They say that when you have already failed in a first venture you are better prepared for the next one. And it is true because you have accumulated experience and learned from your mistakes. And one of the most common mistakes made by entrepreneurs is not being well prepared to solve the problems you are going to face.

In the MBA for Entrepreneurs, created in collaboration with Seedrocket, we help you gain experience and knowledge to boost and accelerate your Startup, working within an entrepreneurial ecosystem and learning from the experience of renowned mentors that will help you develop and accelerate the growth of your company.

Upon completion of the MBA in Digital Entrepreneurship, you will be able to develop and validate your idea and business model, propose a business growth strategy and learn the skills and abilities essential to succeed in a technology-based and Internet-based enterprise. For this we will use a 100% practical methodology with which you will apply what you learn to your company.

What will I learn?

Upon completion of the Master's Degree in Entrepreneurship in Business Management, you will be perfectly capable of:
  • Undertake with guarantees of success.
  • Apply agile methods: Lean Startup, Scrum, Open Innovation , etc.
  • Create your own company, from the conception of the idea to its implementation.
  • Know the fundamental aspects of economic-financial strategic planning.
  • Apply the " Corporate Entrepreneurship " in your Organization.
  • Understand the new internet business models
  • Develop a Business Plan and present it to investors.
  • Take advantage of technology and innovation in your company's strategy.
  • Know the different forms of access to capital (Fiends
  • Integrate new digital marketing techniques: Social Media, SEO, SEM.
  • Manage sales in the most efficient way
  • Lead and select high performance teams.
  • Make quick and accurate decisions.

Who is it for?

The Master of On-line Entrepreneurship in Business Management is designed for the following profiles:
  • Entrepreneurs who need to increase their knowledge to manage their own business projects.
  • People who want to be entrepreneurs and model their lifestyle as an entrepreneur, being their own bosses and being themselves who direct their professional direction.
  • Entrepreneurs who have innovative projects that need training to improve their knowledge and want to have the support and help of SeedRocket.
  • Executives who participate in processes of change and innovation.
  • Managers of SMEs, young entrepreneurs and recent graduates who seek to learn everything that universities and traditional business schools do not contribute in their study methodology: learning to undertake.


The structure and subjects of the MBA in Digital Entrepreneurship and Business Management are organized as follows:

Module 1. Lean Startup

  • Lean Startup and Customer Development I
  • Customer Development II and Business Model
  • Minimum Viable Product
  • Masterclass: Lean Startup Success Story
  • Masterclass: Success Story Innovation

Module 2. Business strategy

  • Strategic Management, Competitive Analysis
  • Digital Operations Directorate
  • Business models
  • Masterclass: The new rules of the game of the digital environment
  • Masterclass Executive: Corporate Venturing Strategies
  • Tech Masterclass: Cybersecurity

Module 3. Agile product development

  • Desing Thinking
  • Problem Solving
  • Agile
  • Masterclass: Success case agile methodologies
  • Masterclass Executive: The essence of innovation lies in the definition of the problem
  • Tech Masterclass: Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Module 4. HR

  • Leadership and Motivation / Time Management
  • Team Management and People Selection
  • Remuneration and remuneration practices: Quotes
  • Masterclass: The new HR Startups for the recruitment of digital talent
  • Masterclass: The challenge of HR for 2020 is to favor digital competencies

Module 5. Marketing and its integration in the digital strategy

  • Marketing as a Key Driver
  • The new direction of Marketing - CMO
  • Marketing Plan and its integration in the digital strategy
  • Masterclass: Ecommerce success case
  • Executive Masterclass: Jordi Pi Methodology
  • Tech Masterclass: Industry 4.0, the relationship between machines and man

Module 6. Product Market Fit

  • Phases Product: Development, Launch and maturity, decline
  • Product Team and Product Plan
  • Digital Products: Web, Apps, Management of digital projects
  • Masterclass: The person as the first prototype
  • Masterclass: Keys and creativity for the communication of new products or Content Maps

