online exam and the realization of practical cases.

The issuance of Master's degrees by the University of Nebrija and Master's degree by IMF Business School , will be linked to the passing of all modules.

Professional outings

Booming sector

The International Trade sector has shown a high resistance during the last crisis, increasing its activity progressively during the last 4 years. Both large companies and SMEs see internationalization as a resource to promote their growth, and increasingly demand professionals trained in the peculiarities of the sector.

After finishing this online master's degree in international trade, you can perform the following functions:

  • Export manager, International buyer, marketing manager in specialized companies to the import and export of products.
  • Expert in the negotiation with international suppliers and clients in organizations in process of internationalization.
  • Professional for consulting companies and companies for prospecting and researching markets and investments specialized in international business.
  • Responsible for the expansion in global markets for e-commerce companies.
  • Public positions in Chambers of Commerce.
  • Undertake your own international project.

Guaranteed practices

IMF Business School , through its Employment and Practices portal, guarantees students of the Master's Degree in International Trade, internships in companies in the sector. Check conditions.

Among the companies with which IMF has educational cooperation agreements for training in jobs, include:


Price and Scholarships

At IMF we offer our students great payment facilities:

  • Scholarship up to 70%
  • Financing up to 12 months without interest or banking intervention (see conditions)
  • Payment method Online: Cash (Discount 5%) / Payment installment without interest
  • Form of payment Blended: Cash (Discount 5%) / Payment installment without interest
Program taught in:
  • Spanish

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