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Offered as a Joint Initiative with IOSD (International Organization for Sustainable Development), the pioneering EUCLID MBA/SD remains the reference in terms of the acquisition of core MBA competencies and globalized grasp of applied sustainability. In 2016, EUCLID was officially notified that its MBA in Sustainable Development program has been ranked #1 by the independent website. The article entitled “The 23 Best Online MBA Programs In Sustainability” assessed various programs on the basis of affordability, flexibility, and academic reputation. Other ranked programs included University of Colorado—Denver, UMass Dartmouth, Marylhurst University, Walden University and Presidio Graduate School.


This Master's degree program focuses on the application of theoretical knowledge to support and engage in sustainable economic development, rather than the advancement of academic knowledge for its own sake. The curriculum was primarily designed to train government staff already working in the field, but it is also suitable to prepare other professionals and outstanding students for careers with national governmental bodies, NGOs, multinational corporations and international organizations such as the European Union, the African Union, ECOWAS, etc. On account of its low tuition and institutional relationships, it is of special interest to European, African, “Small Islands” and OIC countries students. The EUCLID MBA/SD is a unique program in the sense that it is the only Master’s Degree program in Sustainable Development actually offered by an intergovernmental organization with a specialized institute dedicated to this field (the International Organization for Sustainable Development). This relationship facilitates direct interaction with practitioners as well as opening rare internship opportunities at diplomatic missions and events.


Applicants must have a Bachelor’s degree or its international equivalent, issued by an institution listed in the latest edition of the UNESCO IAU handbook / WHED database. Government sponsored applicants (who are already government staff) may be admitted without a Bachelor’s degree if their level of education and experience is deemed sufficient. EUCLID may require these participants to complete bridge courses prior to enrolling in the MBASD. Fluency in English (spoken and written) is required and will be tested. Students are expected to be in a position to dedicate 10 to 15 effective hours of study on a weekly basis.


In consultation with his or her assigned tutor, the student may pursue directed studies, for a value of 2 6 UCH / 3 9 ECTS, in the following areas of research and concentration:

  • Policies of Economic Development
  • Islamic Economics and Finance
  • International Relations and Diplomacy
  • Energy Studies


All students must be fluent in English and should be conversant in French, Spanish, Arabic, Chinese or another major world language in addition to English.


It is fair to say that EUCLID’s programs are better described as ‘distance’ rather than ‘online’ study programs. This means that students do not have to connect at a particular day and time to participate in bulletin board discussions as is often the case with ‘online’ programs. Rather, our programs emphasize the ability to absorb a vast amount of material on a personal basis, which makes them suitable for fast readers who on their own have a record of intense book reading and passionate interest in their field of study. EUCLID evaluates the applicant’ interpersonal and teamwork skills—which are essential for personal and professional success—on the basis of prior experience confirmed by means of an extensive personal interview. Because EUCLID was established to serve active diplomats and other government officials, it is expected that these professional skills will have been acquired and demonstrated in the course of the applicant’s career. In some cases, EUCLID may propose specific courses (which may not even be listed as electives) in order to bring interpersonal skills (including public speaking) to an executive level. Upon completion of the program, every student is expected to have become a subject matter expert in a practical diplomacy. Students planning to continue their studies with a doctorate should request the full master’s thesis option which extends the credit requirement for the MBA/SD to 40 (instead of 36).


EUCLID has ongoing enrollment (intake) for this program. It is acceptable to apply several months in advance but it is recommended to apply 60-40 days in advance. General public slots are allocated on a first-come, first-served basis.

Last updated Nov 2017

About the School

EUCLID is, like the European Central Bank, NATO or the African Union, an international intergovernmental organization (IGO).

EUCLID is, like the European Central Bank, NATO or the African Union, an international intergovernmental organization (IGO). Read less
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