Best Online Masters in Business Administration in Media Studies 2019

Students who graduate with a Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree have usually spent approximately two years of study in a particular concentration of business administration. To enroll in an MBA program, one must first complete an undergraduate program and have a bachelor’s degree.

What is an Online MBA in Media Studies? This degree is awarded to students who have completed courses that focus on modern media, including the effects it has on today’s culture, the study of currently emerging mediums, the business aspects of media, management and production. Classes may include strategic planning, global business, economics of the film industry, global media marketing and music publishing. Online programs tend to be flexible, allowing a student to complete a pathway that will meet his or her career goals.

The benefits of completing this degree program exceed the benefits learned in a classroom. By studying media, students can learn to be more discerning of the media and the way it’s shared as well as how it influences people and society.

The financial cost of media studies programs depends on which institution a student enrolls in. Costs may vary considerably, so a prospective student should research the programs that interest him or her thoroughly before making a commitment. Online programs can save money, due to the fact that no relocation or commute is necessary.

Graduates with an MBA in Media may find themselves in high demand when they begin their job search. Possible career options may include becoming a marketing manager, sales director, promotions producer, executive manager and more. This burgeoning and ever-changing field is often highly competitive, which may give the candidate with an MBA the greatest chance of securing the best jobs. In addition to climbing the corporate ladder, some graduates choose to further advance their education.

Pursuing a graduate degree is an exciting step to take in one’s career. To learn more about a program, search for your program below and contact directly the admission office of the school of your choice by filling in the lead form.

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Three Points Digital Business School

The digital ecosystem affects all companies. The digital transformation affects the organizational structures, brand positioning, marketing and communication strategies, ... [+]

Top Online Masters in Business Administration in Media Studies.

The digital ecosystem affects all companies. The digital transformation affects the organizational structures, brand positioning, marketing and communication strategies, customer acquisition and the integration of back office processes. It is increasingly necessary to carry out this transformation in companies with the best possible strategies.

The MBA consists of learning to structure a business model around digitization from all business areas in a competitive manner. This program develops the managerial, critical thinking and decision-making skills around Internet technology and its impact in all business areas. Upon completion, the student will have all the skills to carry out and lead the digital transformation and innovation processes in their sector.... [-]

Spain Spain Online
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10 months
Online & Campus Combined
Institut Supérieur de Marketing du Luxe - SUP de LUXE

The Luxury sector has spearheaded innovation in management and marketing for several decades. ... [+]

The MBA Online aims to train professionals so that they may provide a vision of change and adaptation to the new socio-economic environment within companies in the luxury sector.

They will be able to:

Demonstrate expertise concerning the characteristics of the sector, Define the realistic and objective positioning of a brand and build the story that will enable it to reach the established objective, Respect the keys of the differentiating tradition of the luxury sector, incorporating the tools, methodologies, and processes of the digital age, Lead the transformation of organizations to face new projects and entrepreneurial challenges.

This program is aimed at young entrepreneurs and managers, companies in the luxury sector or those who aspire to join them. It endeavors to offer companies of this sector an added value for their:... [-]

France Paris
October 2019
12 months