MBA in Hospitality and Tourism (Distance)


Program Description

The MBA in Hospitality

  • The MBA in Hospitality
  • At the same time, it tries to promote the entrepreneurial spirit in projects related to hospitality, providing the necessary skills to place the product and / or the business in the market in the appropriate conditions of solvency, profitability, attractiveness for the consumer and competitiveness. Also, specialists able to understand and exploit the opportunities that new technologies and social networks and Internet offer to develop innovative businesses and make the virtual / digital a strength.

The master, which is developed under an online distance methodology, can be completed in 12 months, thanks to its flexible learning model that adapts to the needs of the participants.

Why an MBA in Hospitality

The current tourist situation, of constant uncertainty, makes it the best time to train and invest time in acquiring knowledge that will allow you to progress professionally, being able to access new challenges. These challenges, which can be reflected in the business reality of tourism, will be addressed through a business plan, providing strategic, analytical and economic financial capacity of the sector.

It is the opportune moment to take advantage of the changing environment of the tourism management professional, to provide a qualitative change to his profile as a future manager.

In the national context (receiving tourism) and from an aggregate point of view, business tourism had an estimated economic impact of almost 4,400 million euros in the last year.


The MBA in Hospitality

  • International vision in the tourism industry: Offer a management training with international vision in the tourism industry , at the same time as a fl exible and adaptable perspective to a changing and competitive global environment integrating the main areas of tourism management from an interdisciplinary and integral perspective .
  • Strategy: Ensure tourism business management based on strategic plans, and aimed at obtaining results.
  • Needs: To respond to the training needs of specialized managers in the tourism sector.
  • Innovation: Develop the innovation and management capacity of the directors of tourism and hotel companies, offering knowledge and skills in new technologies applied to tourism and, in particular, to e-Tourism.
  • Future leaders: Train the future leaders of the global hotel and tourism industry. Provide management skills and necessary skills to managers and entrepreneurs in the tourism sector, to ensure dynamic leadership, effective and successful.
  • Trends: Analyze global trends in the sector, and acquire the perspectives and strategies to become ethical leaders of global tourism organizations.


The Hospitality MBA

  • Business strategy
  • Marketing and marketing
  • Operations management
  • Management skills
  • End of master project

Sectorial intensification

The MBA program in Hospitality

The intensification allows the student to deepen or complement their knowledge of the selected sector. For this purpose, it has on the virtual campus consultation material, complementary to the program itself, formed by different specifi c aspects of the sector. Similarly, it also has the advice of an expert tutor in the field for the TFM.

Organization of Events, Protocol and Business Tourism (MICE)

Both in Spain and in the rest of the world, MICE tourism is an engine of economic development with an important impact on the world economy. Spain is the third country in the world that hosts the most MICE events, behind the USA. and Germany.

The objective of this intensification is for students to discover the major trends , both current and future of this sector, and to know the main aspects to be taken into account in the strategy and development of events , including protocol topics.

Digital Tourism

Companies in the tourism sector are already undertaking the digital transformation with the aim of improving the experience of their customers and their operations processes . Current consumers seek information on the websites and opinions on social networks, evaluating different alternatives from their own computers.

The intensification in Digital Tourism will allow the student to know the strategies of development and business positioning from the use of digital marketing tools or e-commerce as a natural environment and usual marketing of tourism products.

Sports Management

One of the specific sectors within the tourism sector that is developing more quickly is that of Sports Management. The boom of sporting events has made it a strong and fast-growing sector.

The objective of this intensification is for the student to know the sector and the main trends and the most applied aspects linked to the organization of sporting events , as well as marketing and sponsorship strategies.

Professional outings

At the end of the master's degree, the student will be able to practice in:

  • Management or management of hotel or other catering and tourism companies.
  • Responsible for functional areas in tourism companies or operational supervising director.
  • Corporate management in tourism and hotel companies, in any of its functional areas.
  • Business management of the tourism sector in general.
  • Responsibility positions in private or public companies in the sector.
  • Positions in companies linked to the hotel and tourism industry, in complementary offers, marketing and commercialization.
  • Entrepreneur in business of the tourism sector or related to it.
  • Consultant / tourist and hotel consultant.


The participant who successfully completes the program will obtain TRIPLE TITLE:

  • The MBA degree in Hospitality
  • MBA in Hospitality
  • The degree from the University of Lleida .
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