3 Best Online MBAs in Chile

A Master of Business Administration is a higher education program that trains students for careers in the business world. By earning an MBA, graduates are able to show potential employers that they have the knowledge and expertise required to be an asset to the workplace.

MBA is a program designed for students who want to further their academic skills and apply them to actual real-life business situations. It guides students to reflect and reposition themselves in terms of choosing their future careers. Students gain a broad understanding of the key functions of a range of business areas and use these skills to contribute to strategic direction of a business.

Education in Chile emphasis a technical and higher education through a university. Most of the universities in Chile offers well-established student culture and relationship with international students irrespective of the language barrier. Higher education in Chile is accessible in both private and publicly-funded universities.

Online MBA in Chile

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ADEN Business School

The objective of the Master in Business Administration - Executive MBA is to prepare people able to perform successfully in the business world with an ethical and social ... [+]


European & american official online MBA accredited degree - Unique in Latin America

ADEN International Business SchoolThrough the Francisco de Vitoria University - Madrid, He won the approval the curriculum of its Executive MBA before the ANECA - Ministry of Education of Spain. This allows MBA degrees have official validity in Spain and throughout the European Community and, in turn, can be comparable / refrendables in other countries that do not belong to it.

In addition, the MBA has been accredited by ACBSPRecognizing their standards of educational and institutional quality internationally. This means that no matter where they graduate, graduates always have a certified USA title, the most decisive organization regarding the chosenness of the MBA.... [-]

Chile Santiago
February 2020
Universidad Arturo Prat

The Master in Business Administration with a Specialization in Project Management is aimed at professionals from different areas of knowledge who wish to be trained in Pr ... [+]

The Master in Business Administration with a Specialization in Project Management is aimed at professionals from different areas of knowledge who wish to be trained in Project Management and have a special interest in obtaining, in the future, PMI certification; also directed to project leaders who are normally involved in negotiation processes of any kind, team management, contingency solution within the organization, etc., and who want to consolidate their management knowledge, personal and professional skills and competences .

Program led by former PMI president You will receive free PMI membership for 1 year Will be prepared for the PMP exam Differentiated advantages

Direct interest-free loan... [-]

Chile Santiago
November 2019
4 semesters
IEDE Business School Chile

The Global Business School MBA IEDE and Viña del Mar University program aims that students acquire, strengthen and develop skills and management skills for sound decision ... [+]


IEDE Business School (UEM) in agreement with Viña del Mar University presents the Global MBA, a program mode V-Class (e-learning) to form the senior management professionals, experts in business management level and organizations.

The Global MBA is a modern program designed in order to meet the challenges of the XXI century. The program provides the skills needed for today's management.

Students will develop skills in key business decision, such as leadership, teamwork, mastery and application of financial tools, and understanding of the different evolutions of economic markets making areas. In addition, the Global MBA includes the training tools to develop successfully in a highly globalized environment, a phenomenon that affects people, resources, markets and nations. It is designed to form in implementing global strategies, from local.... [-]

Chile Providencia
February 2020
21 months