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Program Description

The Master of Education in Higher Education facilitates the professional development of teachers/lecturers as reflective practitioners in higher education. The programme achieves this by developing their knowledge of higher education as a field of study and enabling lecturers to enhance their ability to facilitate, manage and assess students’ learning.

Career opportunities include:

  • Teacher/lecturer
  • Educational Technologist
  • Quality Assurance Officer
  • Researcher in Higher Education
  • Curriculum Developer
  • Higher Education Administrator
  • Counselor in Higher Education

Programme details: The programme consists of 9 core (required) modules. Some modules may have prerequisites (i.e. may require the student to pass another module or set of modules first). Some modules may be co-requisite (i.e. such modules are required to be taken together). The number at the end of the module in parenthesis indicates the credit load of the module. 1 credit is equal to 10 hours of learning (guided, in-class and independent combined); therefore a 10-credit module requires on average 100 hours of learning from the student.

Core modules:

  • D8 - LTA - 10: Learning, Teaching and Assessment (20)
  • D8 - PPA1 - 15: Professional Academic Practice in Action 1 (10)
  • D8 - QHE - 11: Quality Frameworks in Higher Education (20)
  • D8 - ETE - 12: Educational Technology and e-Learning (20)
  • D8 - RHE - 14: Research in Higher Education (20)
  • D8 - CDD - 14: Curriculum Design and Development (20)
  • D8 - PPA2 - 15: Professional Academic Practice in Action 2 (10)
  • D9 - CHE - 14: Contemporary Issues in Higher Education (20)
  • D9 - GMH - 14: Governance and Management in Higher Education (20)
  • D9 - DIS - 14: Dissertation (60)

Elective modules:

Select one from the following:

  • B6 - OBE - 13: Organisational Behaviour (20)
  • D9 - PTH - 14: Principles and Techniques of Counselling in Higher Education (20)
  • D9 - GHE - 14: Globalisation and Higher Education (20)

Recommended full-time study path: 2 Years

  • Semester 1: D8:LTA - 10, D8 - PPA1 - 15, D8 - ETE - 12
  • Semester 2: D8 - QHE - 11, D8 - RHE - 14, D8 - CDD - 14, D8 - PPA2 - 15
  • Semester 3: D9 - CHE - 14, D9 - GMH - 14, < >
  • Semester 4: D9 - DIS - 14

Botho University Fee Structure

All Botho University programmes follow a credit based tuition fee structure. Every programme consists of one or more modules where each module is worth a specific number of credits. Depending on the level of the module there is a standard fee per credit. The tuition fee for the module is thus obtained by multiplying the number of credits by the fee per credit. Certain modules that require specialized equipment may have an additional surcharge. The tuition fee for a programme can thus be obtained by adding the fees for all the modules required to be successfully completed by a student to attain that qualification. The level and the credit value of the module can be known from the Botho University prospectus website.

For example: Consider the module C5-ICO shown under the BSc (Hons) in Computing programme in the prospectus/website as C5- ICO – Introduction to Computers (20). The number '5' indicates the level of this module; ICO is the module code and stands for "Introduction to Computing" and "(20)" is the credit value of this module. Thus the fee for this module will be 20 (credit value of the module) times 288.00 (Fees per credit for this level) = BWP 5760.00

Given below are the various levels and the standard fee per credit for that level. All fees shown are in Botswana Pula (BWP).

Level Qualification Level Distance Learning Fees per credit (BWP)
5 Certificate 200.00
6 Diploma 225.00
7 Professional Diploma (Honours), Bachelors (Ordinary) Degree 250.00
8 Bachelors (Honours) Degree, Postgraduate Certificate, Postgraduate Diploma 275.00
9 Master’s Degree 300.00
  1. Admission Fee: BWP 500.00
  2. Unpaid Cheque Fee: BWP 300.00
  3. Distance Learning Students will have to first pay the Admission Fee to confirm their acceptance of the offer made for enrolment. After the acceptance, they will be guided through to the registration of the modules for the programme of their choice. Fees are payable at least ten working days prior to the official commencement of the semester
  4. Botho University reserves the right to change the fee structure as and when required. All of the above fees are subject to an increase of 10% every year.

Payment method:

Last updated Jan 2018

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