Or what vou learn?

To finish or MBA in Digital Marketing you will be perfectly capable of:
  • Directing and managing business corporations digitais.
  • Transform a traditional company.
  • Unlocking strategies of escalability and growth .
  • Incorporate innovation , technology and automation of business and value chains.
  • Integrate inovação no business model: open innovation .
  • Use digital marketing strategies and more adequate sales.
  • Incorporate or eletrônico comércio ea totalidade dos canais de distribuição nas operações.
  • Apply the techniques of Comunicação e Relações Públicas e Social Media Optimization .
  • Use the Ágeis e Scrum methodologies .

To be directed?

A MBA in Digital Marketing and specifically directed to the following profis:
  • Entrepreneurs who want to melhor their training to start their own business projects.
  • Entrepreneurs who want their company to have a boa presence on the internet, taking advantage of everything or potential digital world.
  • Entrepreneurs or future businessmen who want a more entrepreneurial profile, leaving being chefs and becoming leaders within their companies or businesses.
  • Managers who want to incorporate processes of innovation and changes in their companies, or complement strategic strategies with digital marketing strategies.
  • Managers of PME, young entrepreneurs and re-educated who want to expand their knowledge in a fundamental aspect that does not offer nenhuma of traditional business schools: learning to start.

Survey plans

A MBA in Digital Marketing is organized in the following way:

Module 1. Digital Strategy

  • Strategia nas mdias digitais, evolção e tendências
  • A strategy of Social Media Marketing and its link to a global strategy
  • Audit of Marketing e Mídias Sociais e criação do plano de Marketing Digital e Social Media
  • Practical Case

Module 2. Seekers

  • Introdução ao marketing of Busca e keyword research
  • Seo on page
  • Seo off page
  • Practical Case

Module 3. Analytical Trafic

  • Planejamento e metrics
  • email Marketing
  • Introdução à web analytics
  • Practical Case

Module 4. Social Networks (also imagem)

  • Other resources: network criação platforms, wikis, blogs and microblogging
  • Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin
  • YouTube, Instagram
  • Practical Case

Module 5. Social Ads e Content

  • Sell nas social networks: Social Ads
  • Construção de mensagens que transformam. Storytelling
  • Inbound marketing
  • Practical Case

Module 6. Reputação

  • Marketing of values. Transforma tua marca num agent of social change and attracted clients
  • Community management
  • Reputação online coorporativa
  • Practical Case

Module 7. Criatividade

  • Usabilidade e Persuabilidade
  • Breeding strategy I
  • Breeding strategy II
  • Practical Case

Module 8. IoT / ecommerce

  • Fundamentals and typologies of e-Commerce
  • Mobile marketing
  • Internet das coisas
  • Practical Case

Module 9. Lean Startup

  • Lean Startup and Customer Development I
  • Customer Development II e Negócio Model
  • Viável Minimum Produto
  • Practical Case

Module 10. Agile Product Development

  • Desing Thinking
  • Problem Solving
  • Agile
  • Practical Case

Module 11. Marketing

  • Marketing: Strategies and ferramentas for o sucesso
  • Direção de marketing na empresa: Implantação do plano de marketing
  • Distribuição / Retail / Implantação
  • Practical Case

Module 12. Clients e Comercialização

  • Sales Principais
  • Techniques of venda, negociação, apresentação e storytelling
  • Vendas and Distribuição Plans
  • Practical Case

Module 13. Inbound Marketing

  • Inbound marketing: Marketing Advertising. A way to attract customers.
  • Atração Marketing
  • Automation Marketing
  • Practical Case

Module 14. Outbound Marketing

  • Interative Marketing
  • e- Commerce
  • Mobile Marketing
  • Practical Case

Module 15. Analytics and UX

  • Business Analytics
  • Gestão data driven e BI models
  • Customer Experience
  • Practical Case

Module 16. Lançamento

  • Growth Strategy
  • Growth Hacking
  • Sales Hacking
  • Practical Case

Projeto Final de Mestrado

To conclude your training, you will have to perform a Trabalho or Projeto de Contrato de Curso.

* Or program of course will be able to sofrer modificações for atualização e melhora.

Program taught in:
  • Spanish (Spain)

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Last updated January 7, 2019
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