MBA in Digital Marketing


Program Description

An Innovative Business School Concept

At IEBS , we are one step ahead of the traditional Business Schools model:

  • The traditional learning model is rigid and not flexible because it is based on the traditional society model: standardized and with little change.
  • IEBS learning model is modern, flexible and adaptive as it is designed to meet the needs of today's world and constant change.
  • We offer learning that integrates technology and innovation as part of the study subject, always providing the most current knowledge.
  • We think of a 2.0 learning model that gives priority to the ability to “learn by doing” by developing the skills needed to successfully meet the challenges of everyday work.
  • We integrate traditional models, such as case studies, with the most current learning currents, thanks to Web 2.0.

After all, a book no longer guarantees that we will learn everything we need to know in life about a particular topic.

With IEBS , students are prepared to become a leading professional who can innovate, embark on, and add value to their companies through new ways of doing business.

Who is IEBS ?

Founded in 2009, IEBS is the world's first native Spanish digital business school. Its purpose is to offer an alternative to traditional business schools, betting on an innovative learning model capable of meeting the real needs of companies and professionals living in a society that is constantly changing and changing.

We present a proposal for an agile and modern school, always updated with the latest trends and based on solid values in order to educate more responsible people who lead projects with Entrepreneurial Spirit based on Innovation, Ethics and Sustainability.

Our goal is to train new leaders who are so sought after and sought after in the world we live in, who are able to undertake, innovate and add value to their companies, employees and society in a sustainable and profitable manner.

International character

IEBS is born in Barcelona, the center of innovation and entrepreneurship in Spain, with the aim of bringing the most up-to-date and innovative knowledge to its students. It has Seedrocket, a digital startup accelerator chosen by Google in Spain, as one of its main partners.

IEBS emerged to be Ibero-America's first online business school, betting on Spanish and Portuguese as vehicular languages and offering its programs to key markets including Spain, Brazil, Portugal, Mexico and Colombia.


Today, more than ever, business owners know how difficult it is to grow their business by ignoring the digital medium or not using digital marketing in their long term business strategies. It is very likely that digital media will soon replace the more traditional forms of marketing altogether. Therefore, knowing the digital world and knowing how to use digital marketing is essential today .

For this we have MBA in Digital Marketing a powerful program that encompasses all the areas needed for the management of digital companies or traditional companies that want to enter the digital environment .

With this program you will be able to manage a digital business or direct your business to the digital world, and understand all aspects related to the operation of digital businesses, from the creation and launch of products / services, growth strategies, business models, even sales and negotiation plans with customers. All this, using marketing strategies and agile methods that provide a change and / or growth in a practical and fast way.

Entrepreneurship, innovation, ethics and sustainability will be IEBS additional values in this program and in all others that will be available through the Innovation and Ethics modules, thus preparing students in all areas necessary to lead companies in the 21st century.

By completing your MBA in Digital Marketing you will be perfectly able to:

  • Run and manage digital business businesses.
  • Transform a traditional company.
  • Design scalability and growth strategies .
  • Incorporate business innovation , technology and automation into the value chain.
  • Integrate innovation into the business model: open innovation .
  • Use the most appropriate digital marketing and sales strategies .
  • Incorporate e-commerce and all distribution channels into operations.
  • Apply the techniques of Communication and Public Relations and Social Media Optimization .
  • Use agile and Scrum methodologies .

Admission and Registration

This postgraduate program has a limited number of places, to maximize the personalized contact between student and teacher. Thus each teacher becomes the student's mentor, with a close and direct relationship.

Applications are processed in strict order of receipt and are evaluated by an evaluation committee, consisting of the program director, the academic director, and the admissions coordinator. To complete your application form, click the following button:

Request my application


The pre-registration request is open until 30th September. During this time, you can book and secure your spot on the program. If you make your reservation before July 31st, you will get an additional 10% off your registration.


The deadline for enrolling in this program is 24 October or when all vacancies for this program are filled.

Admission Requirements

Hold a university or similar degree (or are in your senior year) and / or equivalent work experience.

  • With university degree: it will be necessary to present the title and academic transcript. If you are in your senior year, only your transcript will be required.
  • No university degree: Previous work experience is not an indispensable requirement, however, proven work experience is a very important element in the selection process. If you do not have a university degree, you can validate it with demonstrable professional experience. The years of experience required vary according to its relevance.

Bags and Discounts

IEBS offers a variety of scholarship options to facilitate your students' access to study programs.

We are looking for innovative professionals, entrepreneurs or young creative people with strong potential who share our vision of Ethics and Sustainability in the business world. We want enthusiastic, effervescent and outgoing people who want to add value to their work experience or who want to carry out their own projects.

Last updated Mar 2020

About the School

IEBS, the School of Business Innovation and Entrepreneurship, born during the world crisis with the aim of providing a real alternative to traditional teaching model alternative.

IEBS, the School of Business Innovation and Entrepreneurship, born during the world crisis with the aim of providing a real alternative to traditional teaching model alternative. Read less