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Best Online Masters in Business Administration in Tourism 2018/2019


A focus on combining theoretical knowledge with practical business administration skills is making an MBA a requisite for many management-level positions. An MBA is usually completed in one or two years and can be studied full- or part-time. It is also possible to choose a specialization in addition to core business classes.

What is an online MBA in Tourism Management? A Master in Business Administration with a specialization in tourism management is a postgraduate degree designed to prepare individuals for management positions in the tourism business. It often combines classes such as marketing, organizational behavior, finance and accounting, leadership and management with courses relating specifically to the tourism industry. Students may learn specific techniques that prepare them to work in cross-cultural situations in an international environment.

Graduates with an MBA in Tourism Management often benefit from the practical management skills gained from the MBA as well as an in-depth understanding of the tourism industry. This usually makes them highly desirable by employers.

Online MBAs vary in cost, depending on the chosen school, location and duration of the program. It is important to understand the exact costs of a program before applying, so contact the admissions office of your chosen school directly.

Graduates of an MBA in Tourism Management program find themselves entering into one of the fastest growing industries in the world. They can work in exotic locations and often get high satisfaction from their jobs. Positions can include destination marketing manager, eco lodge manager, business development manager and operations manager. Many graduates often choose to start their own tourism businesses.

Studying an MBA online can give you the flexibility to work your studies into your daily routine. Students can fulfill family obligations or hold down full-time employment while pursuing their degree. Search for your program below and contact directly the admission office of the school of your choice by filling in the lead form.

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Mba online - specialty in luxury tourist companies

ESERP Business School online
Online Part time 15 months Open Enrollment Spain Spain Online

You will be able to work in any type of company dedicated to the tourism and also you will be able to occupy a position in the area of ​​marketing or to make decisions of production, management and logistics. [+]

Do you want to dedicate yourself to one of the sectors that moves the most money in the world? Form with the MBA Online - Specialty in Luxury Tourist Companies Of ESERP. Thanks to the digital platform, you can learn everything that surrounds this sector from anywhere in the world.

Thanks to the knowledge that you will acquire about trade and marketing you will be able to put yourself in front of any Tourist company. But you will also be able to Analyze national tourism And internationally and develop, based on the data obtained, strategies for making businesses more successful. In addition, you will be able to handle digital media and Brand image management. Best of all, because the industry has no frontiers, your job future will not. In just 15 months you will be able to work in any type of Company dedicated to tourism, From hotels and restaurants, to agencies and Tour operators. You will also be able to take up a position in the marketing area Or to make production, management and logistics decisions, among many other tasks. In addition to the ESERP degree, you can obtain your own degree issued by the Universitat de Vic - Universitat Central de Catalunya. Request information free of charge and without obligation on the MBA Online - Specialty in Luxury Tourist Companies. What are you waiting for?... [-]

MBA with Concentration in Hospitality & Tourism

Columbia Southern University
Online Part time September 2018 USA Orange Beach

The purpose of CSU's MBA Program and MBA concentration programs is to produce exceptional leaders. These programs provide opportunities for adults to develop knowledge, skills, and attitudes that will equip them to perform creatively, ethically and effectively within their organizations.


CSU's Master of Business Administration program provides an understanding of the theoretical, historical practices and current issues in business and industry; trains students in general research methods and to analyze and interpret research in the field; and explores the relationship between business and society and the global issues impacting the professions. CSU's online MBA graduates are primed to become influential business leaders equipped with the ability to identify, analyze, and solve complex business administration and management problems.


MBA Requirements (25 Credit hours)

Student Orientation Human Resource Management Methods Advanced Marketing Organizational Research and Theory International Business Management Information Systems Research Methods Business Ethics Strategic Management & Business Policy ... [-]

Mba - specialization towards tourism companies

IMF Business School Portugal
Online Part time 720 hours Open Enrollment Portugal Portugal Online

At the end of our MBA with Specialization in Tourism Business Management will be prepared to act as director and business manager in companies of the tourism and leisure sector; Responsible for business development; Commercial director and / or marketing in tourism and leisure companies; Teacher [+]

This Master enables you to:

Analyze the bases of the strategic direction through the studies of its fundamentals and analysis of the competitive environment Being able to evaluate the suitability of a commercial strategy, analyzing the marketing plan on which it is based, deciding the most appropriate marketing channels, etc., thus guaranteeing the desired results for the company Acquire the necessary knowledge for the direction and management of the different matters that allow the correct functioning of a company, mastering the fundamental guidelines of creation and practice of each one of them To know the determining importance of hotel establishments, extra hotels, catering and leisure in the tourist industry, discovering the potential of new proposals linked to nature, social spaces and gastronomic experience Learning how to manage globalization and the opening of markets through pricing techniques and competitive strategies Understand the enormous transformation that Tourism has experienced through social networks as a space where the experience of the journey connects and lives, knowing how to take advantage of this connectivity between the company and the client Discover the education needed in the tourism industry as a principle of economic, social and environmental sustainability of tourism ... [-]

MBA in Hospitality and Tourism (Distance)

OSTELEA | Distancia
Online Part time 1 year September 2018 Spain Spain Online

The MBA in Hospitality [+]

The MBA in Hospitality

The MBA in HospitalityAt the same time, it tries to promote the entrepreneurial spirit in projects related to hospitality, providing the necessary skills to place the product and / or the business in the market in the appropriate conditions of solvency, profitability, attractiveness for the consumer and competitiveness. Also, specialists able to understand and exploit the opportunities that new technologies and social networks and Internet offer to develop innovative businesses and make the virtual / digital a strength.

The master, which is developed under an online distance methodology, can be completed in 12 months, thanks to its flexible learning model that adapts to the needs of the participants.... [-]