MBA in Information Security Management


Program Description

Your best value degree

The MBA in Information Security Management has been designed to help protect vital corporate information assets as well as the underlying systems and technology resources. This SMC Business School online degree enables graduates to successfully lead their teams alongside the frontlines of modern-day cyber warfare.

The core business section of the degree delivers a solid understanding of the business organization and its various functions while delivering the tools to critically assess corporate priorities, assets, and processes involved. Based on a wealth of academic material and practical application, the initial program stage helps to foster the degree of inter-disciplinary understanding necessary to assess risks and protect corporate data integrity and confidentiality. Students will be provided the managerial skills needed to develop towards effective and innovative leaders.

Pillars of information security management

SMC Business School will guide the student towards being able to understand, assess, implement and lead around the pillars of Information Security Management: development and implementation of strategic policies and management system on government and corporate level, risk management and disaster – and business continuity planning and implementation, assess and influence management decisions within a complex security context – all the above comes wrapped into a high-paced and compelling curriculum that challenges the student to become a successful InfoSec manager.

This program is ideal for managers who need to lead, oversee information security operations, as well as for individuals who run their own business in the respective field and need to have a thorough understanding of the underlying technology as well as corporate mechanisms. Furthermore, the MBA in Information Security Management can be attractive to individuals currently serving with the military or law-enforcement agencies.

Program design

The SMC Business School online MBA program is intellectually challenging and has been designed by top academicians business leaders. It strongly supports self-paced learning and provides unparalleled flexibility. A peer review is strongly promoted. It forms a cornerstone of the program’s performance management and trains your feedback-, responsibility-, timing-, and teamwork skills.

Course outline

Business Core

  • Marketing Management
  • Managerial Finance & Accounting
  • Business Research
  • Managerial Economics
  • Human Resources Management
  • International Business & Trade Management
  • Management
  • Business Development Management

Business Administration Major

  • Information Security Policy Management
  • Network and Systems Protection
  • Corporate Security
  • Risk Assessment and Threat Management

Thesis Stage

  • Capstone Project
  • Capstone Project Expectations
  • Oral Defense

Graduation Criteria

  • Subjects completion
  • ECTS credits
  • Capstone project
  • Overall GPA

Face-to-face seminars

Special tuition packages including face-to-face seminars and further academic services available for full cohorts of students as of € 7,500/student.

Application process

Prepare documents

Prepare your documents for the upload, including Curriculum Vitae (CV), Transcript, Diploma, and Passport Copy.

Online application

We review your online application form and you will receive a response within 2 working days.


Upon settlement of your tuition deposit, you will receive your Certificate of Enrollment and Student Handbook.

Admission Criteria

Swiss Management Center welcomes qualified applicants with no discrimination towards their gender, age, cultural, ethnic, religious, and racial backgrounds. Distance learning candidates are admitted on a continuous basis.

Admission at Swiss Management Center sets minimum criteria that have been designed to identify applicants who have sound academic potential and who show creativity, critical thinking, social and moral values, evidence of English language proficiency, and strong motivation.

Program cost

As a student at SMC Business School, you do not need to worry about student debt. We are here to help you do the math and figure out the best payment plan aligned with your situation.

Single payment

You may settle the entire tuition in a single payment of €11,500 (no further costs apply).

The tuition can be settled via online payment or by bank transfer.

Alternative Payment Options

Flexible payment schedules available on demand – you will be contacted by our administration after applying with our application form.

Degree information

The SMC Business School Master Programs are being offered jointly with our degree-granting partner Universidad Central de Nicaragua.

UCN Universidad Central de Nicaragua was founded in 1997 as a private Nicaraguan university in Managua, Nicaragua. It was accredited by the CNU Consejo Nacional de Universidades and received the status of a fully autonomous university with unrestricted degree awarding authority by Act of Parliament and by the award of the fully autonomous university status by Decree of the President of Nicaragua.

Last updated May 2020

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SMC Business School is a truly global institution with learners from more than 130 different countries. We educate high achievers with a sense of individualism, standing out from the crowds. You recei ... Read More

SMC Business School is a truly global institution with learners from more than 130 different countries. We educate high achievers with a sense of individualism, standing out from the crowds. You receive unsurpassed service, strong professional networks, true career opportunities, and remain flexible in place & time. Read less