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A Master of Business Administration is a higher education program that trains students for careers in the business world. By earning an MBA, graduates are able to show potential employers that they have the knowledge and expertise required to be an asset to the workplace.

Spain, officially the Kingdom of Spain, is a sovereign state and a member state of the European Union. It is located on the Iberian Peninsula in southwestern Europe. Spanish universities regulate access to their own degrees and they fix the academic fees. They can also offer unofficial postgraduate degrees. The capital city Madrid has possibly the largest number of bars per capita of any European city and a very active nightlife.

Online MBA in International Business in Spain

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Mba And Masters In International Trade

CEUPE - Centro Europeo de Posgrado y Empresa
Online Full time 20 months September 2017 Spain Madrid

The Double Degree "MBA and Master in Foreign Trade" involves combining a generalist program and highly valued by profiles direction, with another master program in international trade, the specialization that will provide cover professional needs that every company has in strategic areas foreign trade such as international business, international taxation and financing, marketing strategy or foreign markets. [+]

Online Masters in Business Administration in International Business in Spain. The MBA - Master in Business Administration and is the quintessential master's graduate is implemented internationally in business schools and universities worldwide program. The idiosyncrasy of its contents, the purpose for which it was designed and provided excellent results have led to it being highly valued by companies being undoubtedly the most demanded and profile with the highest employability. Our double MBA program is currently the most demanded by our students academic program with more than 12 editions and nearly 2,000 graduate students in MBA - Master in Management and Business Administration. The inclusion of these students into the labor market is in an average of 7 months and their compensation wages exceed the average Spanish directors. According MBA Ranking 2015, journal of MBA and Master programs Postgraduate sector positions us among the top 8 MBA in Spain. Each year the academic team of doctors and professionals practicing senior management, design and update the MBA edition that will develop the content, objectives, business cases and projects. This year's novelty is the competitive advantage of doing within a reasonable period of time, adapting to the personal and professional needs of our students. This is by design model validations, where I joined the MBA program, the parallel implementation of a master specialization program as strategic branches as international business, human resources, marketing or finance. This gives our students a remarkable and significant competitive value in the labor market, making available to... [-]

Mba Specializing In International Trade

Online Part time 15 months November 2017 Spain Madrid

The MBA specialization in International Business (MBA-CI) of EALDE goes: A graduate of any specialty with managerial and creative or innovative profile, requiring a comprehensive international vision of the business environment potential. A entrepreneurs, as indispensable to acquire the knowledge and skills that enable them to make a success of their ventures help. A professional with executive and managerial responsibility, to meet new and changing business challenges. [+]

MBA specializing in International Trade The MBA EALDE with own degree from the University Nebrija provides a "professional competitive advantage" that will allow you to be the protagonist of the new business management with a future: Acquisition of a global vision of the company and its strategic position in the market Mastery of specific techniques and management tools in the areas of Strategy, Marketing, Finance, Operations and People Management. Development of personal skills essential for every executive. In addition to these values ​​of an MBA Specialization in International Trade provides as specific values: Knowledge of the global scenario to develop international business and design strategies for import-export; In financial terms, analyzing currency markets, risk assessment and knowledge of foreign trade modalities of international funding. GOALS The objectives of the MBA-IC EALDE are: develop the participants' skills and capacities of management, enabling them to face an efficient and effective management within any organization, transmitting at the same time an international vision of the business environment. Develop entrepreneurship to help discover business opportunities that add value to the organization. Strengthen management skills, people management and equipment and a global and inclusive vision. Reinforcing the notion of responsible leadership, according to a humanistic and ethical vision of the company to generate a positive impact on the organization and society. Knowing the tools and management techniques in different areas of the company that allow the participant integrate and function safely in the business world. Induce changes in the mentality of the participants to enable... [-]

Mba In International Trade

ISEAD Business School
Online Full time Part time September 2017 Spain Madrid

Develop practices to handle the logistics business processes and strategic skills that a company operates in a global context and interpersonal skills to exert a transformative and deeply humanistic leadership with clear outlines of belonging in terms of public official. [+]

Online Masters in Business Administration in International Business in Spain. MBA IN INTERNATIONAL TRADE: AN EXPERIENCE IN THE WAY OF INTERNATIONAL TRADE ENTREPRENEUR Integra practice and fundamental theory of international business through the study of real and concrete problems and conceptualizing them as part of the new theories. Develop practices to handle the logistics business processes and strategic skills that a company operates in a global context and interpersonal skills to exert a transformative and deeply humanistic leadership with clear outlines of belonging in terms of public official. Dota skills to develop international business opportunities from the identification of export supply and its projection in external markets and acquire skills to decide how to input and process most appropriate bargaining in foreign markets. Creates, designs and implements business enterprises or organizations that operate in areas of international markets. Timing Management: Sorting the DM process The program is a unit CONTENT AND METHOD, where students, energized by the teachers, develop their ability to identify and decide what is important in every business situation, learning to prioritize management effort and go the goal of enabling seize the opportunity. The student develops the ability to energize the will of the organization on common objectives and criteria in the context of an evolution of strategic coherence. BASED LEARNING PROCESS decider The experience of the Master of Business Administration with specialization in International Trade, in each class starts with a question, "What is the problem?" The answer is built together in dialogue between teacher and... [-]