MBA in Innovation Leadership

Sandermoen School of Business

Program Description

MBA in Innovation Leadership

Sandermoen School of Business

MBA in Innovation Leadership

Upcoming Start Dates: November 25, January 6

Why This Program Is Needed

In today's global business environment, every part of an organization must run in perfect alignment and at peak efficiency in order to meet the demands imposed by relentless global competitors. However, the same organization must also be able to regenerate itself to seek bold new directions that offer new opportunities for motivation and growth, be they new product categories, new markets, new partnerships, new processes, or new organizational structures. Think of Apple's foray into portable MP3 music players with their famous iPod, which represented a substantial departure from their main lines of computer hardware and software; yet which, successfully done, garnered over 90% share of the MP3 market within three years of its launch, at premium prices.

For Whom This Program Is Designed

Our online MBA with a focus in Innovation Leadership is designed for early-career professionals and managers in medium to large sized companies who aspire to lead their companies towards much higher performance. We focus on developing managers who are ready and able to identify a bold new venture, to convince other leaders of its merits and gain their commitment, and to ensure that the venture is successfully accomplished.

Our goal is to prepare advanced-career professionals and managers for senior managerial positions, and to prepare them for success, all without interrupting their career momentum. To accomplish our educational goal we provide a highly-qualified faculty, a variety of educational tools and techniques, some of the most advanced online teaching and learning applications available, and a carefully designed suite of courses delivered in a focused and flexible schedule. MBA program students are exposed to additional per-course-credit hours to allow for broader and more detailed instruction.


There are fourteen courses: ten foundation courses, three specialization courses including one elective, and one capstone integration project. Courses are completed in an eleven-week fixed-agenda format. If courses are taken in a typical eleven-week fixed-agenda format, the duration of the MBA program is three years, six months. Students are also able to double-up on courses (depending on availability), which shortens the program duration.

The Online Experience

To maximize the global learning experience throughout the program our students will participate in "live" seminars and/or conferences with experienced leaders from global organizations. Our students and faculty are not limited by geographical boundaries, providing a new educational experience that allows learners to think with a global perspective while working on case studies and projects with other colleagues from around the world.

The program is also designed to integrate knowledge across subject areas. Students keep a journal/portfolio throughout their program, accumulating projects and assignments as they progress through the program and using this prior work as resource material for their final project. There are also specific portfolio activities and assignments throughout the program where learners are asked to combine or compare knowledge across courses.

Admission Requirements

Individuals wishing to gain admission to the MBA in Innovation Leadership degree program will have an undergraduate degree and at least one year of full-time work experience.


Tuition for the Master of Business Administration Degree Program is $19,000 CDN. Students may pay tuition course-at-a-time or by installment.

Post-Degree Diploma Credit Transfer

Students holding a one-year Post-Degree Diploma from a Canadian Public Community College are eligible for a unique MBA credit transfer. Applicants could receive a maximum of two (2) course credits towards an MBA, reducing the program tuition and duration!

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Duration & Price
This course is Online
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Start date
Sept. 2017
42 months
19,000 CAD
Start date Sept. 2017
Canada New Brunswick
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Duration 42 months
Price 19,000 CAD