MEd in Curriculum & Instruction: Trauma and Resilience in Educational Settings


Program Description

Change the course of a student’s life: Help students affected by trauma thrive with an MEd from Concordia.

Trauma isn’t diagnosed by a single, clearly defined symptom. And it can come from any type of event—divorce, a medical procedure, and bullying are only a few examples. Chances are you have at least one student—if not more—affected by trauma. The good news is, you can help. Our MEd in Curriculum & Instruction: Trauma and Resilience in Educational Settings was designed for compassionate educators like you. In one year, you can bring life-changing knowledge to your classroom and school, while learning the importance of self-care through it all.

Program Overview

Champions of progress, our graduates emerge prepared for advancement on every level.

You’ll learn from principals, administrators, and other teachers with in-the-trenches experience using leading-edge theory and user-friendly online tools to help you get the most out of your course experience. And you’ll interact closely with your peers and professors—potentially fostering friendships and mentorships to last a lifetime.

Concordia University-Portland’s College of Education is recognized by teachers nationwide for having the perfect balance of time-to-degree efficiency, academic rigor, and comprehensive student support.

This program is offered 100% online—no fieldwork required—and can be completed in just one year. Take one course at a time for five weeks, log in any time of day, and enjoy built-in breaks.

A one-year MEd program—designed for educators just like you.

  • We offer a course schedule that’s perfect for working educators—take just one class at a time.
  • Keep up with industry trends—our curriculum is constantly being updated to reflect emerging research.
  • Our 113-year history has made us one of the most respected learning communities in education today.
  • Our student services team is invested in your success—our online students are supported from day one.

Course Highlights

Our concentration in Trauma and Resilience in Educational Settings falls under the umbrella of our MEd in Curriculum & Instruction because we want you to have the skills you need to enhance learning in your classroom not just today, but for a lifetime. Designed to help you meet your personal and professional goals, this degree gives you the expertise to plan, implement, and assess what’s best for your students—all while learning how to effectively recognize and respond to trauma.

You’ll study:

  • The definition and influences of trauma on children.
  • How to respond to trauma and develop a trauma-sensitive classroom.
  • The characteristics of a school environment sensitive and responsive to trauma and stress.
  • Collaborating with colleagues on creating a trauma-sensitive lens and applying teacher well-being strategies.

Featured Courses

Trauma-Sensitive Practices and Resilience (3 credits)

The course content addresses the definition, and influences of trauma on children – socially, emotionally, physically, and academically. Topics covered will include indicators of trauma in students, the impact of violence and other stress on learning, trauma stewardship, the risk of secondary trauma and burnout, tools for coping, and other strategies that support teachers. Resilience as a factor in responding to trauma will be explored.

Trauma-Sensitive Classrooms (3 credits)

The course addresses using social-emotional learning strategies and content for recognizing, understanding, and responding to trauma and toxic stress, developing trauma-sensitive classroom spaces and behavioral practices, and using trauma-informed approaches to foster student, teacher, and family relationships.

Creating a Trauma-Sensitive School (3 credits)

The course addresses characteristics of a school environment sensitive and responsive to trauma and toxic stress, staff development, and professional support for teachers and staff, and the role of families and community partners in developing a trauma-sensitive school.

Professional Practice and Leadership in Trauma and Resilience (3 credits)

The course addresses methods for collaboration with colleagues to implement a trauma-sensitive lens in professional practices and school leadership. Practical application of teacher well-being strategies will be explored. Candidates will analyze an area of interest to improve professional practice with a trauma-sensitive lens.

Professional Opportunities

Join a growing network of alumni in active support, mutual encouragement and shared knowledge. Start class with 10,000 immediate connections (our #TenThousandStrong alumni network is a growing force in education) allowing you to learn from other teachers, principals, and education professionals. Our curriculum helps you stay ahead of the industry and uses an iterative process that ensures you’re getting the most value out of your graduate education.

With this degree, you could potentially become a:

  • Consultant and information source regarding trauma-informed care;
  • Advisor to publishers of trauma-informed care textbooks;
  • Division or department chair (middle/high school);
  • Trauma-informed care program advisor to local, state, or national policymakers.

Here’s what graduates had to say about earning an MEd at Concordia:

  • 95% reported significant gains in professional skills and techniques.
  • 93% of our online MEd grads say they are satisfied with their overall academic program experience.
  • 96% of online MEd grads reported strengthened in-depth knowledge of their field or discipline.

Why Concordia University-Portland?

As innovators in the field of learning, Concordia University-Portland’s College of Education has been empowering teachers for over a century and continues to influence education from prenatal to the doctoral level. In fact, our College of Education is housed in the flagship school of our new educational model, known as 3toPhD®. The same bold minds behind this innovative prototype are also those shaping our ongoing educational research, and our undergraduate and graduate programs.

Accredited, nonprofit, and taught by practitioners, all of Concordia University-Portland’s online MEd programs reflect the same meaningful experience we’ve been delivering on campus since 1905. The convenience of 100 percent online, clearly defined coursework—paired with realistic deadlines and the ability to immediately apply what you learn in your classroom—makes our programs ideal for busy lifestyles. And the potential career benefits—from higher pay to promotions—are second only to the reward of having an everlasting impact on the lives of your students.

We’re growing our community of professional educators to advance learning at every stage—join us.

Scholarship Availability

If you believe our MEd program is right for you, nothing should stand in your way.

Education is an investment worth making, which is why we're happy to help you find the right funding opportunities for you. Contact us about the program you're interested in, and we'll review scholarship opportunities and share information about financing and other programs – based on your individual circumstances.

We offer up to $3,000 in scholarships, and right now, you may qualify* for free textbooks.

Admission Requirements

The following admission requirements are for U.S. citizens and permanent residents applying to Concordia University-Portland’s MEd and EdD programs. Talk with your enrollment specialist for full details.

  • Completed online application and work history form.
  • Bachelor’s degree or higher from a regionally accredited institution.
  • Official transcripts from each degree-granting institution attended.
  • GPA of 2.8 or higher (conditional acceptance option is available for a GPA below 2.8).
  • Statement of Intent (500-750 words) to introduce yourself, your professional goals, why you are interested in the program at Concordia, and what you feel is the greatest challenge affecting educational settings.
  • Individual programs may have supplemental requirements, such as a character questionnaire form for OR and WA residents (ask us for specifics).
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If education is your passion, this is your university. One of the most respected names in learning today, Concordia University–Portland is reshaping the way the world views teachers and students. We o ... Read More

If education is your passion, this is your university. One of the most respected names in learning today, Concordia University–Portland is reshaping the way the world views teachers and students. We offer education degree programs at every level – many of which can be earned online – from a Bachelor in Education to master and doctorate degree programs. Read less