Module 7. Clients and Marketing

  • Sales Principles
  • Sales, negotiation, presentation and storytelling techniques
  • Sales and Distribution Plan
  • Masterclass: Diving in the needs of the client to achieve the authentic sale
  • Masterclass: Emotional intelligence to sell more

Module 8. Logistics

  • Distribution Plan in the company
  • Logistics and DropShipping
  • E-commerce logistics
  • Masterclass: PC Components Logistics Plan
  • Tech Masterclass: Robotization and automation

Module 9. Marketing PULL

  • Inbound marketing: Marketing Advertising. The art of attracting customers
  • Attraction Marketing
  • Automation Marketing
  • Masterclass: Linkedin
  • Masterclass: Youtube
  • Masterclass Executive: How to execute and integrate Inbound strategies for new projects

Module 10. Finance and Accounting

  • Economy and Business
  • States and Economic Projections in the company
  • Management Accounting and Financial / Investment Analysis
  • Masterclass: How much is my company worth?
  • Tech Masterclass: The blokchain will change the economy as we know it today

Module 11. Marketing PUSH

  • Digital marketing
  • Ecommerce
  • Mobile Marketing
  • Masterclass: Advergaming
  • Tech Masterclass: IoT Data Science

Module 12. Investment and Financing

  • Valuation of business projects and Presentation to investors, Pitch Deck, Executive Summary
  • Sources of financing for companies. Stock markets
  • M
  • Masterclass: What an accelerator of companies analyzes when investing in a Startup
  • Masterclass: How I got my first investors in the project

Module 13. Analytics and UX

  • Business Analytics
  • Management models data driven and BI
  • Customer Experience
  • Masterclass: Within a Big Data system
  • Masterclass Excecutive: Analytics in Talent Management
  • Tech Masterclass: Big Data

Module 14. Legal

  • The business vehicle
  • Commercial, Tax, Labor, Digital
  • Protection and Exploitation
  • Masterclass: Protection of intangibles: brand, software and algorithms
  • Masterclass: Legal challenges for digital transformation

Module 15. Release

  • The importance of growth. Business SpinOff to grow. Corporate Venturing. Corporate Entrepreneurship.
  • Growth Strategy I. Growth, Strategy and Execution.
  • Growth Strategy II. Equipment, Cash, and target model OKR. Growth levers
  • Masterclass: International Marketing / Online
  • Masterclass Executive: Geostrategy. International Context

Module 16. International

  • International Markets
  • Organizational and Strategic Models for Internationalization / Legal and Finance for Internationalization
  • International Marketing / Online
  • Masterclass: How to start an international online marketing campaign and why
  • Masterclass Executive: Search for partners, partners, collaborators .. (Case fast food company)
  • Tech Masterclass: Cloud Computing

Module 17. Search Marketing: SEO / SEM

  • Introduction to search marketing and keyword research
  • Seo on page
  • Seo off page
  • Masterclass: Success story
  • Masterclass: SEO for Wordpress

Module 18. Social Media

  • Introduction and strategies of Social Media
  • Social Media Ads
  • Optimization of campaigns in Social Media
  • Masterclass: Social Media Tools
  • Masterclass: Success story

Module 19. PPC / SEM: Display, Programming and Remarketing

  • PPC / SEM on Display
  • Programmatic advertising
  • Remarketing
  • Masterclass: Display ad creator
  • Masterclass: Success story

Module 20. Web Analytics

  • Web analytics, definition, properties and ecosystem
  • Google Analytics home and administration
  • Creation of segments and monitoring of campaigns / Events, customizable variables, profiles and filters
  • Masterclass: How to become Digital Analytics?
  • Masterclass: The measurement strategy

End of Master Project

* The syllabus and masterclasses may suffer modifications motivated by the update and improvement thereof.

Program taught in:
  • Spanish

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