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Program Description

Modern education that meets the challenges of the times

MINI-MBA is a well-established business education format that allows you to intensively improve your qualifications in management.


  • 2019: Newest 2019 Program
  • 100 %: Guaranteed employment after graduation. We will help.
  • 6 months : Installment plan for the program without overpayments, first installments and collection of documents. We will agree.
  • 3 days : The period when you can say that the program is not suitable for you, and get the money back. We guarantee.

The program is perfect

to you if you:

  • A specialist who wants to distinguish himself from the mass of other specialists in the company, get a promotion and earn more
  • A leader who wants to become the main reformer in the company. And the main contender for getting into top management
  • TOP Manager who wants to improve his skills and learn how to implement current changes in the company

A Little About MINI - MBA Professional

In the column “tell us a little about yourself” you will soon be able to write: “I have fundamental knowledge in general and strategic management, marketing, finance, business development, accounting, human resources management, project management and other business areas.”

And most importantly.

You will no longer compete with other people for promotion or a position in a new company. That employers will compete among themselves for you.

  • 81% of graduates increased the financial performance of the company
  • 91% Developed practical business skills
  • 68% got a more prestigious job


Course program

The training is divided into 8 modules. 7 of them have already been chosen for you by world standards of education, and you choose the 8th module yourself. Depending on what type of business you are interested in. Flew according to the program!

  • 01 Leadership
  • 02Management
  • 03 Finance
  • 04 HR management
  • 05 Marketing
  • 06 Sales
  • Thesis
  • 7 Optional module to choose from: Personal professional performance, Operations management, Marketing and sales, Company management and the external environment
  • Final testing

Starting on the MBA program, you start the process of obtaining

Dozens of new skills:

  • I know the art of business communications;
  • I can develop a company promotion strategy;
  • I am able to analyze costing and reduce breakfasts without losing company efficiency;
  • I know the specifics of international markets;
  • I make marketing and sales strategies;
  • Understanding BigData technologies;
  • I am able to collect a dream team and reveal the talents of each team member;
  • I am able to work not against competitors, but better than them;

And 2 diplomas:

  • Russian diploma
  • European diploma

4 reasons to attend an MBA Intensive at City Business School

Reason No. 01 We guarantee 100% employment

The level of an educational institution is determined by two factors:

1) what the school does for students during training

2) and what she does for them after

After us, the fun begins. You automatically become a member of our Career Club and get :

  • career coach consultation
  • employment assistance to your dream company
  • all MBA updates that will be released after your release
  • excursions in the company TOP-100 Forbes of the Russian Federation

Reason No. 02 Learning Comfort

The whole learning process is concentrated in one place - your personal account on the CBS website. All materials are logically collected and saved inside the account. You will not need to look for a class schedule in the depths of the site, and the answers from teachers will not need to be dug up in the mailbox. We gathered everything in one place:

  • timetable
  • learning progress
  • homework
  • synopsis, video and other materials
  • feedback from teachers
  • technical support connection

Reason No. 03 Status of City Business School

Level of accreditation (recognition by the scientific community)

  • Accreditation NASDOBR is the most prestigious national accreditation established by the RABO, the Association of Managers and Business Russia with the support of the State Duma of the Russian Federation.
  • CBS is in the TOP-3 of the best business schools in the Russian Federation

Reason No. 04 Unlimited access to the online business book library

During training, you can use the non-fiction sammari library from for free. The guys process all the best business books in the world into 30-minute courses so that busy people like you and me have time to read at least 10 books a month.

How is the learning process at City Business School

MBA Admission

  • 01 You are interviewing a specialist of the selection committee, signing an agreement, making payment and gaining access to your personal account.
  • 02 Your personal curator will present and tell you about the learning process in an introductory personal lesson.
  • 03 In your account you will find all the information on training: modules, schedule of events, the Practice Center and other services.


  • 04 You take courses sequentially: from module to module, from course to course
  • 05 You will consolidate the acquired knowledge on special safes, simulators and tests
  • 06 In the process of training, you will perform homework, participate in group tasks and carry out design work.

Help and feedback from teachers

  • 07 You will receive feedback on solving cases, design work and homework
  • 08 You can ask any question and get tips and tricks
  • 09 At the end of each module, students take part in promotional webinars, where the results of the module and the questions of the students

Learning support

  • 10 You get a personal tracker that supports you on the phone and in instant messengers and is always ready to answer your questions
  • 11 100% quality guarantee! We guarantee results through a special learning support system

Completion of training

  • 12 You pass the final exam for the entire program, prepare and defend the graduation project in front of the certification committee
  • 13 At the end of training, you receive 2 prestigious diplomas

Cost of education

43% discount for our visitors

  • Installment plan. No overpayments and long collection of documents: 6,400 rubles / month.
  • Discounted course price: 38,600 rubles.
  • Full course price: 68,000 rubles.

If the program does not suit you in the first 3 days, we will be surprised, but we will return the money.

Last updated November 2019

About the School

City Business School – бизнес-школа нового типа, сочетающая в себе элементы классического бизнес-образования и новейших образовательных решений и технологий. Благодаря инновационным сервисам и лучшей ... Read More

City Business School – бизнес-школа нового типа, сочетающая в себе элементы классического бизнес-образования и новейших образовательных решений и технологий. Благодаря инновационным сервисам и лучшей в СНГ Системе дистанционного обучения студенты Школы получают все необходимые навыки для стремительного роста как в профессиональном, так и в личном плане. Read less